The Rains Have Come!

"My Spring Flowers" by Rachelle, measures 2 3/4 X 2 3/4 inches.
"My Spring Flowers" by Rachelle, measures 2 1/2 inches.

      Once again, much of our time this past week has been spent painting. The painting above “My Spring Flowers” was completed during this time being painted from a photo taken of a still life set up earlier this spring when my peonies and Irises were in full splendor. This miniature was fun to paint, with capturing the look of the marble surface, adding an interesting challenge to the painting. I think that perhaps carefully placing the highlights on the vase’s sculptured grapes, bringing them a three dimensional appearance, was a treat in the painting process.

"Sun Lit Mulie" by Wes measures 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches.
"Sunlit Mulie" by Wes measures 2 1/2 X 3 1/2 inches.

        Wes’ miniature painting titled, “Sunlit Mulie” was done from a photo taken during a visit to Colorado a couple of years ago. It was early evening and the lighting was absolutely perfect!

Our precious little "Rubby" enjoying the rain.
Our precious little "Rubby" enjoying the rain.

        Well, it’s said that “What goes around, comes around”. We enjoyed two weeks of absolutely gorgeous weather in July that was cool, sunny and very low humidity. Then it started to get really dry, enough so to cause the garden to crack as if there had been an earthquake. This caused Wes to have to harvest much of our onions very early since they were perfectly in the crack and had been baking in the sun that day until we later found them in such a state. So we did what most people would do at that point, we started to hope and pray for rain. Well, about five days ago it started raining and rained for a little over three days. On the morning of the third day after receiving about three inches just that morning, Wes went to the basement to fix his shoe. Thankfully he decided to do so and found the basement flooded in two areas, and caught it just in the nick of time, as it had seeped under the wall and was about to get into our art portfolios and my hammer dulcimer case . . . . .yikes!

Wes' fix, in progress, for the footer drain.
Wes' fix, in progress, for the footer drain.

       After sponging, mopping and wet vacuuming up all of the water, we let the fans and two dehumidifiers take care of the rest, which they did quickly. We discovered that the water had actually seeped up through the floor causing the paint to all bubble and peel up. . . . a repair for another day now that it’s all been scraped up. Looking for a possible cause, Wes found that the footer drain had been clogged, after digging it up. It was unclogged and Wes then had to dig a long ditch through heavily compacted small gravel taking several hours. A PVC pie was attached and now serves as a drain which emptys down in the driveway. So hopefully that will be the last time for such an event. I’ve concluded that sometimes East Tennessee is the land of extremes when it comes to weather, but alas it keeps life interesting.

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


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