Our trip to Indiana

On the boat

                          Rachelle, Nana & Earl on Wes’s brother, Greg’s  boat. Our sister-in-law, Lisle, is in the background.

          We arrived in Indiana in the early afternoon to find Wes’s dad, George, waiting in the driveway of their home, with a great big smile and hugs for us.  That was enough to make one feel loved and special for sure.  We were there for just a short while before Wes’s Nana, Mary, and her dear friend Earl joined us, and off we headed to take a lovely boat ride on Wes’s brother Greg’s, boat.  It was a beautiful evening on the Ohio river in the Louisville area.  We were blessed with several sightings of Great Blue Herons, Kingfishers and numerous baby Mallards and Wood Ducks.  We rode for about an hour until we reached our destination of the Captains Quarters restaurant.  A wonderful dinner was enjoyed by the entire family followed by reboarding the boat.  We then rode for another hour or so and enjoyed watching the kids with us swim, and were treated to a beautiful sunset on the return trip to the marina. 

Picnic at Clifty Falls

         L to R,  George, Wes (with full cheeks), Nana, Earl and Jeanie (Wes’s mom)

          The six of us headed off the next morning to Clifty Falls State Park, enjoying a wonderful drive through farming country.  It was a beautiful day full of wonderful breezes and plenty of sunshine.  We had a fun and tasty picnic there and went on several of the trails to see the waterfalls, as well as just enjoying being in nature once again.  Most of the day was spent there followed by a short drive into the town of Madison, where we ate dinner at a great little pizza place that was converted from an old auto repair garage.  The drive home was a delight, as we once again traveled through farming and horse country.  A stop was made to visit a particular horse farm in which several young colts were present.  Many photos were taken by Wes and I that will be transformed into miniature paintings soon.  Being late in the evening, the lighting was just perfect with warm beautiful atmosphere in the photos. 

Rachelle by the waterfall

                                    Rachelle by the waterfall at Clifty Falls.

Jeanie, Wes & George by the falls

                                   Jeanie, Wes & George by Clifty Falls.

          On Thursday we all loaded up once again and headed to White Castle’s to meet more of the family for lunch.  That’s always a treat for Wes, as he grew up on White Castles  🙂 .  We left there with full tummies and headed to the Farnsley-Moreman Mansion at which we were given a wonderful and very informative tour by the guide.  I always enjoy visiting old historical homes and buildings.  A couple of still life photos taken there proved worthy for consideration for future miniature paintings.  It’s impossible to visit places without an artist always viewing things with an artistic eye and searching for possible compositions being present  🙂  We left there and went to the Speed Art Museum, which was a delight as they have a wonderful collection of paintings done by the old Dutch masters.  I could’ve spent an entire day inside just absorbing all of the beauty and talent that was present.  I have a couple of favorite paintings there, one being “Still Life with Fruit and Flowers” by artist Jan Van Os.  I’m amazed by the way color, lighting, and the look of transparency was handled in some of these paintings.  The museum visit was a treat indeed!  The day was ended by a visit to the movie theatre, after dinner.  Friday was spent visiting with friends and attending a local park for a nice walk by all.  The day ended as we sat in the local park in Jeffersonville, watching the sunset and listening to a wonderful Jazz orchestra.  This was a thrill for me since jazz is a favorite of mine, and live music can never be beat.

Rachelle & Jeanie at horse farm

                            Rachelle & Jeanie at the horse farm on the return trip.

          The last day was spent just visiting with everyone and a visit to Wes’s brother Tony & wife, Karen’s beautiful home.  It was a great time and nice chance to get away, however we’re now trying to play catch up after returning home.  I’ve started my miniature painting of an orangutan commission and am planning on finishing my miniature portrait in the next day or so, at which time I will probably post it.                              Until next time ~ Rachelle  🙂




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