Painting miniatures by day – concerts by night

          We were snapped quickly back to reality Thursday catching up on business, after taking the day off Wednesday for the beautiful hike. At least we were quite refreshed after spending time submersed in nature.  I’ve continued painting on my miniature portrait that I mentioned before, & have it about to the point where I believe I’m done.  It seems a miniature artist can always find one more mark here or there to make, & must make oneself be finished.  After painting during the day Thursday, Wes & I enjoyed going with our dear friends Fred & Barb on an outing to Pigeon Forge,TN.  We had a lovely & delicious dinner at Olive Garden & then enjoyed an evening of musical entertainment at the Smith Brother’s theater.  The highlight song of the evening was an impersonation done by one of the brothers, of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” sung along with Kermit the frog. I’m a big fan of the Muppet’s & especially Kermit & Miss Piggy!  So as you can imagine that made my day!  Friday was spent back at the easels painting on our current miniature paintings, & then we went to a concert at our Heritage Center here in Townsend.  It’s a beautiful setting held outdoors with the mountains serving as the backdrop.  What a delight to be treated to wonderful music & a beautiful sunset at the same time.  I regret I didn’t take my camera to get a photo to share but will do so in the future as it’s quite lovely. I had to take the past couple of bike rides by myself as Wes busted 3 spokes out of his back wheel and is waiting to get it repaired. 
          Our garden continues to do well, regardless of the current drought conditions that we are facing here.  Several hours have been spent watering everything the past couple of weeks, trying to keep flower gardens alive.  We continue to enjoy daily lunches on our screened porch looking out at a beautiful setting that has many feathered & furry visitors during the lunch hour. We’ve experienced some hot weather already, & on the really hot days I take out a small frozen block of ice and place it in the birdbath to create a very welcomed treat for my feathered friends.  Wes has picked enough green beans & sweet peas that we’ve enjoyed several meals from them and have frozen enough for several more.  We are blessed to see our baby bunnies several times throughout the day and it is amazing to watch them grow so quickly.  They enjoy the flowers we plant for them very much  🙂   The Song Sparrows have also been very busily feeding their babies.  They built their nest in an evergreen by the front deck, so we get to watch them throughout the day bring tasty, buggy morsels to feed the ever hungry babies.   Below are a few of photos from our yard.

View from the screened porch

This is the view from our screened porch, with the baby bunny munching grass.

Wes in garden

Wes in his beautiful garden.


Song Sparrow with bugs

The Song Sparrow with tasty bug morsels.

          We’re packed now & ready to head to Indiana tomorrow, Tuesday,  to visit Wes’s family.  We haven’t been in over a year, so it will be quite a treat to see everyone again, especially Wes’s Nana.  We hope to do some fun things while we’re there, & I personally am hoping for a return trip to the Speed Art Museum, as I really enjoyed the last visit there.  Until next post ~ Rachelle  🙂



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