Highlights From the Southeastern Wildlife Expo Weekend.

My newest miniature painting, "Leo and the Ladies".
My newest miniature painting, "Leo and the Ladies", measures 1x3 inches.

        I finished my latest miniature painting, “Leo and the Ladies”, just in time for the SEWE show in Charleston. The size and format was really nice to work with, however, playing up the colors in the painting was the most enjoyable part. It sold right away at its debut at the show this weekend. After returning home later tomorrow, Wes and I plan to finish up a couple of more paintings that we are working on for the Nature Works show in Tulsa next week.

Me standing with our paintings at the "Paws and Reflect, Art of Canines" show.
Me standing with our paintings at the "Paws and Reflect; Art of Canines" show.

        On the way to the show this past Wednesday, we stopped by the Spartanburg Art Museum to see the exhibition, “Paws and Reflect; Art of Canines” show. What a beautiful facility, their new museum! It so nicely presented and displayed the exhibition. Wes and I have six paintings that are included in this show. We met with the director of the museum, Scott, who graciously gave us a nice tour of the new cultural center. We always enjoy seeing these shows, so this stop over was a nice treat!

Wes and I at the SEWE show.
Wes and I at the SEWE show.

        Thursday morning was spent setting up and getting ready for the show. It started with a preview that afternoon which led into the gala opening later that evening. For the evening event, I wore a beautiful dress that my Mom had made and wore to her senior Christmas ball! I was so very proud the entire evening, showing off her talents and enjoyed telling the story, many times over, of the dress’s history to the many admiring onlookers. It added an extremely special touch to the event to say the least! Although I was extremely concerned about not getting anything on “Mom’s” dress, I had to enjoy some of the delicious food that was served, especially a few of the yummy desserts.

Fellow artist, Patricia Pepin and I enjoy some of the decious food at the gala opening.
Fellow artist, Patricia Pepin and I enjoy some of the decious food at the gala opening.

         Friday evening, we were treated to a wonderful time and delicious dinner by our dear friend Dr. Bob Beard. Many laughs were had, as they always are when we are with Bob and wife, Teri. Saturday was spent back on the job at the show. That evening, we were joined by our dear friend John Hoffman, for a delicious Valentine’s day dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in the Charleston area, The Mustard Seed. I enjoyed my favorite dish there, sweet potato ravioli. We shared many laughs and stories with John, while relaxing and enjoying our yummy dinner. Sunday was the last day of the show and it ended with a nice group of the artists meeting at T-Bonz restaurant and just kicking back and enjoying one another’s company. Now, we’re just ready to get back home.

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


6 thoughts on “Highlights From the Southeastern Wildlife Expo Weekend.

  1. Dear Rachelle,
    I just love ‘Leo and the ladies’ What a beautiful painting. What size is it?
    If you click on the video entry arrow on my curent blog you’ll hear the voice of Rolf Harris – he’s the famous Australian artist who wrote the remarks on the back cover of my book.
    Love from Bill

    1. Hi Bill,
      Thanks so much for the compliments on ‘Leo and the Ladies’. I’m glad you like it! It is 1X3 inches. I posted my update while still in Charleston last night, and since the painting was sold, I didn’t have the exact size. I read your blog last night and thouroughly enjoyed it as usual. Wes and I both listened to and watched the video of Rolf, and it was great!
      Love and Hugs 🙂

  2. Rachelle, beautiful lighting in the lion miniature.

    I must say, that is the nicest picture of you as a couple I have ever seen! What a beautiful dress your mom made for her special occasion, and how special indeed that you got to wear it again for this one.

    1. Hi Mona,
      Thanks, I am really enjoying experimenting with pushing the effects of certain lighting conditions and colors in my paintings.

      Thanks so much for the compliment on the photo of us. It is a beautiful dress that my mom made, and it was so very special and quite the honor for me to be able to wear and enjoy it as well! It’s like mom was there with me! Moreover, she was so proud for me to wear it, and it meant alot to her too. That’s the kind of stuff that makes great memories isn’t it?
      Hugs 🙂

  3. I so enjoyed seeing you at SEWE again. It’s always good to catch up with our “artist family”. You looked wonderful in the dress. Have an awesome show in Tulsa.

    1. Hi Karryl,
      We so very much enjoyed seeing you as well! It certainly is always good to be with our “artist family”! Thank you for the sweet compliment. Thanks for the well wishes in Tulsa too. Happy sculpting!
      Hugs 🙂

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