New Paintings and Neighbors

"Sun Kissed Doves" by Wes measures 2 X 3 inches.
"Sun Kissed Doves" by Wes measures 2 X 3 inches.

       Wes’ miniature painting “Sun Kissed Doves” was painted from a photo taken from our front deck. We were blessed to watch these little Doves from the time they were just two precious eggs until they grew up and got their “big bird” feathers, and left the safety of the yard. Their mother constructed a precious nest right beside our nature path that we walk daily, where she patiently raised these two dear ones. After fledgling the nest, they remained in our yard for quite some time. One of their favorite spots was this peaceful sunlit place on the warm stones underneath our bedroom window. Such a treat it was to be able to watch these two babies grow and change, as they spent most of their time in this particular spot. This miniature painting of Wes’ captures the amazing peace and serenity of the scene. I’m quite sure that it is their mother “Dovecakes” that occasionally returns for shelled sunflower handouts from me.

"Leading the Charge at the US Capitol" by Rachelle, measures 2 X 3 inches.
"Leading the Charge at the US Capitol" by Rachelle, measures 2 X 3 inches.

        My miniature painting titled “Leading the Charge at the US Capitol” was done from a photo taken during our visit to Washington DC this past December. We had such a lovely time and took many great reference photos of our nation’s stately buildings and monuments for future miniature paintings. I really enjoyed painting this miniature and am quite happy to have completed my first bronze . . . well at least in painting form anyway  🙂

        We have been spending most of our time painting, trying to get caught up for upcoming shows and for our solo exhibit at the R. W. Norton Art Gallery, that will début this next spring. We’ve still been able to enjoy a walk or bike ride almost daily. We’re also quite happy that our dear artist friends, Gregg and Judy Murray have moved to Townsend, so we have enjoyed getting together, a couple of times, with them already. Another interesting bit of news to share is that sadly our very old, but faithful, dishwasher finally gave up the ghost this past week. I truly can’t imagine why. After all it only had had the springs in the door removed and replaced, and those no longer worked resulting in my having to hold tightly to the door to open and close it. It also leaked at least one out of every ten times it ran, but it was nothing that a big absorbent towel couldn’t fix. Moreover, it was also rusting and would shed pieces of itself after each wash cycle. So, I guess it was about time for it to take a permanent rest. It was a bit untimely in its time of death as it was in the middle of the wash cycle filled with dishes from the neighborhood card party that evening . . . . yikes!  However, we made pretty short work of the dishes the next morning, although I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new dishwasher in another week.

Until next time    ~    Rachelle    🙂

7 thoughts on “New Paintings and Neighbors

  1. Rachelle that statue is simply stunning! You can actually feel the bronze. Wes’ baby doves are adorable. So sorry about your dishwasher woes…mine hasn’t broken down yet but it does have an annoying habit of going away to university for a sizable chunk of the year – most annoying.

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Thanks so very much! I’m glad it gives such an appearance of being real bronze. I’ll pass the compliment on to Wes as well. Yes, I miss not having a dishwasher at present, and will be quite glad when our new one arrives. They are such a great help! I’m sure you miss yours when it’s gone!
      Rachelle 🙂

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