The First Signs of Spring

The first of many Crocuses to bloom.

The first signs of the coming spring have debuted. Two of our beautiful Crocuses have bloomed, and a welcome sight they are indeed! Many of our precious birds are also beginning to fill the air with their wonderful spring songs, and Chippy has come out of hibernation a couple of times to grab a few edible treats!  There are still bits of snow remaining in a few shady places, but by tomorrow it will probably be gone. However, there will probably be one or two more snowfalls before it’s all said and done. That’s all right too since the snow is beautiful, and we might get another chance to get in some extreme sledding!

Another beautiful Crocus bloom.

The birdies are continuing to enjoy their daily peanut treats and on the really cold mornings, warm bath water . I put out a few whole roasted peanuts today for the squirrels and one of my little Titmice has decided that you get more for your money with the entire peanut. He works and works until he gets it secured in his beak before flying off with it. This is quite an entertaining site as the peanut is almost as big as he is! Occasionally he’ll sit in the feed barn on the back deck and crack it open revealing his hidden treats inside, and then fly off with just his prized peanut.

My precious Titmouse with his peanut treat.

After catching up on some work after returning from Charleston, most of the past week has been filled with many hours of painting. With the weather being on the nicer side, we’ve been enjoying daily walks while soaking up some much missed and needed sunshine! Wes and I also enjoyed a date this past Thursday evening, consisting of dinner and a movie at the theater. This was a treat since we’ve not been to the theater in a few years.  Then Friday, we enjoyed getting together with several artist friends while enjoying dinner at Pizza Hut and then coming to our house for a bit afterward.

"Standing Room Only" by Wes, measures 2¾ x 6 inches.

Wes finished his miniature painting “Standing Room Only” this past week. The reference photo for this painting was taken at the sponge docks in Tarpon Springs, FL during our visit this past January for the MASF show. There was an amazing amount of Pigeons all competing for a place on this wire, obviously the most popular hangout in town.

On our easels: I’m currently painting a miniature of Whitey, one of the pet chickens that live at my parent’s house in Florida. I shared a photo of her several posts ago and a short story of how she likes for me to help her search for tasty, delectable, little bugs to eat, with her favorite being roaches! It’s always more fun to paint a friend! Wes is currently painting a portrait of  a Maribou Stork that was photographed at one of our many visits to a zoo. I’ll share the finished paintings next week. We hope to see many of you in  Tulsa, OK at the NatureWorks Art Show.
We pretty much have all the major work done now getting ready for our solo museum exhibitions this summer.  There are currently three of them scheduled and we have space in the tour for one or two more venues. If you have any suggestions please get in touch with us.

I wish everyone signs of spring!

Until next time ~ Rachelle    🙂


4 thoughts on “The First Signs of Spring

  1. mary jansen

    It must be difficult at times to leave your wonderland home to go to shows and exhibitions. I can’t believe you have spring already. When I’m out I scan the grounds for signs of life but…we’re still buried in snow…sigh. Your’s and Wes’ work continue to astound and inspire me! I especially love your sunlit partridge and Wes’ crowded pigeon lines. Wonderful!

    1. Hi Mary,
      Yes, it is sad to leave at times, but we also really enjoy ourselves at our shows. I think our first signs of spring were a tease as we received a couple of inches of snow again this morning. Fortunately we’re not buried in it though! I hope spring comes very soon for you! Thank you for the compliments and I’m so glad that our paintings are an inspiration to you 🙂

  2. Wes’s pigeons are such a fun painting! I love the modern feel, and of course, all the intricate details.

    I’m jealous of your crocus (crocii?) too! Cliff and I are thinking VA is really too far north after this winter! Again today, while it was in the 40’s, the winds from this last noreaster pack such a wicked punch. We are still feeling winter here, and spring seems such a long way off. The jet stream needs to move north, and el nino needs to find a nina and leave us alone!

    1. Hi Deb,
      Thanks, I’ll pass on the compliments to Wes. Well, our precious Crocus got buried in snow this morning. It was only in the 30’s here today, making me think that perhaps the glimpse of spring was a cruel joke. I agree completely with you about the much needed weather changes! I wish spring quickly for both of us 🙂

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