Our trip to Florida – part I

Me taking my Mom, Sally, on a wild ride!
Me taking my Mom, Sally, on a wild ride, as riding the family four wheeler is one of my favorite past times!

        We arrived in Okeechobee later Monday evening and were joined at my parents home, by my brother Marshall, wife Alicia and our dear little nephew Tyler for dinner. We enjoyed my Mom’s good home-cooking, including one of my favorites, fried okra, (or as I say it fried okry). It was a delicious and fun meal enjoyed by all! Wes & I then commenced to spoiling Tyler and continued at these efforts for the duration of our visit. Tuesday, we met my Dad, Larry, at Taco bell for lunch, which proved to be quite interesting with the crowds there to buy the 20 cents tacos in honor of the inauguration. We ended spending a couple of hours there and made another memory. After we were able to finally get out of the jam packed parking lot, we went to Lake Okeechobee to feed the seagulls with my Mom and Tyler. Feeding birds has always been something that I dearly enjoy and this trip was no exception, especially with the Grackles landing on and eating from my hand! Tyler seemed to enjoy this endeavor almost as much as I did.

Us feeding the birds at Lake Okeechobee.
Us feeding the birds at Lake Okeechobee.

        Wednesday was spent there at the house working on projects and entertaining Tyler. Later that evening we were once again joined by Marshall and his family for dinner. Afterwards Marshall and I retired to the barn to start work on my long awaited dinosaur sculpture. “Dino” as I affectionately refer to him, is made of different sizes of rebar. My brother Marshall is a great welder, and together I think we make quite the team. We ended up spending a couple of evenings in the barn on my dinosaur and enjoyed every minute of it. Dino is now quite comfortable in his new home in our flower garden, however he is still trying to adjust to the much cooler temperatures.

Marshall and I creating my dinosaur sculpture named Dino.
Marshall and I creating my dinosaur sculpture named Dino.

        Thursday, we headed over to North Palm Beach, to meet up with our dear friend and fellow artist, Janet Heaton, who we affectionately refer to as our art mom. We enjoyed a delicious Thai lunch with Janet and my Mom, filled with talk of past memories and laughs. After lunch, we all went to John D. MacArthur Beach State Park. We enjoyed  continuing our visit with Janet while taking in all of the beautiful scenery and sunshine. Many photos were taken by Wes & I both for future miniature paintings to be included in an upcoming exhibit. I thoroughly enjoyed walking on the beach and easily convinced my Mom to take her shoes off and enjoy the sand with me. We even braved testing the water which was very cold!

Wes and Janet Heaton enjoying our delicious Thai lunch.
Wes and Janet Heaton enjoying our delicious Thai lunch.
Mom and I enjoyed the beautiful water, sand and sunshine.
Mom and I enjoyed the beautiful water, sand and sunshine.

        Well, I’ll end here for Part I and will pick up with Part II next week. On a personal note, today is a happy day for me because it’s Wes’ birthday, he’s 43 years young!  A cute story that was left out of my accounts from the MASF show weekend took place in our BIG green van. Our artist friend, Bill Mundy, was riding around with us, and due to the fact of our van not having a back seat, I rode in a nice comfy lawn chair. Well, when Wes realized going down the road that he was about to miss his turn he took it at the last second, which sent me flying across the van, with my nice skirt and pantyhose covered legs flying up into the air! Thankfully,I was able to right myself, before being seen in this unladylike predicament! Later on that day, as Bill once again got into the van, he spoke up with his wonderful British accent exclaiming that “ I’d better put on my safety strap in case Wes decides to go mental on us again”. This gave me a GREAT laugh then and will continue to do so every time I think of that wonderful memory. Thanks Bill!
Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


7 thoughts on “Our trip to Florida – part I

  1. Porgie

    Of three sons only one was a natural born driver…you got the artist.

    Okra came late in life to my plate but I do enjoy now every chance I get.

    I recall Uncle Jack raised it in his garden.

    That looks like rebar from Wes’s garden in Okeechobee

  2. So you survived the drive to Ocheecokkeee (I’m not sure that’s the right spelling!) with your kamikazee driver husband? I’m so glad as it means I can continue to enjoy your blog. And thanks for the photo, Wes – I don’t normally like photos of me, but half-hidden ones like that are OK.
    Love from Bill

  3. Hi Porgie 🙂
    Which one is the natural born driver? 🙂
    I ate enough okra for you & me both while I was at mom’s! You would’ve loved it though, as she makes the best! Maybe we’ll try & grow some this year. I don’t know if it was rebar from our garden in FL or not, but it looks happy in my flower garden now.
    Hugs 🙂

  4. Porgie

    Tony was a natural born driver.

    I just noticed all the clothes you and Marshall have on in the garage….bad Florida publicity!!!

  5. Hi Bill,
    Yes, I survived the trip 🙂 and can happily carry on with my blog. The best way to learn how to spell Okeechobee, is to live there while owning a bussiness & you have to spell it out to everyone you deal with. . . ha ha! You had it close though. I’m so glad you like the photo of you, as I think it’s a nice one. You’re certainly welcome for it.
    Hugs 🙂

  6. Barb In Florida

    So Wes treated you to an almost dump over? My Dad did that to me and my brother in a little boat on Lake Michigan when we were still at home. He hit a big wave sideways and both of us almost went over the side-good thing my Mom had quick reflexes, those lawn chairs are dangerous!

    When do we get to see a photo of Dino?

    By the way, so enjoyed meeting and talking with you both at the show. And love your book as well. Later!

    1. Hi Barb,
      Yes, Wes treated me to what was actually a complete dump over! I practically did a somersault, LOL! I’m just glad I was inside a van and not on a boat, or I would’ve ended up in the drink. . ha! Sure was good for a laugh, however! Yes, one should be very cautious while sitting in lawn chairs. I was so hoping to get a nice photo of Dino with a scarf on in the snow, but we never got enough snow. So now, I thought I would wait until my flower garden, in which he resides, looks better. We very much enjoyed meeting & talking with you both at the show as well! So glad to know that you love our book.
      Hugs 🙂

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