Spring’s Still a Springin’.

"The Cliffs at La Jolla" by Rachelle, measures 2 1/2x3 1/2 inches.
"The Cliffs at La Jolla" by Rachelle, measures 4 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.
"Frosty Morning" by Wes, measures 3x3 inches.
"Frosty Morning" by Wes, 2 3/4 x 2 3/4 inches

         Well, as you can see from the two new paintings above, we’ve been spending most of this past week painting. We’ve been working on pieces designated for specific shows. My painting, “The Cliffs at La Jolla” was a joy to paint for the most part, with the more abstract patterns of the cliffs. It’s a painting, as a miniature artist, that you can be a bit more spontaneous and let the creative juices flow more freely. Becoming completely absorbed and time passing more quickly than you can imagine, happens while painting miniatures such as this. What a great experience this is! Wes’ painting “Frosty Morning”, was painted from a photo taken out of our bedroom window one early morning while the frost was still heavy on the ground. “Dove Cakes”, as I call all of our Morning Doves, was settled in for awhile, until things thawed and warmed up a bit.

Our beautiful Forsythia and Cherry blooms, in the front yard.
Our beautiful Forsythia and Cherry blooms, in the front yard.
Me by our Forsythia in the front yard with our house in the background.
Me by our Forsythia in the front yard with our house in the background.

        Spring is still springing right along. The Forsythias are in full splendor, gracing the world with their beautiful and heartwarming yellow flowers! They almost appear to be glowing at times when the lighting is just right. The Cherry Tree outside of our bedroom window is almost completely bloomed out all of the way as are the Peach and Bradford Pear trees in the backyard. It’s a glorious sight out each window of the house at present. Many flowers, including my Irises and Peonies are starting to show, with their green buds pushing up through the soil.

Me in one of my favorite spots, on our back porch.
Me in one of my favorite spots, on our back porch.

        Above is a photo of the view off of our back porch at this time of the year. A few evenings last week were warm enough to sit out and enjoy the spectacular display of evening splendor. It makes for quite a view, since the trees are still not budded out. Since so many of you enjoyed my sunset story. I thought I would post a photo of what it looked like. As beautiful as the photo is, it still doesn’t do justice to the gorgeous scene that unfolded before my eyes that evening!

The beautiful sunset off of our porch last week.
The beautiful sunset off of our porch last week.

        I was delighted to learn this past week that I now have two Shrews, at least for now. If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, I hope we’re both right and that soon there will be baby shrews running around. . . .oh, the many joys of spring!!

On a sad note, we were really upset to hear of the passing of our dear friend, Pete Labyak, a couple of weeks ago. He and Wes became quite the email pals, tackling the issues pertaining to miniature art. Pete had started a couple of years ago at the beginning asking “what is a miniature?”, and before he passed away, he had met all of his goals as a miniaturist. We were also very sad to learn of the passing of another friend and leader in the world of Miniature art this week, John Thompson. He had been the President of the MPSGS Society for the past fifteen years, and will surely be missed by many. He also had recently been helping Wes with MAA business.

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


9 thoughts on “Spring’s Still a Springin’.

  1. Hi Rachelle,
    I thought that photo of the forsythia was one of your paintings. If you added a bird coming out of the bird box it would make a very nice miniature. I love the cliffs in the top miniature – almost abstract.
    Love rom Bill x

    1. Hi Bill,
      Aren’t the Forsythias magnificent! Yes, the one with the bird house would make a lovely miniature. The Bluebirds have nested in that box before, so perhaps a Bluebird would be a nice choice for the little bird added. Thanks for the compliment on the cliffs piece. I think that’s what made it so fun to do, was the feeling of a bit of an abstract being present.
      Love and Hugs 🙂

  2. Hi Rachelle – two beautiful new paintings! The blossoms are so pretty and that really does look like the perfect place to sit. I think our garden in the chilly north is just a little behind yours…but the bulbs and primroses are appearing which is always such a welcome sight!

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Thanks so much for the compliment on our two new paintings. It amazes me to know that the blossoms will only get prettier and more abundant in the next few weeks. I’m glad to hear that you are getting the first touches of spring, as that is always a way to brighten ones day!
      Hugs 🙂

  3. Hi Rachelle,
    We’re having lovely warm weather here right now and yesterday, while I was painting, from my window I saw 5 kingfishers. Not all at once but the flashes of iridescent turqouise as they flew across the river were beaytiful. Love Bill x

    1. Hi Bill,
      I’m so glad to hear that you’re getting to enjoy warmer, lovely weather. It’s a beautiful day here, with full sunshine and quite a bit warmer. I’m ready to welcome spring! Five Kingfishers. . . that’s great! I’d be delighted to be able and watch them from my studio window. Enjoy them for me will you!
      Love and Hugs 🙂

  4. Rachelle, I’m very sad to hear that Pete Labyak is gone so soon. I had received a lovely email from him so recently after posting to him on wet canvas.
    I did not know John Thompson personally, but I am so sorry to hear about him too.

    Love your two new minis. Striking composition elements in “Cliffs at La Jolla” because of how you contrast detailed areas and expanse of cliffs, and the surprise of the blue in the bird. I know Wes has nailed the morning dove because they love to sit on my fire escape as well!

    Yikes, I’m shocked that you have cherry blossoms already! I forget how far south you are. At last we have 64 degree weather today in Brooklyn, so maybe we’ll catch up. I do hope one day I can get myself down to visit your home. You have a true sanctuary there!

    1. Hi Mona,
      Yes, we’re very sad that we lost Pete so soon, as well as John. It’s certainly a great loss for the the world of miniatures.

      Glad you like the two new paintings. Thanks so very much for your generous compliments on them both. We both had fun doing them. Yes, we have cherry blossoms along with other blossoms already. I’m quite ready for them and for spring. That’s nice that your weather is warmer today, I hope you have some sunshine to go along with it. Hopefully your spring will be there before you know it. I too hope that you get to visit someday, as I think you would like it.
      Hugs 🙂

  5. Dear Rachelle,
    Glad you like my miniature of Kay. Although it’s easier, as you know, to paint a portrait of someone you know, I always wait in anticipation for their reaction because the likeness is such an elusive thing being so small. But I am pleased with this one. I think in some ways I’ve managed to capture her youthful spirit.
    Love from Bill

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