New Drawing and Summertime


        I did this drawing of a Raven for the Western Visions Miniatures and More show in Jackson Hole, WY. This is one of the rare occasions that one of our drawings will be for sale, as it is a fund raiser for the museum. I’ve always been taken with Ravens, not only due to their incredible beauty and size, but also for their intelligence. We’ve been fortunate to enjoy them only once in our area, but enjoy them every time we get to travel out west. On my easel right now is a miniature painting in progress, of a peacock, with the look and feel of the old Dutch masters work. It has been quite enjoyable thus far, as I’m enjoying experimenting with different lighting conditions. Wes is currently working on a miniature painting of two bison in Yellowstone.
We’ve been blessed with a little rain in our area, which was great as we badly needed it. The trees, shrubs and flowers look much happier now, and it also saves us a bit of time not to be watering as much. The Black-eyed Susie’s are just now starting to open and will soon fill our yard with their happy, little, yellow faces. We’ll get to enjoy them for about a week before the Gold Finches quickly start eating them, as they know I planted the flowers just for them. I must say it’s a beautiful sight to see those gorgeous, little yellow birds on the golden flowers, and enjoying them so. They chirp and chat the entire time their eating, which adds a bit of festivity to the whole experience.

A feathered friend really enjoying it's bath.
A feathered friend really enjoying it's bath.

        Summertime. . . just the very mention of the word stirs up memories for so many of us. Most of my favorite childhood memories took place in my grandparents swimming pool in Okeechobee, FL. We were fortunate enough to live just fifteen minutes from where Granny and Grandpa (as I affectionately called them) lived while growing up. Obviously being a summer afternoon in FL, it would be quite hot, so the cool water in the pool was always quite refreshing. We would swim for a couple of hours, being joined by Grandpa towards the end. Then Grandpa would start his bar-b-que, and he was certainly a master at it! His delicious treats were then added to Granny’s table full of home cooked southern goodies, and it would be a feast for all. After waiting the required time for food digestion, we always hated that part, we would head out to swim again, until we sufficiently resembled raisins. At that point, we would get out to enjoy and consume a very large bowl of their homemade ice cream! And you know, this will always be the best ice cream that ever was or will be 🙂   Until next time ~ Rachelle


6 thoughts on “New Drawing and Summertime

  1. Deborah

    I was wondering if i could use this drawing as a background for one of my poems? I will in no way profit from this as it is for my benefit only. I would greatly appreaciate it.
    Thank You
    Deborah Noton
    AKA Raven Nightshade

  2. I found your drawing of this Raving searching info. about Ravens and Crows…I think it is one of the best drawings i have seen. I love Ravens and i’m inexplicably drawn to them. Just wanted to let you know 🙂

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