The Daffodil Days of Spring

It’s happened, the first of the Daffodils have bloomed gracing the world with their happy, yellow faces, bringing forth the news that spring is indeed on its way! This past week, we have enjoyed two days of beautiful, sunny, blue skies, and what a difference it makes in the way one feels, especially this “one” . . .  me!

A beautiful bunch of Daffodils.

Saturday we enjoyed a walk to the post office to ship paintings to the Hilliard Society Miniature Exhibition in England and the Seaside Gallery Miniature Art Show in Nags Head, NC. Upon leaving the post office, we continued our walk to Subway to enjoy a nice lunch before heading back up the hill to spend the afternoon in the warm sun while working in our gardens. The sun felt so incredibly warm and wonderful on my vitamin D deprived skin. Of course I had to take a break later in the afternoon to feed the Shrews, Vole and my many feathered friends, which they certainly appreciated and enjoyed. We’re not the only ones quite ready for spring, as we discovered that the Chickadees have been very busy and have already built a completed nest! You go Chickadees 🙂

A few of my little happy faced pansies that greet you as you approach our front door.

Okay, so I got a little too excited and cocky about the warm, sunny weather, and so this morning it started to snow again, even though it didn’t last, thank goodness. Yesterday while I was standing at the kitchen window looking out over the gray landscape with gray skies above, eating my can of Cajun style boiled peanuts . . . yummy . . . a nice summertime memory came to mind. The mental image of sitting on my granny’s back porch in Panama City, Florida, eating freshly boiled peanuts filled my mind. I remembered the happy feeling of being there, sitting in one of the many mismatched rocking and lawn chairs that graced the back porch and surveying the back yard, glowing in the strong, evening sun, while feeling the warm summer breezes gently brush across my skin. What a great place to be, surrounded by family enjoying great conversation and laughter and just being together. The only disturbance of this peaceful setting would be when my two uncles would go to the edge of the porch and commence to eating raw oysters . . . yuck! Not being a connoisseur of this “fine” cuisine, I have never understood the allure of eating these slimy things, or if why they’re so good, they have to be served up on a saltine cracker and drowned with loads of hot sauce just to be edible. Perhaps this will always remain a mystery to me, and I think I’ll personally just stick to a great southern favorite . . . boiled peanuts!

"Sunrise View From the Roof" by Rachelle, measures 4½ x 3½ inches.

I finished my miniature painting “Sunrise View from the Roof” this past week. This painting was done from a photo that I took while out for an early morning walk one day during our stay in Oxford, MD,  while participating in the Waterfowl Festival. I loved the angle of the roof and the golden colored dormers just seemed to glow in the strong morning sun. It seemed a delightful place for these House Sparrows to sit and enjoy the bit of warmth. Wes’ miniature painting “Solitary Sandpiper” was done from a photo he took while at the Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure in Salina, Kansas.

"Solitary Sandpiper" by Wes, measures 2 x 3 inches.

Currently on our easels: Wes is working on a commission of a beautiful yacht afloat in the amazing blue waters of the tropics, obviously very appealing to look at for both of us with our current weather conditions. On my easel, is a small painting of a Hissing Cockroach perched on top of an old food can being surrounded and lit with beautiful, soft glowing light. Now please refrain from forming any strong opinions about the so called possible “beauty” of a cockroach, until you see my painting finished, as you might just see them in a new light 🙂

Wishing everyone signs of spring!!

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Daffodil Days of Spring

  1. Beautiful sandpiper! I’m so partial to your window though Rachelle! I want to peek in and see if anyone is home. Love the shingles, and the light bouncing off the window frame. Great job! (And I’d prefer the peanuts to the oysters too….I’ve never boiled them though. And living in VA, where peanuts are the state approved snack, you’d think I would have tried them every which way!)

    1. Hi Deb,
      Thank you from both of us! The window does draw you in and make you want to have a peek inside doesn’t it. I really enjoyed painting that miniature, although the tiny House Sparrows were a bit of a challenge. Oh, you must try boiled peanuts some time as they are the best!!
      Rachelle 🙂

  2. Mona Diane Conner

    Rachelle, It’s a lovely concept to show the tiny birds near this window on the roof, and it’s very satisfying on texture and detail.

    If you don’t mind a technical question, when doing a sky next to something like this, do you do a mask/frisket, or just paint the roof over the edge of the sky?

    1. Hi Mona,
      Thank you very much! I really enjoyed painting the texture of the shingles.

      This miniature is painted on clay board, which I covered with Gesso first. I actually didn’t use any masking. I simply painted the blue sky right up to the roof’s edge and painted little bits of the roofing back over any tiny spots where it was needed. The sky had to be painted twice to get it that smooth with the watercolor.
      Rachelle 🙂

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