To Thomasville and Back

"Gobbler in Flight" by Rachelle, measures 3¾ x 3¾ inches.

         My miniature painting shown above titled “Gobbler in Flight”, sold at its début in Easton, during the Waterfowl Festival. It was a fun painting to do and I’m quite thankful that it went to live in a wonderful home with our dear collector friends.

"Lakeside Hangout" by Wes, measures 2¾ x 4¾ inches.

         Wes’ miniature painting titled, “Lakeside Hangout” was painted from a photo that we took during a visit our with dear friends, Tommy and Peggy, that live in Cashiers, N.C. I had just fed these Mallard ducks a nice amount of bread which they all quickly and quite cheerfully consumed, and afterwards, had all lined up on this log and were contentedly preening while their recent edible treats were digesting. Feeding the ducks and small fish are always a favorite highlight of visiting Cashiers!

Me and a Capuchin named Wilson.

        We had a lovely time in Thomasville at The Plantation Wildlife Art Festival this past week. One of the coolest things during the artist party that they graciously give us each year, was my getting to hold an adorable little Capuchin Monkey named Wilson and feed him mandarin oranges! Notice how our friend Ray in the background of the photo obviously thinks Wilson’s diaper needs changing . . . HA! Those of you that know me, know that if there is a critter around and a possibility of me holding, petting or feeding it, that I will be there doing it joyfully! Such was the case with Wilson. I also enjoyed petting and occasionally feeding many other precious critters and birds throughout the weekend. I’ll be sharing more about our weekend at Thomasville and our wonderful visit with my family in my next post.

         Until next time   ~   Rachelle     🙂


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