More Snow and SEWE

The beautiful frosty trees on the mountain in front of our house.

We left for Charleston, SC this past Wednesday to participate in the Southeastern Wildlife Exhibition, which was held Thursday through Sunday. When we left early Wednesday morning, there was roughly an inch of snow on the ground and it was coming down  pretty good. We ended up driving about 3 hours in the falling snow. Following a sand truck part of the way around a winding two lane road added a little extra excitement to the mix. Even though I felt badly for poor Wes having to drive in these conditions, I couldn’t help but periodically state “Oh that’s beautiful you should see this or that”, as I caught glimpses of the old barns and pastures surrounded by and covered in snow. It made for quite a picturesque drive that morning. We arrived safely in Charleston later Wednesday afternoon in time to still be able to set up.

Wes and I in front of our miniatures at SEWE.

After performing a few finishing touches to our display of miniatures Thursday morning, we walked down to Hymans to enjoy a delicious lunch before the show started. Friday evening, while enjoying a wonderful meal with friends at the Mustard Seed, it started snowing. It snowed approximately three inches which is quite unusual for the Charleston area! It was beautiful during the drive back to the hotel as the flakes coming down were nice and fluffy. In no time at all everything was covered in white, even the palm trees, which didn’t appear to be too happy with this most unfortunate situation. By the next morning most of the snow had melted and the winter wonderland became a thing of the past. The show went on as usual Saturday, but with attendance slightly down, probably due to the unusual weather. That evening we were treated to a delicious dinner at the Magnolia, by some of our wonderful collector friends. The evening was filled with tales of our sweet birdies and fat squirrels as well as many other things, and as usual there was much laughter. We ended the show Sunday with a gathering with several other artists at a local restaurant T-Bonz. It was a nice and relaxing way to end the long weekend. The drive home yesterday was thankfully uneventful and pleasant affording some lovely views of the snow covered mountains in many places. Driving through Hot Springs, NC on the trip home, I was reminded of my dream of hiking the AT (Appalachian Trail) for at least a week or two sometime with Wes, and what a wonderful adventure it would be!

"Peek-a-boo Pica" by Wes, measures 3¾ x 1¾ inches.

Wes’ miniature “Peek-a-boo Pica” was done from a photo taken during a visit to Colorado last September. While enjoying a wonderful day trip into the Rocky Mountain National Park with dear friends, we had a ball watching the many precious critters, especially the little Picas running here and there, gathering grasses to store and dry for the upcoming winter season. This was the highlight of my trip out there!

"Sunlit Quail" by Rachelle, measures 2¾ x 2¾ inches.

My miniature painting “Sunlit Quail” was done as a commission this past month, and features a background painted from a photo taken at the beautiful Birdsong Nature Center in Thomasville, GA.
Currently on the easels; Wes and I both are working on paintings to be juried for special upcoming shows. We leave for the NatureWorks show in Tulsa a week from tomorrow, so we should be able to get some good painting time in between now and then.

Please visit our website for information on current exhibits of our miniatures:

Until next time ~ Rachelle    🙂

2 thoughts on “More Snow and SEWE

  1. Wow. you two have been busy! Wonderful new work as usual. Wes’s pica is darling! Funny, I’ve just titled a new miniature with “Peek a Boo! (Two Chickens though) I like the way you’ve really pushed the background back with the soft focus, Rachelle! It really makes the quail pop. Looks like angel wings! Stay safe in your travels!

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Yes we have been quite busy. Thank you and I too think Wes’ Pica is precious! How funny that you said the quail looks like an angel with wings as that’s the exact wording I used describing it to an artist friend recently. Thank you much for the safe travel wishes!
      Rachelle 🙂

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