Painting with the kids

Sarah 2x2 inch watercolor with US Penny for scale
Sarah 2x2 inch watercolor with US Penny for scale

I finally finished my miniature portrait that I was working on, and am now painting on a couple of my commissions. Most of this past week has been spent painting, with a couple of breaks now and then. While we were visiting family in Indiana, we had the opportunity to be creative with our nephew, Will and niece, Caroline. We gave them each one of the miniature art kits for kids that have two of my images in the little book included that gives a bit of history and tidbits on miniature paintings. They had a ball with them of course, and in no time Will had a finished drawing of the Titanic sinking, complete with the life boat, stars and all! Perhaps we’ll have two more artists in the family! It’s always exciting to watch kids being creative and enjoying it so.

Painting with Will, Caroline and their mom, Lisle.
Painting with Will, Caroline and their mom, Lisle.

     Most of our time has been spent painting during the day with lunches taking place on the screen porch. it’s always such a treat eating there and watching all of the birds coming to the feeders and birdbath constantly. The bunnies and chipmunks as well as the squirrels always treat us with their presence as well. The squirrels love the addition of their new feeder there, and the chipmunk enjoys filling it’s cheeks with all the seed that makes its way to the ground below. The most scenic restaurant in town indeed!
Wes’s bike tire is in the shop being fixed at this moment. We’ll both be so glad to have it back and repaired and that option of transportation and recreation back. We’ve taken several nice walks in the meanwhile. Rain has finally blessed us with it’s presence and has made our gardens very happy! We had to make a trip into town Thursday to restock, so we met a few friends at our favorite Thai restaurant for dinner. It was delicious as always and in good company.

Dinner with friends at Lemon Grass
Dinner with friends at Lemon Grass.

Wes and I had a very nice and quiet forth of July spent here at home. We worked together on a gutter project with the screen porch. I then spent the afternoon planting a few more new flowers in my gardens. I’m planning to slowly fill in every two feet with a different flower species that the Hummingbirds and butterflies love, all along the phlox covered stone wall in the front yard. It should be quite lovely in no time if all goes as planned. I can resist most things while shopping, but not just “one more flower” 🙂 After a nice supper on the porch, we finished a dry creek bed we were working on and then walked down to see the annual Townsend fireworks with friends. This evening we were invited up for cake and watermelon at our dear neighbor’s, Jim & Uschi’s home. Their daughter Tina, son in law Phil, and precious granddaughter Erika are visiting, so we took a Nemo watercolor book and had lots of fun painting with Erika. Her favorite colors stem around red, so as you can imagine most things were painted in that color group 🙂

Erika and Wes painting
Erika and Wes painting.

     Monday will be our eighteenth anniversary! I can’t believe it has been that long already, but you know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun! We’re planning to go on another hike to celebrate this joyous occasion. I can’t think of anything better than being submersed in nature to celebrate a special event! Until then ~ Rachelle 🙂


5 thoughts on “Painting with the kids

  1. Hi Rachelle,
    nice blog. Your painting “Sarah” is outstanding. You have done a more than fabulous job.
    Hope you and Wes will have a wonderful 18th anniversary.

  2. Wow! Eighteenth anniversary!! Congratulations to you both. And, Rachelle, if you can put up with Wes these many moons, it gives me hope that Ruth might actually do the same with me!

  3. Wes and Rachelle,
    It’s great to see the explosive details in such small paintings. You both make me proud. Wes I am jealous because I miss my “White castles ” too. Great to see the pictures of the family.

    God bless

  4. Hi Rachelle and Wes,
    Nice blog – and lovely portrait. It glows. I didn’t know there was a book on miniatures for children. Maybe I’ll buy one for my great nieces when I go to Florida in January. Do you think they’ll be on sale there?

  5. Ann Adair

    It’s so much fun to read about all of your work and your travels. I’ve never seen little Caroline so that was a great picture you put in.

    Hope to meet both of you soon. I’m finally getting to paint a little.


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