A Very, Merry Christmas Wish!


        Well, I can’t believe that Christmas is almost here once again. It’s been stated that time flies when you’re having fun, so we must be having fun as time certainly seems to fly anymore! We’re so excited that our books have finally arrived, and we can now hold it in our hands and admire the completed project. Many thanks to those of you who have already purchased copies of it! We’ll be heading to Southern Indiana for Christmas, to be with Wes’ family and to share the book in person with his Nana, since it was dedicated to her.

        We’ve been enjoying several Christmas parties and get-togethers with friends and neighbors. Moreover, painting miniatures has happily become one of our daily activities once again.  Yesterday, we had our very dear artist friend, Tricia Whilhoit, over to have a nice luncheon with us. She was greeted with a house adorned with Christmas decorations as well as a dining room table covered in lace and set for a princess! We had a wonderful time visiting and as you can imagine the main topic of conversation was of art. We also played canasta with the neighbors this past week, and I’m quite excited to say that the girls won again and were undefeated!

Ms. Shrew gets into the Christmas spirit as she enjoys her munchies!
Ms. Shrew gets into the Christmas spirit as she enjoys her munchies!

        Ms. Shrew continues to enjoy her  daily feedings almost as much as I enjoy watching her. We were given some of the “leftovers” from a pecan place we visited with my parents, in North Florida, so Ms. Shrew along with the squirrels, bunnies and birds have all been very much enjoying their daily treats.

        We want to wish you all a very merry Christmas wherever you spend it, and a wonderful, healthy new year full of many belly laughs!!

Merry Christmas and God bless    🙂



4 thoughts on “A Very, Merry Christmas Wish!

  1. Dear Wes and Rachelle,
    So pleased to see your book has arrived. I look forward to buying a copy when I see you in January (That is if the US Immigration let me through with all the new regulations for visitors taking effect from January 12th.) Have a very Happy Christmas. Love from Bill . P.S. Do you still read my blog?

    1. Dear Bill,
      Yes, we visit and read your blog at least twice each week! Usually every Sunday afternoon when we’re home. We’ve left a comment or two on there in some of the posts. We’re quite happy with our books. It’s great to finally have them. Wes says he thinks they are going to start making you listen to an automated photo operator while you wait in the immigration line! ha ha! We look forward to seeing you in January, as I’m sure you will get through.
      A very, merry Christmas to you!
      Hugs 🙂 Rachelle

  2. Hi guys! How nice to see MS Shrew!
    Vic and I think of you often. Happy holidays!!
    (oh, and I did update my blog finally)
    Save a copy of your book for me too. I definitely wish to purchase one.

  3. Hi karryl,
    Sorry I haven’t responded sooner, but have been quite sick. Anyway, I’m well on the mend now. I’m so glad you enjoyed seeing Ms. Shrew. She came out just this afternoon for another meal of pecans! we think of you often as well, & we enjoyed your updated blog. We’ll definitely save a copy of our book for you!
    Hugs 🙂

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