The Miniature Art Society of Florida’s show opening weekend.

The MASF Exhibition.
The MASF Exhibition at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center.

        We arrived in south Florida late Wednesday evening. It was a beautiful, sunny drive down. Luckily we enjoyed the warmer weather a bit before the cold front made its way down the next day. We got to the museum Thursday morning and enjoyed helping to set up the show. It’s such a wonderful group of very hard working people that make this wonderful show able to happen every year. Later that evening we went out for dinner at a great little Thai restaurant, with dear friends Mike & Kay Petryszak, and then spent the remainder of the evening looking through historical miniature papers. Friday was spent with friends & fellow artists Dana Thompson & husband, Terry, and Mary Cornish at the Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. Although it started out as a quite cool morning it turned out to be an absolutely lovely day! The animals were in rare form enjoying the cool temperatures. One highlight was watching a baby Mandrill play and explore its new environment. That evening we enjoyed dinner with artist friend Heidi Presse and her husband, Jim. It was a great end to a wonderful day.

Wes & Rachelle at the MASF show.
Wes & Rachelle at the MASF show.
Tykie & Wes with the MAA travel exhibit.
Tykie Ganz & Wes with the MAA traveling exhibit.

        Saturday morning began with the opening of the show, which was well attended. That evening a reception at the museum was enjoyed by the participating artists and patrons, and then later we were joined by several artists and friends including dear friend Bill Mundy and Mona Diane Conner, for a late dinner at a local restaurant. Many laughs were had by all, as stories were shared, hence another great memory being made.

Wes, Bill, Herb, Helen, Mona, Carol & Rachelle all enjoying a great time!
Wes, Bill Mundy, Herb Weed, Helen Hause, Mona Diane Conner, Carol Curtiss & Rachelle all enjoying a great time!

        Sunday morning brought another delightful awards brunch with delicious food and wonderful conversation being shared by all. Wes and I were blessed to each receive an award again this year as well as several of our artist friends, including fellow artist, blogger and very dear friend Bill Mundy. We’re always amazed when looking at Bill’s intricately painted portraits, and were quite pleased to be able to spend time with him throughout the weekend. I must admit however, that I was quite disappointed that he didn’t bring along the lovely box of chocolates (photo on his blog) to share with me. Perhaps he’ll bring some next time after all of the obvious hints that I dropped.    🙂

After the closing of the show on Sunday, a large group of us went to a great little Café in downtown Dunedin. The food was delicious, with a great tasting piece of key lime pie being the highlight of the dinner! As always the air was filled with laughter and great conversation as it usually is when artists are gathered together! Luckily it had warmed up a bit as we enjoyed a nice walk back to the hotel. We had a lovely breakfast with Bill, as we enjoyed a gorgeous view looking out over the water with the occasional Seagull, Pelican along with many other birds flying by in the view out the window. Afterwards we headed back to the museum to demonstrate and talk with the public for most of the day. That afternoon we said our goodbyes, gave out hugs and headed over to Okeechobee where my family lives to spend a few more days on our vacation.  I’ll post more soon!


Until next time ~      Rachelle  🙂

9 thoughts on “The Miniature Art Society of Florida’s show opening weekend.

  1. Great pictures, and it was wonderful to see you again! I enjoyed sharing the festivities with both of you and others at the show. Hope you are having a great time with family this wk., and want to let you know how much I am enjoying reading and looking over your new book, “Exquisite Miniatures”. What a a wonderful testament to your talent and devotion to miniature painting! I recommend it as a must-read for everyone. Knowing that book two is also in progress, I look forward to it as well.

    1. Thanks Mona for the sweet words about our book, and I’m so glad that you’re enjoying it. We really enjoyed our time spent with you and all of our other wonderful miniature artist friends. We’re having a great time with family and spoiling our nephew, Tyler. We’ll let you know when the second book is ready as it should be very soon.
      Hugs 🙂

  2. Porgie

    I just hope you both realize the good life you share along with an occasional enjoyable session at the work area doing what you enjoy and love.

    Heck: It’s like me eating out 3 meals a day at a buffet .

    1. Porgie,

      Wes is wearing a MASF sash/emblem that identifies him as a sales clerk with the show. We volunteer to help with sales. Wes usually works as a salesperson and I volunteer as a “runner” which means I take the sales tickets back to the sales table.

      Hugs 🙂 Rachelle

  3. Hi Wes and Rachelle,
    Nice blog and photographs. I only like pictures of me when I’m hiding behind someone else (then I look a bit slimmer!) I got back here yesterday morning in torrential rain. It was SO good to meet you both again and to be able to spend some time with you. I love your book. Today I wrote a new blog and printed out a few photographs – which I’ll send to you next week. Love from Bill

    1. Hi Bill,
      I’m glad you like the photo of you at the table along with everyone else, as I thought it turned out quite nicely! I feel somewhat bad to tell you that it is sunny and in the 70’s here today. However, tomorrow we’ll be returning to cold TN. Oh well, at least my sunshine batteries have recharged! It was so good to meet up with you again, and we really enjoyed our time spent with you. I’m so glad you like our new book. We sure enjoy all of yours. Thanks for including us on your blog and for the photographs. I’m glad you had a nice and safe trip home.
      Love & Hugs 🙂

    1. Hi Carel,
      We’re glad the show went good as well, especially with the present economic situation. I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying our book. You’re most certainly welcome! By the way it’s 6:44 pm est. here 🙂
      Hugs 🙂

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