Where Am I . . . Alaska?

My two legged Bison enjoying the Siegrist hot springs.

Woooooeeeee, it’s cold outside! Okay, okay, those of you in all the colder locations can laugh, but to a south Florida girl it’s been relentlessly cold for the past two weeks! I’m seriously beginning to think that when the temperature rises above 32 degrees, we’ll all be out in our shorts soaking in the warm sun. It will feel like a heat wave for sure! It’s been beautiful though with the recent snowfall that is still hanging around. I walk at least two miles a day, just making trips back and forth to my bird bath and peanut crunchie feeding locations. It’s been a full time, but very enjoyable, job keeping my feathered friends full and happy, and hopefully a bit warmer. As soon as they see me bring out the very warm, steaming water and replace the freezing water in their bird bath with it, here they come from everywhere! They look like a herd of little two-legged Bison around a hot spring in Yellowstone, surrounding their personal, tiny hot spring with the steam rising! It’s a precious sight. Sometimes after drinking they just sit there while enjoying the warm, moist air rising from it.

Our beautiful, but lost Pine Warbler that is spending the winter with us.
Our beautiful, but lost, Pine Warbler that is spending the winter with us.

It has been such a delight watching the varied species of birds that come throughout the day to visit the warm bath and eat a good share of peanut crunchies. One of the prettiest visitors that should be down south now, is a beautiful male Pine Warbler that I’ve named PW. He is a real treat and beauty to watch, and comes and “checks” to me from a nearby branch while I replenish their edible goodies. Peedeepeeps continues to delight me by eating out of my hand and Dovecakes came just today to get her personal sunflower seeds.

A beautiful emerald pool in nearby Tremont in the Smokies.

This past Friday, we went with friends Gregg and Judy Murray to Subway for lunch then headed into the Tremont area of the Smoky Mountain National Park. The drive was magical as we entered a winter wonderland where the river was surrounded by the freshly fallen snow. When the sun would peek through the clouds, it brought the world alive with the glistening effect of what appeared to be thousands of diamonds scattered around. The occasional deep pools in the river appear to be a beautiful emerald green or turquoise during these winter months, thus giving a stunning view when blanketed by the white of the snow.

A snow embanked curve in the river in Tremont.

A section of the beautiful frozen falls with a rock protruding
A section of the beautiful frozen falls with a rock protruding.

Every curve in the road that follows alongside the river afforded another spectacular view. A few frozen water falls dazzled us with the beauty of their icy abstract appearances. They drew you into their amazing world once you took time to stop and gaze at them for a minute. I would’ve taken more photos personally, but my hands didn’t enjoy the 17 degree weather very much!

Another gorgeous frozen falls in Tremont.

Saturday afternoon, Wes, and I especially, immensely enjoyed getting to sled on a couple of pretty good hills that are a walks distance from our house. After removing a few sticks that littered the best sledding route we really flew! Wes took a couple of videos which we put on You-Tube to give you a good laugh! So go ahead . . . watch and enjoy, and remember that I’m still a novice sledder 🙂


A few more snowflakes fell today, but not enough to really add to what remained, but there’s a chance for more flurries Tuesday as well. At least I know one thing for sure, that this year that I won’t be missing out on the snow while we’re in Florida, since we’ve had so much already. We leave for Florida this coming Thursday to attend the Miniature Art Society of Florida’s Annual Exhibition. It will be held at the lovely Leepa Rattner Art Museum in Tarpon Springs, FL, Jan. 17 – Feb. 7, 2010. This is always a fun and exciting weekend for Wes and I and the many of other fortunate miniature artists that will be able to attend the opening weekend festivities.

"The Maternal Bond" by Wes, measures 2½ x 3½ inches.

Fresh off the easels: Wes finished his miniature painting titled “The Maternal Bond” that features a precious baby Sea Lion and its mother. I’m still painting on my miniature piece of the Quail and have started two more, one of which is a Lion and the other a pelican preening. I hope to finish the Quail miniature and get going really good on one of the other before leaving for Florida.

Until next time    ~    Rachelle   🙂


4 thoughts on “Where Am I . . . Alaska?

  1. Thanks for sharing your lovelyl bird and snow photos, Rachelle. You have such a magical place!

    Another beautiful work, Wes!

    Have a safe and fun trip to FL. and MASF. Wish I could be there too, but will be in spirit! Someday I’ll be able to go I know! Looking forward to hearing all of your reports.

    1. Hi Barbara,
      You’re most welcome! We sure think we do.

      I’ll share your compliment with Wes.

      Thanks . . . we’re sure planning on enjoying it. I wish you could go as well, as I’m sure you would have a great time . . . perhaps someday! We’ll take lots of photos and videos to share with everyone.

      Rachelle 🙂

  2. The seal painting is great! I wouldn’t think of painting that composition, because I would think the middle seal would be a distraction. But somehow, Wes pulled it off, and it works…I’m sitting here marveling at it.

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