One of my sweet Tufted Titmice peering into the dining room window, to see if I'm bringing more peanut crunchies.

        The weather this month is certainly starting off a lot different from last month’s! Wow . . . . has it been cold, with temperatures down in the low teens a couple of nights. It was nice and warm inside of our house though, with Wes keeping a wonderful fire in our beloved old wood stove, affectionately called “Ashley”. And boy, does it ever keep the house warm, spoiling us with temps in the upper 70’s, while it’s in the 20’s outside. I sure love Ashley! It’s supposed to be a bit milder this week for a couple of days and then more snowfall is on its way!

Tom Turkeys enjoying the peaceful setting in Cades Cove.

        Our feathered friends are certainly enjoying their feeders and the numerous peanut crunchie handouts, with my precious Peedeepeeps (Carolina Wren), now eating them out of my hand . . . .yippee! Our very, very fat squirrels are also enjoying the remnant seeds dropped from the feeders and the peanut crunchies. We have four squirrels that visit regularly, Chubby (quite appropriately named), Stubby, Bubba and Poser. Poser is the cutest by far as he really lives up to his name. He knows I am the peanut lady, so when he sees me in the dining room, he prances up and sits on the rocks directly outside the window and begins this series of poses he has. If one doesn’t seem to work, well then he tries another, usually with each successive pose becoming cuter than the last, while maintaining direct eye contact with me! He quickly melts my heart and you guessed it . . . here comes more peanut crunchies! This entire scene is too funny! Squirrels are so smart!

No room for swaying in this scenic spot along the Lumber Ridge Trail in the Smokies.

        This week on the easel:  I’m painting  a miniature piece of a Amur Leopard. This is the rarest of all Leopards. I photographed it at the Rolling Hills Wildlife Museum and Zoo, during our visit for the SAA show this past September. It has been quite fun to paint and I’m enjoying giving it my glowing, ethereal look. I hope to finish the miniature  this next week. Wes is currently painting a miniature of a beautiful resting quail, nestled in the pine straw, surrounded by the lovely Southern Georgia fauna. He photographed this pretty setting at Birdsong Nature Center in Thomasville, GA. As soon as we complete these two miniatures, there are numerous photos and experiences awaiting to be started next.

Until next time ~ Rachelle   🙂


6 thoughts on “Brrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. Tracey Cochrane

    Hi Shelly,
    Even though it’s been a long time since we visited, we think of you guys often. We are still in West Virginia. Hopefully we can come your way again soon. Hope you guys have a great Holiday season. Give my best to Larry and Sally.

    Tracey and Billy Cochrane

    1. Hi Tracey,
      So great to hear from you! Oh, I do hope you will get to visit soon as that would be a lot of fun! I also wish you all have wonderful Christmas and I’ll say hi to Mom and Dad for you 🙂

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