Trip to cataloochee & canasta victory.

Rachelle in the caldwell barn in Cataloochee.
Rachelle in the Caldwell barn in Cataloochee.

        We enjoyed a wonderful day trip with friends Fred & Barb, to Cataloochee NC located in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect. It was a lovely drive over and we enjoyed a nice picnic lunch by a stream on the way. Upon arriving, we enjoyed a nice walk to see the Woody house, a beautiful, historic home, still standing. It wasn’t long before the elk started coming out to feed in the open, grassy fields at the base of the mountains. We were blessed to see two youngsters, one even still showing spots. It was a precious sight indeed! The air was full of the incredible sound of the bull elk calling, which is an amazing sound, especially when surrounded by the mountains, as it echoes. We simply enjoyed for a bit, being surrounded by this majestic setting of nature, before returning home. On the trip home, we enjoyed a delicious pizza at a small Italian restaurant . Cataloochee is a very special place to me, since many wonderful memories were made there with my family during camping trips as a young person 🙂

A beautiful bull elk.
A beautiful bull elk.

        We enjoyed another wonderful game night of playing Canasta with neighbor friends. This particular evening ended on a major high note, with sweet victory going to us girls!! We don’t tend to win as often as the boys, so this was a real treat. Not only did we win, but did so with the boys taking quite a blow in a major loss of points. . . HA! If you’re rarely going to win, it’s best to do so like we did with big gusto 🙂

The Canasta victors!
The Canasta victors!

        Meanwhile, Wes & I are continuing to paint miniatures and work on current commissions, taking time out daily for either a walk or bike ride to enjoy our beautiful fall weather.

Until next time ~ Rachelle  🙂


2 thoughts on “Trip to cataloochee & canasta victory.

  1. Hi Rachelle and Wes, You really do write a good blog, Rachelle. I loved the picture of the elks and of the old barn. Did I tell you that aol have discontinued blogs so my new one is located at:
    I still can’t figure out how to put a caption under the pictures. What type of blog is yours? Mine is owned by google.

  2. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for the compliment, as I really enjoy writing it. Yes, we too love the old barns and enjoyed watching the elk. I updated the link to your new blog. I hope you’re able to figure out how to put captions under the photos. My blog is owned by wordpress.
    Take care 🙂

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