Spring is Springing!

Peach bllossoms and a very happy bee.
Peach blossoms and a very happy bee.

        Spring is springing and well on its way. . . I myself am very happy to say! The air is warmer and the first flowers of the season are beginning to bloom, bringing a great big smile to my face as well as the faces of many bees, anxious to begin their pollinating rituals. Wes and I enjoyed working in our yard for a few hours this past weekend, an activity that we’ve long been awaiting! I fully enjoyed ringing in the first good day of spring, after working in the yard, a couple of evenings ago. Sitting in my beloved rocking chair, I was enamored watching the sunset, over the mountains, which will remain in view for another week or so. I love watching the changing colors as the sun goes down, especially when a few clouds are present. While enjoying this living painting, I was serenaded by the spring peepers in a nearby pond, anxiously awaiting Spring’s arrival. The peepers’ song was accompanied by the occasional honks of  Canada Geese,  as they flew to their evening destinations.  About this time, the bats joined in with their amazing acrobatic performances. The entire scene became almost surreal at this point, and with the leafless trees silhouetted against the sky, one could almost imagine being in the desert, watching as the sun is setting behind silhouettes of Saguaro and Palo Verdes. This magical moment concluded with the full moon coming out and casting a lovely soft light on the silouetted trees, blowing in the gentle night breeze.  What a lovely way to spend an evening indeed!!

Our new fountain in the studio, created by artist friend, Paul Reymer.
Our new fountain in the studio, created by artist friend, Paul Rhymer.

        We’re enjoying the sounds of our new fountain in the studio. It was created by our artist friend, Paul Rhymer. It’s a beautiful sculpture of a Kingfisher that sits atop  a Basalt column, in which the water comes out of the top and makes a pleasant sound as it flows down to the bottom. Kingfishers are one of my favorite birds, especially since I had an incredible encounter with one that was being pursued by an angry Phoebe mother. The Kingfisher made a ninety degree turn a mere two feet in front of my face, all the while making that awesome chatting noise that they make, with the Phoebe following close behind! Needless to say, this fondness for Kingfishers, makes the fountain even more special.

A few turtles enjoying the sun lamps in the hotel lobby in Tulsa, where we were for the NatureWorks Art Show.
A few turtles enjoying the sun lamps in the hotel lobby in Tulsa, where we were for the NatureWorks Art Show.

        We enjoyed our first bike ride of the season today with sunny skies above, and a nice warm spring breeze. Actually it felt like mild hurricane force winds at one point in the ride. I assured Wes that this meant that we could count double mileage! The bikes were our transportation to the post office, from where there first of many boxes were sent to several miniature art shows that we’ll have work in, including: Seaside Gallery, Parklane Gallery, SnowGoose Gallery, Masterworks in Miniature, Masterpieces in Miniature and the Hilliard Society in England. We’ll also be sending out to a few more, so be sure and check out our exhibit schedule on our website: http://www.artofwildlife.com/exhibitschedule.html

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


8 thoughts on “Spring is Springing!

  1. Hi Rachelle and Wes,
    We have quite a lot of kingfishers here. As I live right on the river (did you know that the river Thames runs right under my apartment, as we are built on the foundations of the old flour mill?) I often see them. The best sight I ever saw was last year when two kingfishers were perched on our little bridge in the back garden. When both of them took off they dived like a big arc into the river in time with each other. It was like watching them in stereo. Love from Bill. x

    1. Hi Bill,
      I didn’t realize that the Thames river runs right under your apartment. . .that is so cool! What a great story about the two Kingfishers diving in the river in unison! That’s wonderful that you also get to enjoy watching these amazing birds. Don’t they have the most regal and handsome appearance to them. I do hope we get to visit you someday and we’ll be able to enjoy your Kingfishers as well!
      Love and Hugs 🙂

  2. You and Wes would be the only people I know who could properly capture the amazing colour and sheen of a kingfisher in you paintings. So if you do ever visit we’ll have to spend a few hours gazing at the river waiting for the kingfishers to appear. We also have herons, swans, coots, great crested grebes, ducks, mallards, and Canada geese here all the time. In fact I’m pretty well up on the mating habits of all the water birds I can see from my studio window. (And that includes the occasional young couples who moor their little boats under the bridge and don’t realise they can be seen!) The pen swan has the hardest time during mating as the cob almost drowns her at the height of passion!
    Love from Bill

    1. Hi Bill,
      Thanks for the kind compliment. We’ve done a couple of Kingfisher paintings and would love to do more. It sounds as if you have a wonderful variety of waterfowl to watch and paint there. It must be like watching a daily nature documentary from your studio window. All our birds do is fight continually over the food, even though there is plenty for everyone! I suppose you will have more baby birds than we will. Oh my, that’s terrible about the Pen Swan. . .bad cob!!
      Love and Hugs 🙂

  3. Porgie

    Your talent with painting is expanding with the written word coupled with a keen eye and wonderful recall. Hope the spring rains replenish your section of the country and produce a lush garden for Wes with many beautiful flowers this season. We’re running several weeks behind here in the valley.

    Love from Porgie

    1. Hi Porgie,
      Thank you kindly for the nice compliment! I do enjoy writing. The spring rains are trying to replenish, as it’s raining right now. I too hope that it helps produce a lush veggie garden for Wes and flower gardens for myself. I hope to post more flowers photos, so you can enjoy ours, until your spring arrives.
      Love and Hugs 🙂

  4. LaVerne

    Hi Rachelle and Wes,

    I’ve enjoyed seeing not only your lovely paintings, but your spring gardens and nature… the chipmunks and shrew. It sure is beautiful in Tennessee and you and Wes look so happy!

    Love to both,

    1. Hi LaVerne,

      I’m so glad to know that we have perhaps brightened your day with our paintings and photos of our flower gardens. We sure are enjoying our flowers, as they are starting to grow and bloom quite nicely with the warmer temperatures. We certainly think that it’s beautiful in TN, and yes. . we are very happy 🙂 We wish you a wonderful spring!
      Hugs 🙂

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