Fun at the Waterfowl Festival.

Wes & rachelle at Gettysburg.
Wes & Rachelle at Gettysburg.

        Wes & I enjoyed a wonderful visit with our dear friend and collector, John Hoffman, in MD this past week. After arriving to John’s and receiving a tour of his place, we enjoyed a nice dinner at a local restaurant that featured a room filled with historical facts and photos of Camp David and some of the past Presidents. The next day found us having breakfast at a local diner and heading off to visit Gettysburg. With John being a retired social studies teacher, we learned an incredible amount about the battle at Gettysburg. The day was beautiful, but brisk and cool as we drove around the site, stopping occasionally to get out and photograph areas of interest. After that experience, I have a newly found deep respect for the men that fought in the battle, as well as all other battles throughout history.

Wes and I, along with Karryl and Vick enjoying breakfast.
Wes and I, along with Karryl and Vick enjoying breakfast.

        Every year we enjoy our stay at the Ruffled Duck Inn in Oxford, MD. It’s the one time a year we treat ourselves to a bed and breakfast. Joyce and Dennis, who run it are the sweetest people, and delight our senses and taste buds each morning with a beautiful, new, themed table setting, and some of the most delicious breakfast entrees you could ever eat. The breakfast is actually three courses, and we enjoy immensely each one! We have stayed there for several years now, so it feels like we are visiting family while we’re there. It makes the weekend so much more enjoyable while we’re doing the Waterfowl Festival. It’s always a treat to see and spend time with our artist and collector friends. This year was no exception as I was invited to have lunch with dear collector friends Dr. Bob and Teri Beard at Mason’s on Friday. It’s always a great time full of many, many laughs, when with these two! Bob is quite a comedian and always ends up making my stomach ache from laughing too much! Thanks for the wonderful time Bob and Teri.   🙂

A table of great friends at the Waterfowl Festival.
A table of great friends at the Waterfowl Festival.
Rachelle and Lynn making Fishy faces.
Rachelle and Lynn making Fishy faces.

Until next time ~ Rachelle   🙂


3 thoughts on “Fun at the Waterfowl Festival.

  1. Hi Wes and Rachelle,
    You two do get around , don’t you? The name Chatanooga always intrigued me – from the song of course. No wonder you paint such stunning miniatures Rachelle, if you can swivel your eyes round like that picture! The USA does make it difficult to visit you know. I’ve just found out that from January 12th all visitors have to be in possession of a new entry type of visa called an ESTA. Hardly anyone here knows how to get one, but after a lot of trouble I’ve finally managed to get one, so hopefully I won’t be turned away at Tampa airport in January. Also as I have to change planes at Miami when I land there, being my first port of call in the States, I have to come through customs (which is always dranmatic and time consuming) collect my bags and then go bak in again and through customs again with the bags for the onward flight to Tampa. Grrrr. And I’m flying on the same airline for both legs. Every other country would let my bag be routed directly to Tampa withpout coming out of the transit lounge. But no doubt I’ll survive. But these restrictions do put off a lot of people who would like to visit your country.
    See you soon.

  2. Hi Bill,

    Yes, we do get around at times 🙂 Swiveling my eyes is just one of my many hidden talents ha ha! I sure hope that all of your travel problems associated with the US get resolved easily and quickly. These problems and restrictions would make it a bit tough and stressful for you I’m sure. Next time just fly into Knoxville, as it’s a nice, small an usually empty airport and ride down with us 🙂

    Hugs 🙂

  3. Hi Rachelle,
    I’d love to travel down with you. The problem is no airlines fly direct to Knoxville from England. So I’d have the same problem as the US says that the first port of call in the USA ia where you have tp check out through customs before changing planes for the next journey within the country. I can’t win.
    Bill xx

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