Painting and a birthday party.

Rachelle & dear friend Paul, holding Rachelle's puzzle.
Rachelle & dear friend Paul, holding Rachelle's puzzle.

        This past Monday evening, we enjoyed a wonderful birthday celebration at one of our dearest neighbor friends home. It was our friend, Paul’s, 70th birthday. His wife, Norma, had fixed a delicious dinner and even had vegetable lasagna for us and another vegetarian friend. She had it decorated beautifully as well, and everyone had a great time of fellowship! Paul was presented with a scrumptious looking cake, piled high with strawberries and whipped cream, topped with candles. Everyone gave a great cheer as he blew them out and commenced to singing happy birthday. We gave Paul a puzzle with one of my paintings called “First Date”, featuring my late, great Aunt Amy and Uncle Jessie. He was delighted as he is a master of puzzle assembly! It was indeed a wonderful evening and we felt so very blessed to be there helping him celebrate.

Having fun at Paul's birthday party.
Having fun at Paul's birthday party.

                 We’re continuing to spend most of our time painting our miniatures for our upcoming shows, as they will be here before we know it. I’m also working on a commission for a friend and collector. I can’t help but imagine the entire time I’m painting on it that Wes & I are there alone, swimming and soaking in the surrounding beauty and sun. It’s such a beautiful place! Currently on my easel, is a miniature painting in progress of fishing boats with a pelican flying in front of them, being painted from a photo taken in Tarpon Springs. Wes is currently working on a piece of several seagulls from a photo taken by Lake Okeechobee. These two paintings, along with several others will be part of a show called “It’s a Small World – World-class Art in Miniature” to be held at the Weatherburn Gallery, Naples, FL.

Hawksbill Beach painting in progress.
Hawksnest Beach painting in progress.


I’ve posted two of our new miniature paintings. The first is Wes’s, and is done from a photo taken during our trip to CA this past spring. We so enjoyed watching the sea lions and were so happy to learn before leaving CA, that the one young sea lion that had gotten a fishing net caught on him was cut free from it by two anonymous, and brave bystanders! Yay. . . for heroic people like these two! My still life painting was done from an actual still life that I set up in our living room. The baby in the photo was my Father-in-law, George. I discovered this after I had completed the painting. The antique glasses also belonged to one of Wes’s ancestors. This was really a fun painting to do.

"sealions at La Jolla" by Wes shown with US penny for scale. 2 1/2 x 3 1/2"

"Precious Memories" by Rachelle shown with US penny for scale. 2 1/2 x 3 1/2"

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


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