Trip to Washington DC, Part II

L to R: Lotus McElfish, Wes, Rachelle, Hunter Hollins, Elizabeth P. Knowles and David J. Wagner at the Endangered Species Exhibition opening ceremony.

        Our trip to DC began with attending a lecture by Dr. David J. Wagner concerning his book “American Wildlife Art”. This was both enjoyable and quite informative, as Dave is extremely knowledgeable on the subject. I really enjoyed his occasional insertion of a Far Side cartoon and his laughter at it. I’m amazed at the history of how wildlife art has developed to the present day.  After enjoying a nice lunch at The Natural History Museum, we enjoyed spending a bit of time with our friend and fellow sculpture artist, Paul Rhymer. Paul is employed at the museum and showed us several of the exhibits and mounts he personally did or worked on, which was very interesting and added a very personal touch to the museum exhibits. Later that evening we attended the opening of the show: Endangered Species: Flora & Fauna in Peril Exhibition at the Department of the Interior Museum in Washington, DC. It’s always nice to see the art works in person.  After taking the show in, we had a nice dinner with Dave, and Penny & Joel. With the day of “business” taken care of, the other two days were left for sight seeing.

Wes and Rachele by Wes's painting, "Black-footed ferret" at the opening of the Endangered Spieces Exhibit.
Wes and Rachele by Wes's painting, "Black-footed Ferret" at the opening of the Endangered Species Exhibit.
Rachelle with one of her life long heros, Kermit the Frog.
Rachelle with one of her life long hereos, Kermit the Frog.

        One of the highlights of the entire trip to me, was getting to see Kermit the Frog. I have always loved Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the Jim Henson Muppet gang! I own several of their movies and periodically convince Wes to watch them with me . . .again! 🙂  We were also delighted to see C-3PO from Star Wars, as well as many other interesting things from our childhood and past. Julia Child’s kitchen was also there in its entirety with different interesting tidbits about her and her cooking show. I watched Julia’s cooking show with my Granny Beth many times as a little girl, and received, (after requesting it) one of her books on cooking French food for a wedding gift. So as you can imagine this was quite an excitement for me as well. All of these fun things are housed in The American History Museum.

Julia Child's kitchen.
Julia Child's kitchen.

        While I was still on cloud nine from seeing Kermit we walked to The American Indian Museum for a most delicious lunch. We enjoyed eating our lunch while sitting at a table directly in front of a large glass wall with a view of perfectly arranged large rocks and a waterfall fed by a meandering stream, that a pair of Mallard Ducks were enjoying. A lovely experience it was, and we really enjoyed splurging on a dessert tart, made with pine nuts and rosemary. . .yummy! We then headed over to The National Gallery of Art, where we delighted in seeing many beautiful paintings and especially enjoyed seeing the temporary exhibit of “Pompeii and the Roman Villa”, with works dating in the 1st century.

Rachelle and Wes in front of The U.S. Capital.
Rachelle and Wes in front of The U.S. Capitol.

        The morning of the third day was started off with a tour of the U.S. Capitol building. We were shown a movie giving interesting historical information on our country and were broken into smaller groups to be taken through the older historical part of the building. The architecture was absolutely beautiful as were the paintings and sculptures. The inside of the Rotunda was amazing. The entire afternoon was spent in The National Portrait Gallery, during which time we located the collection of historical miniature paintings. Dinner that evening was spent at a nice restaurant called Nando’s, the first of its kind here in the States, from South Africa. The food was delicious and the atmosphere a fun one. It served as a very nice ending to another fun day!

        Until next time ~ Rachelle     🙂


3 thoughts on “Trip to Washington DC, Part II

  1. Dear Rachelle and Wes,
    Many years ago I visited the Jim Henson Studio in London and was not only allowed to see all the puppets being made I was able to operate some of them. I particularly liked seeing the two old men in the upstairs balcony. Remember them? Yours

  2. Hi Bill! I approved this one for Rachelle since she’s getting ready for our trip into the big city today. Oh how I wish you could have been at our breakfast table this morning and seen the priceless look on Rachelle’s face when she read your comment! She’s just a tad envious!

    I love the two old guys. Really I love watching all the muppet shows. Musicals are not my cup of tea but they’re worth sitting through for the comic relief of the muppets.


  3. Dear Bill,

    Well well, some people just have all the luck! I guess you’re one of those people. What an awesome experience that must have been! I also love the two old guys in the balcony, especially their sarcastic humor. I must admit I’m a tad envious of that experience 🙂

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