Wow . . . A BIG Week For Miniatures!

A Live TV Interview About Exquisite Miniatures

by Rachelle and Wes Siegrist

Exquisite Miniatures museum tour

Wes and I were delighted to receive a phone call this past week, from NTV’s The Good Life host, Carol Staab, to inquire about interviewing us pertaining to our Exquisite Miniatures Tour!  A time was set up for Thursday morning, December 1st, and our live phone interview was featured during a 10-minute segment of the station’s entertaining morning program, The Good Life.  It’s always a bit nerve wracking to be interviewed live, but alas all went very well, as we shared about the wows and challenges of painting miniatures and about our historical museum tour, now scheduled into 2020!  Carol, and co-host Ashia Aubrey, did a wonderful job and we are most thankful for the opportunity to be a part of their morning program!

You can watch and listen to the informative and entertaining interview here ~ NTV/ABC Nebraska TV The Good Life

TV interview with Wes and Rachelle Siegrist about Exquisite Miniatures

~ Mini Art . . . It’s The Next Big Thing ~

Stoking the excitement was an article we just found in the Traditional Home Magazine’s September 2016 issue, proclaiming miniature portraits are back in style, which of course got us very excited as miniaturists!  I love how the article begins . . . “Miniatures are the artistic equivalent to those people who speak so softly that everyone leans in to hear them. Our eye is drawn in naturally to these tiny artworks; we’re fascinated and curious to learn more.”  We couldn’t agree more!  The article goes on to talk about the wow factor involved with miniatures and the charm of their intimacy due to their small size and scale.

“Life imitates Art” by Wes and I both as a Tandem Treasure painting

Wes writes . . . .

~Miniature paintings left the pages of books over 500 years ago and became cherished unique art treasures. They were intimately adored by the masses as tokens of affection and keepsakes passed down through generations. Artists thrived as miniaturists with overwhelming public demand seeking them out.

portrait miniatures, miniature portrait paintings
“Mountain Man Herb Herrick” by Wes

All this changed with the introduction and development of photography in the 1800s. Most all miniaturists fell from favor, as the public wanted the latest, greatest thing that was far cheaper and less time consuming to produce. For a while miniaturists touted their ability to employ color and flatter their sitters but this had little impact on swaying public opinion. Only the business savvy, with loyal patronage preferring the made by hand gems persisted with the future outlook of what had once been a dominant force in art looking bleak.

portrait miniatures, miniature portrait paintings
“My Tennessee Neighbor” by Wes

Insult to injury grew to intolerable conditions when photography began to market and parade itself as “miniature paintings”. These colored photographs were finding their way into exhibitions and collectors were being duped into thinking they had acquired traditional paintings. A brave handful of artists decided enough was enough and came together to form the world’s first miniature art society with the goal of preserving and promoting their beloved genre.

No longer just for humans . . . as our beloved pets are popular miniature portrait subjects!

Today, over 120 years later, miniature art persists due to the efforts of the world’s miniature art societies. Rachelle and I fortuitously stumbled into them back in 1997 and after falling in love with these diminutive gems, chose to pursue them full time as artists. We encompass a variety of subject matter in our body of work and are proud to be among the mere handful worldwide of miniaturists adept at human portrait miniatures. Public demand seems to prefer pets, wildlife and landscapes but it is comforting to know some still commission intimate tiny portraits of their family. It is also heartwarming to read that they may have another revival of interest on the near horizon! ~

presidential portrait miniatures by wes and rachelle siegrist
Presidential portrait painting commissions ~ “Barack Obama” by me and “George W. Bush” by Wes

~ () ~

~Traditional Home Magazine September 2016 “Small Wonders, Miniature Portraits Are Back In Style”, Ted Loos

~For further information on miniature art:  Modern Masters of Miniature Art In America by Wes Siegrist

This is a great opportunity to see in person and add to your collection, our miniatures paintings this week at the Steamboat Art Museum!

Steamboat Art Museum steamboat springs CO


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~ Rachelle

Truly Thankful and Commissions!

What Are You Thankful For This Thanksgiving?

by Rachelle Siegrist

fall-leaves-in-the-smokiesWhat are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?  . . . . Sometimes we get so wrapped up with getting everything done and making sure that our Thanksgiving dinner is just right, that perhaps we forget the most important part of the holiday . . . the act of being thankful!  So I challenge you to take time to stop and ponder the things that you are most thankful for.  I am thankful for so many things, many of which I too easily forget or overlook way too often, so it’s most important to remind oneself of the many blessings in our lives!

My nieces Haydyn and Allison,  and nephews Bubba and Tyler enjoying chalk drawing

I am Thankful for my husband Wes, who is also my best friend!  For my precious family and friends and for a God who loves me!  For sunshine, flowers, trees, the ocean and fresh air!  For all living creatures . . . feathered, furry, scaled and all!  I am thankful to be an artist and derive immense joy through sharing my experiences by painting them, and for our numerous collectors that collect the paintings, to whom they bring great joy! birding-blackwater-wildlife-refugeI am thankful for clear water and vast blue skies, and the ability to blissfully float in my kayak across the water’s sparkling surface, hearing only the sounds of rippling water, wind and birdsong, temporarily leaving my cares behind.  For long quiet walks in the woods, when it feels like the forest is mine.  For the feel of sand between my toes and earth beneath my bare feet. I am thankful I have food and especially chocolate to eat!  rachelle siegrist on the outer banks of NC.jpgFor a home filled with love and peace!  For living in a free country and for the ones who have served and made countless sacrifices to make and keep it that way!  For the ability to read and be transported to grand places simply through words written on paper, and for ears that can hear the healing notes of a symphony!  So when I begin thinking about the numerous things I am thankful for, I realize they are too vast to be listed, and suddenly find myself more content, realizing that my blessings are too many to count, and I find myself feeling . . . . Thankful!!

If you’re in or are planning to be in the beautiful Steamboat Springs, CO area during the next few months, you have a chance to see 5 of our miniature paintings in person and add one or more to your collection!  The Steamboat Art Museum is holding it’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition and is showcasing paintings from artists featured in their exhibitions.  Our solo tour, Exquisite Miniatures, was there December of 2014 thru April of 2015.

Steamboat Art Museum steamboat springs CO

~ Currently on the Easels ~

We’re currently in the beginning stages of two separate commissions, where different compositional sketches are done for the collector, from which a favorite will be chosen and hence the painting process started!  Our collectors greatly enjoy being able to take part in this creative process!

Is there something or someone special that you would love to have as a painting to enjoy and cherish? ~ Contact us!

scrub jay painting
Wes’  compositional sketches of a Scrub Jay
kingfisher painting commission
Wes’ Compositional sketches of a Kingfisher

dog painting, commission a dog painting

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~ Rachelle