My birthday celebrations

          Although Townsend has many benefits, a wide variety of dining options, especially affordable fine dining, is certainly not one of them.  So for my birthday dinner, I pretty much had two options to chose between, being subway or pizza hut.  I chose the latter & we had eight of our dear friends join us.   Honestly, we always really enjoy eating at both & feel they are the best in the nation  :-)!  After dinner everyone came back to our place & we had delicious dark chocolate cake, that Wes had made for me, & ice cream on the back deck. It was a very enjoyable evening filled with many laughs.  Monday, for my birthday, we were treated to a wonderful lunch at a local cafe (open only at lunch) by our dear friends that we refer to as our adopted parents, Fred & Barb Weiser.   I’m still wondering how Wes managed to get treated since his birthday was in January. . . Nonetheless, it was a wonderful time with delicious food & many laughs again.   I figure if you’re going to get older, you may as well sap it for all it’s worth  🙂   Below are two photos from the various celebrations.

Rachelle laughing at birthday party

Barb & rachelle at sister cats

          Meanwhile in the studio, I’m still working on the miniature portrait painting that I mentioned before, & Wes has finished a couple of his miniature pieces.  I personally really like the one of the three meerkats titled “On Alert”.  We always enjoy watching these cuties whenever we get a chance.  They seem to be so curious & certainly must have great personalities.  I know I would enjoy just sitting & watching them for endless hours while they were playing & carrying on in the usual interesting manner they seem to always to do. Below is the image of Wes’s miniature painting that measures 2.75 x 2.75 & is shown with a penny for scale.

miniature painting by Wes Siegrist of meerkats

          Tomorrow we will be taking the entire day off to go on my yearly birthday hike. . .again sapping it for all it’s worth  🙂  We’ll be going to a waterfall a little north of us, out of Cosby, TN.  I’m sure I’ll have a few great stories & photos to share from this adventure & will do so the next post.  Until then  ~  Rachelle


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