Music and Art

My keyboard adorned with one of my lovely Camelia blooms.

I fell in love with a piece of music while playing it on my keyboard one evening this past week. The piece was titled “Melodie” also known as the popular song “The Things I Love” by Tchaikovsky. It was simply beautiful and I could feel the stress and concerns from that day quickly melt and fade away leaving me in a complete state of relaxation as I played. Completely absorbed by the melodic tune pouring from my finger tips, I imagined that I was no longer sitting alone in my basement but alas was transported back in time and was once again sitting at my Granny’s beautiful piano in her formal living room.

I look up and above the piano hangs a lovely, softly focused, large painting framed in a thick, elegant gold frame. The painting features two Southern belles, perhaps sisters, dressed in their best formal wear of the day. One is sitting at the piano playing while the other is descending a magnificent beautifully curved staircase. Encasing the painting on either side is a pair of golden candelabras each holding two swirled, golden candles. To the left of the piano sets an antique floor lamp underneath which is a magazine rack filled with sheet music, so much so that it is spilling all over the floor into several unorganized stacks. Hiding the small mound of sheet music is a high back winged chair covered in a soft, pastel colored textured cloth. Down slightly to the left of the chair sits a small round marble topped table on which a statue of “The Kiss” elegantly sits.

Behind the table is the beginning of a wonderfully large window filled with a great thickness of off white sheers, framed by yet even more sheer, Tiffany styled curtains through which an abundance of soft, warm sunlight floods and fills the room. In the middle of the window stands a beautiful, darkish wooden table adorned by an antique milk glass lamp as well as a few other precious collectibles. At the end of the window sits a lovely and inviting small wooden rocker  with light, green velvet covered cushions. Just before you reach the arched opening at the end of the room, over yet another chair, there hangs a painting quite reminiscent of an old Currier and Ives piece that takes one’s imagination back to a simpler time through the quaint farm house setting.

To the left of the opening, past an extremely filled secretary, a light green, brocade covered couch and a couple of end tables on which sits many framed photos of the family through the years, you come to a high back, antique, Queen Ann styled chair sitting just to the right of the piano, in which sits my precious Granny. She hums softly to the romantically, soft, melodious tune coming from the ivories, with eyes closed and her head swaying slowly back and forth, with me contentedly playing knowing that I’m bringing her such enjoyment. Suddenly I am transported back to the present, once again sitting alone in our basement. . . . Oh what a wonderful blessing beautiful memories and music are in life.

"Sand Trap" measuring 2¾ x 2¾ inches and "Six-spotted Tiger Beetle" measuring 2½ x 4½ inches, both by Wes.

Wes finished his paintings “Sand Trap” and “Six-spotted Tiger Beetle” this past week. He is considering them for possible submission to one of our upcoming shows.
Currently on our easels: I’m continuing to work on my miniature of three House Sparrows nestled on the edge of nicely angled roof line of a lovely old house adorned with golden colored dormers. Wes is putting his finishing touches on his miniature painting of a Solitary Sandpiper that he photographed and watched at the Kansas zoo this past fall.

"Basking Amur Leopard" by Rachelle and "Romeo of the Barnyard" by Wes are both part of Gallery One's MasterWorks in Miniature Show.

There is just one week remaining in which to submit an offer to purchase our two paintings from the Masterworks in Miniature Show held at Gallery One in Mentor Ohio. The show runs from March 5 -20, 2010. Our works can be viewed from this link as well as the rest of the show.
To view Rachelle’s visit:
To view Wes’ visit:

A view from our house showing thick, dense clouds hanging over Townsend.

Our friend informed us the other day that we’ve only enjoyed 10 days of sunshine since the first of the year. Amazing as it is, I simply try and not think about it. My sun-loving Florida blood doesn’t thrive too well in such gray, sunless conditions. I jokingly said to Wes just today, on yet another sunless day, that I’m going to have to start giving vitamin D supplements to our house plants! HA! The sun will shine again someday and oh how thankful we’ll be . . . me, my critters, feathered, furry and all!! Here’s hoping that you are enjoying some sunshine filled days!

Wishing everyone signs of spring!!

Until next time ~ Rachelle   🙂


4 thoughts on “Music and Art

  1. wilhoit

    Dearest Sunshine! Your leopard is in a glow of your Love, just as I am aglow sitting in the rocker beside Granny listening to your precious music.

    God is there too, the very presence of God is looking out at the world through your fingers and memories.

    I love you……we will come by and pick up the oils for a new beginning for tricia that goes with the NEW sunshine days!

    1. Dearest Tricia,
      I’m so glad you like the Leopard and also the reminiscing of Granny and music! Let us know when you’ll be by and it will be exciting what you create with the oils. Aren’t these beautiful days filled with sunshine the best!!
      Love 🙂

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