Painting workshop & Berry Pickin’

"The Sage of Borneo"
"The Sage of Borneo" by Rachelle, shown with a US penny for scale. @6 x 5"

        The past couple of weeks have been spent busily painting. “The Sage of Borneo” was finished this past week as a commission for a gentleman in England. I thoroughly enjoyed painting this small work, because of the beautiful range of colors shown in the fur coupled with the fact that I truly am enamored with orangutans. I would love to be able to safely sit with this amazing primate, while holding its large hand, stroking the course hair, and all the while looking into and admiring its incredible face. It’s so unfortunate that these beautiful and intelligent animals are being treated and killed in such horrible ways. If only everyone would learn to love and respect every living being in the way that they so greatly deserve. Wes and I love to paint the creatures of our natural world in such a way to inspire everyone to see the beauty in them all. Wes’s painting “Nesting Comorants” was completed this past week as well. The reference photo for this painting was taken during our trip to San Diego this past spring.

"Nesting Comorants" by Wes shown with US penny for scale. 2 1/2 x 3 1/2
"Nesting Comorants" by Wes shown with US penny for scale. 2 1/2 x 3 1/2"

        Several days of this past week have been spent painting in our basement with artist friends. While we accomplished a fair amount of painting, a lot of laughing, talking and of course, eating was done as well. The workshop has been an annual get together since we moved here, seven years ago. It has grown in size a little bit each time, and is such a wonderful time of artistic conversation. We enjoyed two breakfasts, eating Wes’s yummy homemade blueberry pancakes. Lunches were enjoyed on our screened porch, while we watched a variety of bird species eat from the feeder and on the ground. Entertainment was provided by the squirrels and Hummingbirds that are constantly fussing at and attacking each other, as they don’t like to share their food sources. The Zinnia garden and Cana Lilies seem to be their favorites at present. I’m still getting to enjoy watching the hummers from a close up view while holding their feeder, regularly. Daily walks were taken around our paths to eat fresh blueberries and raspberries and was made extra special one day with the sighting of our resident Black Snake, Vicious. He acquired this name after exhibiting a big and bad attitude for a such a small snake as he was at the time. The yard is also starting to have many more butterfly visitors, which is a thrill and a joy to watch. The baby bunnies are rapidly growing and we watched the mother bunny gathering nesting materials the other day, so who knows, perhaps there will be more baby bunnies in the near future.

-) "
Workshop with artist friends.
Pancake breakfast during the workshop
Pancake breakfast during the workshop

        We’ve been blueberry picking three times already, once at a U-pick place and the other two at our dear friends house. We have been enjoying eating them as a snack, on our cereal and I’ve made a couple of yummy cobblers from them to share with friends. It’s nice to be able to eat something yummy and be healthy at the same time. This week it’s back to painting in the studio and taking our daily bike rides and walks. The weather right now is beautiful so getting to spend time outside is a treat. Until next time ~ Rachelle  🙂


2 thoughts on “Painting workshop & Berry Pickin’

  1. I look forward to sampling Wes’s blueberry pie sometime. It sounds delicious.
    Loved your Orang Utang painting, Rachelle. When I lived in Singapore I joined ‘The Orang Utang Preservation Society’ and saw many of these beautiful creatures. My autobiography has now arrived – you’ll read there about my time trying to eradicate some of the less desirable private zoos in Singaopre.

  2. Hi Bill,
    The good news is that you get two different blueberry goodies. Wes makes pancakes with them & I make cobbler 🙂 We obviously love blueberries! Glad you like my orangutan piece. I’m sure that was incredible to see & watch them while you were in Singapore! How awesome that you spent time trying to eradicate the less desirable zoos, as I’m sure there were & still are plenty of them. We look forward to reading about it all in your new book 🙂 Rachelle

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