A Visit to Chattanooga.

Andrew concentrates on feeding the stingrays, while Wes waits to see if they take a finger at the TN Aquarium.
Andrew concentrates on feeding the stingrays, while Wes waits to see if they take a finger at the TN Aquarium.

        Wes & I enjoyed a wonderful visit and all around great time with our dear friends Andrew and Joanne, in Chattanooga TN. The drive down was a beautiful, sunny day, and the fall colors were outstanding. We stopped for a quick lunch at Taco Bell, one of our favorites, on the way down, and were greeted by Andrew, Joanne and their feathered , furry and fishy kids. We spent the afternoon relaxing and touring their beautiful home and Andrew’s studio in progress. Later they fixed a wonderful dinner of grilled tuna and squash which was very yummy. The remainder of the evening was spent looking at an assortment of Andrew’s past art creations and drawings, and a few art books from his collection. Being artists this was a wonderful way to spend an evening. The next morning we had pancakes and headed out to the TN Aquarium in Chattanooga. It’s always a real treat to Wes and I, to go to the aquariums since we love watching fish and use to enjoy snorkeling often and occasionally diving, and don’t get the opportunity to do that living in the Smokies now. It’s a great aquarium with both fresh and saltwater exhibits. The jellyfish were beautiful as always but the highlight of the visit was the Dwarf Seahorses, with the smallest measuring only 1/8th of an inch or smaller!! With three of us painting miniatures, this was truly fascinating to us!  The penguins are also always fun to watch and quickly mesmerize me  J 


The penguins were as facinated with me,as I was with them.
The penguins were as fascinated with me,as I was with them.

        After a ton of photos were taken between Wes, Andrew and myself we headed for lunch. We ate a delicious mushroom topped pizza at a really cool restaurant called the Mellow Mushroom. Before eating the pizza we enjoyed fresh homemade pretzels that were totally yummy! With our tummies happy and full we headed back to take in another section of the wonderful Aquarium. After seeing and enjoying the remainder of the Aquarium, we took off for the Hunter Art Museum. To get there we crossed a glass bridge. It was a really neat experience! It was definitely not for the faint of heart or for those with any fear of heights. The wildest part was when you were walking over the road with the only visual sight being your feet several stories above the road. We enjoyed the museum not only for the art, but also for the retained original part of the museum, which was a historic mansion from the 1800’s. Upon leaving the museum we walked around and took in the sights of part of the downtown area. Later we enjoyed a delicious dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. This was the first time Wes or I had ever had Vietnamese food and thoroughly enjoyed it, since it was nice and spicy!!

Joanne, Andrew, Wes and Rachelle at the Hunter Musuem in Chattanooga.
Joanne, Andrew, Wes and Rachelle at the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga.

        Ater returning home later that evening, the birds came out to visit and play. Munro, the African Grey let me pet her, which I enjoyed immensely as I no longer have my precious Spike to love and pet. The Green Chicken, a Severe Macaw, enjoyed a game of hide-n-seek with Andrew, which was quite entertaining and funny to watch! It was hard to tell who was enjoying it more, Andrew or the Green Chicken! The next morning while eating breakfast, we were treated by a visit from a local deer that was eating in the backyard woods. It was a beautiful sight to enjoy. Time had passed quickly and it was now time to say goodbye and return home. We were blessed with a beautiful trip home as the fall colors seemed to have become even more intense. Thanks Andrew and Joanne for a wonderful weekend! 🙂

"Hawksnest Beach" commission completed, by Rachelle.
"Hawksnest Beach" commission completed, by Rachelle.

I finished my commission painting, “Hawksnest Beach” this past week. Now it’s back to painting my miniatures for our upcoming shows.

Until next time- Rachelle 🙂


4 thoughts on “A Visit to Chattanooga.

  1. Barb In Florida

    Love your new commission. Makes me want to go there! I am wanting to get a compact camera with good zoom as well as quality macro. If you are pleased with yours, would you tell me what kind it is? I have a great Sony DSC717 but it is so big! Thanks, and happy painting. barb

  2. Barb In Florida

    Good times with friends is always a nice treat. I love your commission-makes me want to go there!
    Are you pleased with the shots you can take with your camera? I have a wonderful Sony DSC717 but it is so big and heavy. Now that compact cameras have more pixels, I know I can go smaller and want to get one that has good zoom power and quality macros. If you are pleased with yours would you tell me what you use? Thanks, love reading about your adventures.

  3. Barb,
    Yes, good times with friends are always great! We had a wonderful weekend with Andrew and Joanne. Thanks for the compliment on my commission. I too would love to go there sometime. Glad you enjoy reading of our adventures, as I really enjoy writting about them.
    We use the now discontinued Olympus C740UZ, 10X, 3.2 MP digital cameras for our reference photography. They do just fine for our normal use but not too well inside, especially at the Aquariums where the lighting is too low. Andrew had a newer Canon digital camera that did great for him.

    Rachelle 🙂

  4. Barb In Florida

    many thanks for your response. sorry about the double post-the first didn’t show up and I thought it was lost in cyber space. I have my eye on a new compact with very good reviews so when I am able to get it I’ll let others know the results. Getting ready to start my first mini-scared to death!! later on the forum :)barb

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