Summertime fun and painting

Rachelle feeding one of her female Hummingbirds.
Rachelle feeding one of her female Hummingbirds.

        The last couple of weeks have been spent painting our miniatures and working on commissions. We’ve been blessed with several days of very nice weather with almost a hint of fall in the air, which has made our bike rides quite pleasant indeed. One of my favorite things about the summer is the yard being “infested” with Hummingbirds, as I call it. These tiny, energetic birds never cease to amaze me with their incredible, acrobatic flying maneuvers, as they zoom through the obstacle course nature has created in our back yard. It’s a thrill for me to patiently stand and hold their feeder inches from my face, and continually be buzzed and chatted at, while they feed from the feeder and sometimes just sit on it and talk to me. An hour was spent the other evening doing this, and later that evening when I retired for sleep, all I could see upon closing my eyes, were Hummingbirds and hear that incredible little hummm. . . that is made constantly with their wings. A great way for one to fall asleep I’ll say 🙂 This is the most Hummingbirds we ever recall having in our yard and are enjoying it immensely, even though it requires almost daily refilling of the feeders. A small price to pay for such incredible enjoyment! Our Hummingbird garden, which is mainly Zinnias, is doing very well after much needed rain. The red Cana Lilys are also blooming, along with the Rose of Sharons and several other flower species that the Hummingbirds enjoy. This seems to keep them quite content and busy.

Friday evening concert at the Heritage Center in Townsend
Friday evening concert at the Heritage Center in Townsend

        Some of the best outings in our summers here, are the evening concerts that are held at the Heritage Center locally. They have a variety of groups ranging from jazz, one of my personal favorites, to bluegrass. Everyone takes their own chairs and we sit under the sky, listening to the music and admiring the beautiful view. It’s a great way to spend a Friday evening. We’ve also enjoyed a couple of game nights with neighbors, playing canasta. Yes, even at our age, Wes & I love playing canasta. I myself, enjoy it the most when the girls win, since we play the boys against the girls for added fun and determination. We take turns hosting this event at several different homes, with the highlight of the evenings being, of course, what delectable goodies we’ll get to enjoy.   🙂

One of our enjoyable canasta parties.
One of our enjoyable canasta parties.
"Basking in the morning light"shown with a US penny for scale (3 1/2 x 3 1/2)
"Basking in the Morning Light" by Rachelle shown with a US penny for scale (3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches)

        Wes and I have been very busily painting miniatures and a couple of small works for upcoming Musem shows and miniature shows. The painting of the young Song Sparrow, “Basking in the Morning Light”, was particularly fun and interesting to do, as I’m continuing to enjoy experimenting with color and lighting conditions in some of my paintings. The reference photo for this painting, was taken out of our bedroom window, one morning this past spring. Wes’s newest piece, “Majestic Montana” was painted from a photo taken this past September, when we went to Yellowstone and Jackson hole, WY for the opening ceremonies of the “Western Visions Miniatures & More” show. Yellowstone’s probably one of our favorite locations to date. I always feel like I’m stepping back in time while visiting there. Definitely a must see place if you’ve yet to visit there, as it’s amazing in so many ways! As for now, we’re continuing to paint on a few commissions and work on pieces for other upcoming shows in between.

"Majestic montana" by Wes, shown with a US penny for scale (3 1/2 x 4 1/2)
"Majestic Montana" by Wes, shown with a US penny for scale (3 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches)

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


2 thoughts on “Summertime fun and painting

  1. Hi Rachelle,
    Loved your bit about the hummingbirds. How many do you have at one time? When I lived in Asia I used to go across t the Sultan of Johore’s Palace in Malaysia for lunches where we wouild look at scores of humming birds in the garden. Love from Bill

  2. Hi Bill,
    Sometimes we have two eating at the same time, but up to four or five with the ones dive bombing included in the count 🙂 We really only have one species, the Ruby Throat. We have two feeders at present and are planning on getting a third. They’re really enjoying all of the flowers in our yard now. What lovely times those must have been, in Asia, watching all of the Hummingbirds in the gardens while enjoying lunch!
    Love & hugs from Rachelle 🙂

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