Back From the NatureWorks Show

Wes and I in front of our miniatures at the 2010 NatureWorks Show.

Home again . . . home again . . . yes, we’ve returned home once again from our trip to Tulsa for the NatureWorks Art Show and Sale. We were welcomed home with more snow falling this morning turning our world white and bringing in the birds by the dozens! Unfortunately, while we were away, our beautiful, prized Cherry Tree in the front yard was attacked by the tree trimmers hired by the Sevier County Electric Company! Our beautiful tree was not the only one severely damaged, so were numerous others belonging to many neighbor friends, giving a scattered appearance of bombs having been dropped throughout the neighborhood! Needless to say many of us are not very happy with what has happened. Okay . . . back to a positive note . . . we had a nice, safe trip to Tulsa and back enjoying decent weather most of the time.

Hungry artists enjoying a wonderful lunch at NatureWorks.

We arrived in Tulsa Thursday afternoon after leaving early Wednesday morning. Thursday evening we enjoyed a wonderful time at the Gilcrease Art Museum enjoying the Charles Russell retrospective exhibit along with the many Thomas Moran pieces and so many others that are some of our favorites. After enjoying a lovely meal along with all of the other artists, we returned to have one more exciting walk through the museum taking in all of the wonderful paintings on display. Friday began with set up, with us taking a break for a delicious buffet luncheon for the artists. The highlight of the meal for many of us was the yummy chocolate cheesecake! . . . yum yum!  We had a nice,  profitable show despite a glitch with the power causing us to be without lights for most of the opening that evening. It’s a true testament to the wonderful type of show it is and the people attending, as they were still looking at our miniatures with small lights on the magnifying glasses the entire evening! Thank goodness the glitch was fixed during the night and we had our lights for the remainder of the show.

"Scissortail at Sundown" by Wes, measures 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches

Wes painting “Scissortail at Sundown” was one of the paintings that was featured and sold, along with several others, at the show. Saturday evening we enjoyed a nice quiet dinner with a dear collector friend at a Mexican restaurant. Sunday evening rolled around and it was time for us to take down and start the journey home, returning later Monday evening. Our many bird and Squirrel friends are quite happy that we’re once again home and serving up lots of yummy treats! Chester Squirrel is thoroughly enjoying his peanut butter treats as is the Tufted Titmouse enjoying his whole roasted peanuts!! It’s such a wonderful feeling to make so many feathered and furry critters happy!

Chester Squirrel enjoying his peanut butter treat!

On our easels: I’m still working on my miniature of Whitey the Chicken. Wes finished his painting of the Maribu Stork and hasn’t started another yet, as he’s been very busy trying to get caught up on all of the office work we now have to do.

Wishing everyone signs of spring!!

Until next time ~ Rachelle   🙂


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