Mrs. Shrew and a Burning Bush.

Mrs. Shrew coming out to gather her food.
Mrs. Shrew coming out to gather her food.

        We have been blessed with a new resident in our backyard , a precious little shrew, named, Mrs. Shrew. Her residence lies under the railroad ties by the birdbath just a short distance from our screened porch. Every day at lunch, I take out a small cup of food that is sprinkled at both her front door & side door, as well as sprinkled around for the other wonderful critters that inhabit our yard. It’s but a brief second before she emerges from her front door and scurries out to start collecting her loot and going back into her door in reverse, almost faster than the eye can see! She does this numerous times, while I watch with sheer excitement and glee! Wes has to hear, look, look, look. . . several times before the enjoyable lunch hour is over. Yesterday I decided to sit on the closest bench to where she lives, just a couple of feet, for a bit. It was but seconds before she emerged again, collecting and returning with some of the food. Minutes later we were joined by Blonde Squirrel, who decided to sit a foot or so from me and enjoy some of the delicious food. While this was almost more excitement than I could stand, Chippy (our chipmunk), also joined in on the feasting process a mere foot from where I was sitting! If that wasn’t enough, we were joined by a pair of Golden-crowned Kinglets, on the stick fence just in front of me. They were there for just a few seconds before one flew over and hovered in mid-air while catching insects! These experiences are some of life’s greatest blessings to me!

The beautiful Burning Bush in our front yard.
The beautiful Burning Bush in our front yard.

        The fall colors have really come alive in the past week. The Burning Bush in our front yard is certainly a beautiful centerpiece! There are other lovely colors as well in the yard, with the leaves of the Sourwood being some of the most amazing indeed! A nice contrast to view is the assorted red and yellow colored leaves that have fallen and are arranged on the bright green moss. It’s a beautiful time of the year as the trees become an array of golden and red colors, and then shed their leaves in preparation for the winter months to come. Wes and I took a chance to enjoy this beautiful fall display of nature while hiking a trail called, West Prong, not far from our house. It was a gorgeous day with full sunshine as we hiked along just enjoying being in the woods. We were fortunate to have this lovely walk completely to ourselves. We enjoyed our regular hiking meal, of peanut butter and raisins, while sitting on rocks, by a small waterfall and stream. Seeing a few squirrels and hearing some warblers flying overhead, we came across a nice campsite that was located next to the stream, and ended the hike with a walk back in time, by going through a small and old cemetery. Another beautiful day to add to the memory banks 🙂

Rachelle on the hike along west prong.
Rachelle on the hike along west prong.
Our Neighborhood dinner party at our local Pizza Hut.
Our Neighborhood dinner party at our local Pizza Hut.

        We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with 19 of our neighbors while eating pizza, one of our favorites, at our local Pizza Hut. We had a great time of fun, eating and fellowship as we always do with our dear neighbor friends. Wes and I walked down for the event and were treated to an absolutely gorgeous walk home with the full moon just starting to rise over the mountains. It always looks so enormous at that point and with the clear sky, it was a magnificent sight as it rose higher in the sky with a warm, golden appearance. We actually walked part of the way backwards to be able to fully absorb this amazing view. By the time we reached the top of our hill on the way home, it was quite a distance up in the sky and had reduced in appearance and was now casting a more silvery glow. We arrived back home feeling quite blessed to live in such a wonderful place 🙂

The walk home enjoying the full moon in townsend.
The walk home enjoying the full moon in townsend.

        I’ve posted one of my new miniature paintings below. I painted it from a photograph I took of a still life that I set up in our living room. It was quite fun and interesting to do with the light from the candle casting a nice warm glow. Meanwhile, Wes & I are continuing to paint miniatures and work on current commissions, taking time out daily for either a walk or bike ride to enjoy our beautiful fall weather.

"Stilllife by Candlelight" by Rachelle shown with US penny for scale. 2 1/2 x 21/2"
"Still life by Candlelight" by Rachelle shown with US penny for scale. 2 1/2 x 21/2"

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


4 thoughts on “Mrs. Shrew and a Burning Bush.

  1. Hi Wes and Rachelle,
    Chipmunks, shrews, you really are gathering a load of interesting critters in your garden. I have Stephanie Chia from Craft Print with me right now. She’d like your contact details. Stephanie has been to the Frankfurt book fair and is now in London

  2. Hi Rachelle,

    I too have a shrew just the past few days. It is toooooo cute. Nice to see you are enjoying one as well. One winter I spread peanut butter on a peanut and the little blind shrew would grab them from my fingers before darting back down its hole to eat. I will reply to your lovely email in the next week or so. Bye for now. Kel

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