It’s Raining

"Rhapsody in Blue" by Rachelle, measures 3 X 2 inches.
"Rhapsody in Blue" by Rachelle, measures 3 X 2 inches.

        My latest miniature painting, “Rhapsody in Blue”, was painted from a photo of a still life that I set up earlier this summer. It features my “entire” collection of colbalt blue bottles and the beautiful vase given me by my Mother. The natural sunlight worked in my favor casting the perfect amount of light from the living room window. I enjoyed playing this up a bit, hence the warm glow.

"Tennessee Stream" by Wes, measures 3 1/2 X 2 1/2 inches.
"Tennessee Stream" by Wes, measures 3 1/2 X 2 1/2 inches.

        Wes’ miniature painting, “Tennessee Stream”, was painted from a photo taken on one of our hikes that starts at a trailhead not far from our home here in Townsend.

My beloved Dovecakes feeling pleasantly plump after a meal of sunflower seeds.
My beloved Dovecakes feeling pleasantly plump after a meal of sunflower seeds.

        My sweet and beautiful Dovecakes continues to visit our back deck several times each day to enjoy her handout of sunflower seeds. A couple of days ago while she sat by me eating and enjoying her treats, one of our resident baby Cardinals decided to get in on the action by walking over and snatching a few seeds. Dovecakes was not at all happy with this condition of sharing and began eating at a high rate of speed to try and prevent this precious little cardinal from eating “her” seeds. It was actually quite amusing watching them, with Dovecakes keeping an eye on him, while she continued consuming her loot,  with the baby snatching another seed here and there. Needless to say I personally was thrilled with being able to enjoy my baby Cardinal at such close proximity.

Bandit resting in his new favorite spot.
Bandit resting in his new favorite spot.

        Bandit the Raccoon, has been enjoying sleeping between the roof of our porch and the house. He now seems to have a favorite place that he can usually be found in during the day. He casts us a casual glance that seems to say “yes, do you need something?” when we step out on the porch and have a look up at him. He probably enjoys being out of what seems like endless rain these days. It’s staying so wet in Townsend that moss is actually growing on the cows! We’ve still been trying to take our daily walks, usually with umbrellas. Obviously, it’s going to be a very wet fall!

Vicious, the Black Snake in one of our Cedar Trees.
Vicious, the Black Snake in one of our Cedar Trees.

        Wes looked out our dining room window one day this past week and exclaimed “What is that?”.  Upon closer inspection with binoculars, we discovered it was indeed Vicious our resident Black Snake and not a bird or feathers high up in our Cedar Tree. It was quite an interesting location for him which he continued to enjoy for quite some time.
Well, at least as the rain continues to fall outside, we continue to get a lot more painting done on our current miniatures.

         This week our paintings can be seen in person at the following shows:
– Blossom Art of Flowers at the Canton Museum of Art, Canton, OH
– Small Works Show at the Bennington Center for the Arts, Bennington, VT
– The 49th Annual Art and the Animal Exhibition at the Rolling Hills Wildlife Museum, Salina, KS
– It’s a Small World Show at Elderstreet Gallery, Houston, TX
– Western Visions Miniatures & More Show at the National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson, WY

Please visit our website for the full schedule and more information on these exhibits:

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


10 thoughts on “It’s Raining

  1. Beautiful paintings by you and Wes!

    We used to live in Townsend, MA and I swear we hiked that very same stream. It is so peaceful.

    I hope that snake doesn’t sneak up on your raccoon someday!

  2. Rachelle, I’ve passed a blogging award on to you. I find these to be a fun way to get to know other blogging artists. It’s in the sidebar of my blog. Drop by and pick it up when you get the chance!

  3. Love your little Dovecake. I have all sorts of river birds flying (and swimming) around me. That miniature called Tenessee Stream, Wes , is fantastic. So much depth.
    I must get round to writing another blog – I’ve been so busy painting up to 10 hours a day but have just finished my big ‘Station Master’ painting.

  4. Hi Bill,
    Yes, I love my little Dovecakes too. I just came in from feeding her again! We use to really enjoy all of the water birds everywhere when we lived in FL. Wes says to thank you on his behalf. Oh, I do wish you would’ve never mentioned about painting 10 hours a day, for now Wes will try to get even more out of me….ha! Congrats on finishing your big painting!
    Hugs 🙂

    1. Hi Cindy,
      Thank you! I have a lot of fun taking all of the different photos. Yes, with the details in our miniatures, the better and more detailed the photo, the nicer it is to work from.

      Rachelle 🙂

  5. Jim Smith

    Bandid buddy!! We have lost our Bandits in our area. We used to have a bunch of them but for some reason they have left our area. What a beautiful area you have!!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jim,
      The Bandits haven’t been back this past week. I dont’ know where they go, I just enjoy when they do decide to pay us a visit. I’m sorry to hear that your’s have left. I’m so glad that you enjoy seeing what it looks like where we live, as it makes it more fun to share!
      Rachelle 🙂

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