Flower Petals and Ms. Shrew

Ms. shrew enjoying a few of her pecan treats.  Notice how healthy she looks!
Ms. shrew enjoying a few of her pecan treats. Notice how healthy she looks!

  Spring is certainly in full swing now, as more flower blossoms daily join the living painting outside. The sea of pink created by the phlox is coming to life! Usually, it’s enough color to cast a warm pinkish glow on the living room which is a true delight to me, a lover of pink! Ms. Shrew and the new shrew, Skinny, continue to enjoy their pecan treats almost daily. I’m thinking that Skinny will have to get a new name soon, if it continues to enjoy the pecans so extravagantly!  I was so thrilled to get this lovely photo of Ms. Shrew a couple of days ago! Look closely and you can see her wee little eyes. . . Isn’t she totally adorable? You can tell when there’s trouble in paradise however, by the shrill, little, rapid chatting coming from inside their palace-like domain. They are quite entertaining indeed!  I’m hoping to do a miniature painting of her sometime soon.  I continue to keep my hopes up that there will be baby shrews in the near future!

The front yard, and even a part of the road, are covered in beautiful pink petals that have fallen from the Crabapple Tree, making it take on a wonderland appearance. The Redbuds in the back gardens are in full splendor now and the couple in the front gardens are well on their way. The Peonies continue their spring growth journey and are half a foot tall already. We were graciously given more Irises, Hostas, and other varieties of lilies from our dear friends Tricia and Daisy Wilhoit and Fred and Barb Weiser. They have all been planted in their new homes and have been watered naturally with the rain that we’ve received the past few days. It will be a beautiful display later this Spring.

The Crabapple Tree and blossom covered steps in our front yard.
The Crabapple Tree and blossom covered steps in our front yard.

           Chippy, our local resident Chipmunk, and a friend have been thoroughly enjoying the new barn feeder on our top deck and its contents of sunflower seeds. She gets a great workout running up and down the steps with empty cheeks coming up and maxed out cheeks, totally packed going down! It’s a hilarious sight we’re enjoying almost daily. She keeps this activity up until she is sure she has gotten the last seed. Chippy also enjoys her pecan treats when I feed the Shrews, in secret garden. As one can tell, all of our critters are well loved and fed in the Siegrist gardens.

Chippy enjoying her sunflower seeds in the barn, and her friend sitting by the Carolina Jasmin.
Chippy enjoying her sunflower seeds in the barn, and her friend sitting by the Carolina Jasmine.

           Wes and I continue to spend most of our time painting miniatures for several upcoming shows. We’ve had fun getting together with a few of our friends, two of them fellow artists, Catherine Girard and Fred Weiser, to enjoy watching art videos and of course have a little something yummy to eat. Last week part of the video took place at Giverny. It’s such a beautiful place and how exciting it is to see a glimpse into the lives of a few of the past masters such as Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, and others. Besides, I always find it extremely relaxing to watch someone else paint.

"Sopping Wet" by Rachelle, 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches.
"Sopping Wet" by Rachelle, 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches.
"Painted Lady on Asters" by Wes, measures 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.
"Painted Lady on Asters" by Wes, measures 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches.

           Above are our two latest paintings.  “Sopping Wet” was painted from a photo taken of our Carolina Wren enjoying a wonderful bath on the small amount of water that was puddled on the handrail of our top deck.  It was such fun to just watch this bathtime.  Wes’s painting of the Painted Lady was done from a photo that was taken from atop CLingman’s Dome in the Great Smoky Mountains last fall. 

 A Passion for Painting Award

I’m honored to recieve an award created by Kim Ratigan, and given to Wes and I by fellow artist friend, Mona Conner.    The receiving artist is asked to acknowledge the artist who passed on the award, name 7 loves, and pass it forward to 7 artists.

My 7 loves:  (obviously Wes, but you all already know that) so,

1) The natural world and all of its critter inhabitants   2)  God   3)  Walking into  the woods and feeling the lush green moss after a recent rain   4) The color pink, especially hot pink   5) Hiking to waterfalls  6)  Playing my piano  7 )  Working in my flower gardens with Wes by my side  🙂

It’s hard to pick just seven, but here are some friends, with blogs,  that I know have a real passion for their art.  Some of them have already received the award, but they are:  Carel Pieter Brest van Kempen, Tracy Hall, Bill Mundy, Kelly Singleton, Victoria Wilson-Schultz, Karryl and John Mullane.

Thanks again for the award, Kim and Mona!

Until next time   ~   Rachelle  🙂


8 thoughts on “Flower Petals and Ms. Shrew

  1. Hi Rachelle, what a beautiful scene in your garden (a backyard to us English people means a concrete covered space probably with no flowers!)The crabapple tree in blossom looks great against the other colours. And your little chipmunk is really cute. Wish we had them here. But we do have swans. Yesterday I watched our pen fashion her new nest. As time goes by I’ll probably make little videos to add to my blog when she starts laying her eggs. Hopefully right up to the time the cygnets hatch and ride on her back. Thanks for including me in your 7 artists. I must get round to making my list. Love from Bill

    1. Hi Bill,
      Thank you, we think it’s just lovely, especially the beautiful Crabapple. I do hope that someday you can come and enjoy our “non-concreted” backyard and our Chipmunks, as they are so much fun to watch! I love this time of the year because of the variety of colors displayed at the same time. How very fortunate you are to have swans to enjoy. I’ll be looking forward to the video of the cygnets riding on the mother’s back. I love swans, as I think they are a symbol of pure elegance and grace in motion. We have Chickadees that are nesting in a birdhouse in the front yard. You’re most welcome for the inclusion in the list of the 7 artists.
      Love and Hugs 🙂

  2. Rachelle,
    Ms. Shrew IS so adorable! That’s a great shot. Wish I had one to feed. Although, our resident hawk Mr. Sharp-Shinned would probably take a liking to a shrew…so maybe it’s best I don’t have one 🙂 I LOVE the new paintings. Great work!

  3. Kelly,
    Thank you! I think she is precious! It’s so cool that right before I read your comment, I discovered that we have a third shrew in the yard, while we were working on our new compost! Sometimes, we have a Mr. and Mrs. Coopers Hawk and an ocassional Mr. Sharp- Shinned Hawk, so I stay with Ms. Shrew and Skinny while I feed them. Glad you like the new paintings!
    Rachelle 🙂

  4. Your garden looks magnificent, Rachelle! What a glorious tree. The chipmunk and shrew are adorable, like Bill says wish we had them over here! The beach here is a buzz of activity though, with the seals and seabirds, and the swans hug the shoreline and paddle about in the seaweed. The kestrels and hen harriers here would probably make short work of Mrs Shrew too!

    Your new work is beautiful and thank you for including me in your list 🙂

  5. Hi Tracy,
    Thank you! we do enjoy our gardens, especially this time of year with all of the spring colors. It sounds as if you have lots of critters to enjoy on your beaches as well. It’s a good thing, however, that Ms. Shrew and Skinny live in their safe abode, as I wouldn’t want to lose them.
    You are most welcome for the inclusion in the
    list 🙂

  6. Rachelle, have meant to tell you how much I enjoyed your answers to the Passion award. That view of the pink crap apple in your yard would make a gorgeous miniature painting itself. It’s beautiful, as are the two posted minis. Cute little bird!

  7. Hi Mona,
    Glad you enjoyed my answers, and thank you again for giving me the award! Isn’t that Crab Apple magnificient! I have thought of doing a miniature painting of it. The liitle bird is my Carolina Wren that I call, “Peedeepeep”. He loves for me to feed him pecan crunchies!
    Rachelle 🙂

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