A Mini Vacation

One of our lovely resident Praming Mantis waiting to catch lunch.
One of our lovely resident Praying Mantis waiting to catch lunch.

        I treasure my encounters with critters, great and small, during my walks through our garden paths. It was a delight to come across this lovely Praying Mantis patiently waiting to catch its next meal in one of my beautiful perennials. Their almost alien-like appearance is truly amazing, and I’m always captivated by the way they turn their heads in somewhat of a mechanical movement, to watch me. Making eye contact with one of these delightful insects is always a treat! To be quite small in size, Praying Mantis seem to have such a grand presence making them all the more intriguing.

Walking by the beautiful Lake Glenville.
Walking by the beautiful Lake Glenville.

        We enjoyed a couple of days break this past week from our continual painting of miniatures. It was a lovely drive over the mountains, through the Great Smoky Mountain National Park with friends Fred and Barb as we headed to Brevard, North Carolina. Our first stop was to enjoy a delicious lunch at Cornucopia in Cashiers, North Carolina with friends Tommy and Peggy. This is always a fun time as the magic mushroom sandwiches are delicious and the conversation and laughter is plenty. We arrived later at Fred’s brother Don’s home. Much of the next day was spent relaxing on Don’s back porch while feeding the occasional visiting white Squirrel and watching the fluttering and enjoyment of the available seeds by the many visiting birds. We were treated to a wonderful meal at Jordan Street Restaurant one evening, consisting of delicious hard crusted bread, our entrées, and topped off with sharing a most decadent chocolate mousse dessert, all was quite yummy!

Enjoying feeding the ducks at Lake Glenville.
Enjoying feeding the ducks at Lake Glenville.

        On the return trip home, we went to Tommy and Peggy’s place on beautiful lake Glenville in Cashiers, North Carolina, for lunch and to visit awhile. We had a lovely time, with me spending most of my time there down by the lake watching the ducks and occasional Kingfisher flying by while making its chattering call. It’s a most serene setting, sitting on a rock while viewing the surrounding and secluded finger of the lake and watching the ducks as they sit preening along the lake shore. The highlight of a visit to their place is getting to feed the ducks and the few lucky Bluegills that manage to get a small piece of the leftover bread! If I lived there, the ducks would be fat and I would be poor, but alas all would be happy.

Don's book, "The White Squirrels of North Carolina".
Don's book, "The White Squirrels of North Carolina".

       We returned home in time to enjoy a wonderful concert in Townsend by Steve Kaufman who is truly an amazing guitar player! He totally mesmerized the crowd many times during the concert with his incredible ability to play any and everything, and perfectly I might add! Above is a photo of a wonderful book published by our friend Don Weiser. It is a beautiful photo journey of his encounters with his precious White Squirrels, with one in particular affectionately called “Mamma Whitey”. You can see from the above photos why we enjoy watching and feeding these beautiful Squirrels while we’re visiting Don. For more info about Don’s White Squirrel gift items go to www.whitesquirrelart.com.

until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


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