Our Trip to Florida Part II and Our Latest Book.

Visiting in Tykie's Ganz's studio.  L to R, Tykie, my mom Sally, Myself, & Tykie's husband Ernie.
Visiting in Tykie Ganz's studio. L to R, Tykie, my mom Sally, Myself, & Tykie's husband Ernie.

        After leaving John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, we went to visit our dear artist friend, Tykie Ganz & husband Ernie. They have a beautiful and bright, cheery home in which it was a sheer delight to spend some time! She has a beautiful collection of blue glass bottles which she displays in the window sills. This is most exquisite to view when the sun is streaming through the windows, illuminating all of the bottles. Tykie also has a wonderful and brightly lit  studio filled with a great collection of paintings and her beautiful wood carvings. I was also most impressed with a very nice, lemon colored yellow rug, which she made herself! To top off the visit, she treated us to incredible tasting homemade cookies, blueberry and cherry pie and hot teas! We obviously left their home with great big smiles on our faces and carrying a couple of extra pounds in our tummies! Thanks again Tykie and Ernie.


Wes trying to eat Tyler's food.
Wes trying to eat Tyler's food.

        We made it home in time, Thursday evening, to enjoy a delicious homemade spaghetti dinner that my sister- n- law, Alicia, made. Tyler enjoyed his first attempt at eating by himself with a bowl of spaghetti chopped up. At first he liked it, but as it became apparent to him that he wasn’t getting enough to eat fast enough, he let it be known. I, and occasionally Wes, enjoyed feeding Tyler many of his other meals. As you can see in the photo, he was afraid Wes was going to eat his share.

My dad, Larry and grandson Tyler.
My dad, Larry, and grandson Tyler.

        Friday morning, the entire family headed out for a day trip to Highlands Hammock State Park. This is my favorite state park, as my family spent quite a bit of time there during my childhood and it’s the first place where Wes and I held hands! Wes and I also spent a lot of time there riding bikes, enjoying picnic lunches and hiking after he would finish teaching art classes at Highlands Art Museum in Sebring, FL. So as you can imagine, it holds a very dear place in our hearts as well as it’s simply a beautiful place, and it has alligators. This is a very big plus for me! After enjoying a picnic lunch, and a great swinging session on the “kids” swings, we all spent hours walking the trails and enjoying the beautiful surroundings, filled with a diversity of bird species. The evening was spent relaxing and eating at Olive Garden. . . .yummy! Saturday we just spent time around my parents home, riding the four wheeler, planting trees and just enjoying the warm, sunny weather with my family. Sunday, it was time to return home once again until our next adventure.

That's me, doing one of my favorite past times, swinging
That's me, doing one of my favorite past times, swinging

        Well, I’ve jumped to the present and Wes and I spent this afternoon taking an eight mile hike in the Park. It was an absolutely gorgeous day with the temperature being in the upper 60’s and the sun gracing us with its wonderful presence most of the time. We enjoyed a mostly quiet walk, only passing a few other people along the way. Of course, a treat of my homemade dark chocolate brownies were enjoyed by a stream along the way and gave us plenty of energy to carry on. Towards the end of the hike we went through an area of cane grass, which gave you the sense of being in India. Minutes after this interesting area, we came upon a great collection of ancient looking grape vine swings! I couldn’t resist trying out one, as I’m forever a big kid, just ask Wes, as he will agree. The trail was kind to us, with the last mile being a gradual decent through a forest of Rhododendrons. We ended our wonderful day with a yummy meal at Subway! Thanks for another great memory Wes 🙂

Our latest book,
Our latest book, "The World of Nature in Miniature".

        We have just released our latest book, “The World of Nature in Miniature”. More information on this book and its contents can be viewed on our website at:  http://www.artofwildlife.com/miniature_painting_books.html . This book features our bird, insect, mammal and reptile. It also concerns environmental issues and bringing attention to them and the natural world through miniature painting. We will be leaving this week, to attend the SEWE show in Charleston, SC, so I finished my “surprise painting” for the show yesterday and it can be seen there.
Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


6 thoughts on “Our Trip to Florida Part II and Our Latest Book.

  1. Hi Wes and Rachelle. How do I buy a copy of your latest book? The cover looks really good. I’ll have a look at its contents on the link you provided. Kay still has some of my money so perhaps she can send you a cheque.
    Re my venture in the dark on Saturday night, Wes. Luckily for me the bridge was too narrow to take cars so – even if you were around – I couldn’t have taken up your reckless offer. But I wish you were closer because that menacing growl you are giving young Tyler could possibly have calmed down the little girl on Saturday morning. As it is I think I’ll have to wait several years before she’ll be willing to be photographed.
    I think she’ll be a real little terror when she grows up.
    Love from Bill

    1. Hi Bill,
      Wes will email you about the book. Thanks for the compliment on the looks of the cover. I’m so glad to know that you made it home safely in the freezing dark last night & I trust you had a great time. Wes really is a very good & safe driver, he had just saved up that one reckless act for you. . . ha! Perhaps with some practice, you can also acheive a simular menacing growl that can be used in situations like the one with the little terror girl 🙂
      Love & Hugs 🙂

  2. It’s neat to see the inside of Tykie Ganz’s studio & thanks for including that photo.

    Wes, what about trying a nice mini of your lovely wife in a long-flowing dress seated in one of those great natural swings?

    Will take a look at the link to your new book, and congrats on its release.

    1. Hi Mona,
      Great, I’m so glad you enjoyed seeing Tykie’s studio. I thought that would be interesting to many. I’ll have to put a bug in Wes’ ear about painting me on the natural swing. It sure was neat to swing on. Thanks for the congrats on the book.
      Hugs 🙂

  3. Hi Rachelle,
    I agree with Mona – that picture of you on the ‘natural swing’ would make a lovely painting. Do you remember the photo I sent of you demonstrating at the Florida show? That might make a good painting too.
    I know Wes is a good driver – and anyway how can I – a man who failed his advanced drivers test – make any comments at all?
    Love from Bill

  4. Hi Bill,
    Perhaps Wes will paint it someday, with me in a flowing dress. Don’t you just love the shapes and spacing of the trees in the background. Yes, I love the photo you took of me demonstrating in Florida, thanks so much for sending it! I have had sooooo much fun telling the story of Wes flipping me over while you were riding with us in the van. I’m very careful to put my safety strap on first thing now, as well! It made a great memory didn’t it!!
    Love and Hugs 🙂

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