It’s Official, Spring is Here!

Beautiful blooms from our Japonica.

It’s official . . . spring is here! Well, even though today it doesn’t much look like it with the overcast gray skies, falling rain, and the trees still appearing to be barren, from a distance. However, several flowering bushes are blooming now in our yard and the trees, when viewed up close, are sporting brightly colored tiny baby leaves protruding from their almost barren branches.   So alas . . . the hope of summer is finally on the way!

The Forsythia in the front yard frames a distant mountain.

Dovecakes is returning daily for her sunflower treats now and brought a friend along several mornings ago. The only thing is when the sweet friend came over to us to enjoy its share, Dovecakes starting cooing, in a not so nice way, and charged it with her head down. She did this repeatedly every time the poor thing came to have another try at it. Obviously she has not yet learned the art of sharing and I’m guessing she really has no intent to learn. After eating her handouts she commenced to walk across the remaining part of the back porch in a manner as if she were a princess and hopped up to her favorite perch, the handrail surrounded by the Wisteria, fluffed out her feathers and the sat there looking at me as if to see “That will be all for now”. Now after having said this, yesterday she was very gracious and shared her treats with her friend , of which the friend was most grateful for! Now he returns periodically through the day as well, to see if any more handouts are being offered.

A precious resident Titmouse proudly holds its peanut butter bread!

Not only are the chubby Squirrels  enjoying the freshly made daily peanut butter bread treats, so are the Titmice and a few other birds as well as the Chipmunks. It’s so much fun watching them all, outside the studio window, either eating or carrying off their new little prized possessions! Chippy the Chipmunk does her best to collect all of the scattered about sunflower seeds before anyone else can get them, producing quite an entertaining show.

"The Nutritional Expert" by Rachelle, measures 3¼ x 4¾ inches.

Well, here it is as promised . . . the roach painting  I’ve been telling you about! You must admit that after seeing it, you now look at roaches in a slightly different light. This small painting was so much fun to do!! I had a splendid time with all of the little intricate parts, and especially enjoyed painting the Hissing Cockroach itself and “bringing him to life”. The letters of the label made for quite a challenge and were however, quite difficult at times. I feel the warm glow brings a certain softness and beauty to the roach and the entire setting.

"The Lolly" by Wes, measures 2 1/4 X 4 1/4 inches.

Wes has finished his beautiful miniature commission of “The Lolly”. Each time I look at it, I imagine myself being there on it basking in that magnificent sunshine surrounded by all of that amazing, beautiful emerald colored water! I imagine having on my dive fins, mask and snorkel, all of which are pink of course, and simply falling over board, head first, into that wonderfully inviting water and not getting out until I’ve turned into a salted raisin!! It’s a great feeling, being a bit like a salted raisin, I know, as I’ve spent many an hour in the past in just such a way! I’ll greatly miss this painting when we have to ship it out to its new fortunate owners.

Currently on our easels: I’m working on a miniature of a beautiful colt and its mother enjoying a last bit of supper before the sun sets on their beautiful horse farm in southern Kentucky. Wes is working on a miniature of a Grackle perched on a thorn encased dead tree, with a beautiful palm tree with all of the fallen, natural, pastel colored palm frowns behind it.

Wishing everyone signs of spring!!

Until next time ~ Rachelle   🙂


8 thoughts on “It’s Official, Spring is Here!

  1. Victoria W Schultz

    I am missing you guys!!!!! I love seeing the pictures of the wildlife and flowers in your backyard and hope that someday I can come see it in person. I may show up unannounced some day.
    I had two turkeys at the deer feeder the other day. The male was all puffed up and strutting and the female could not have cared less! At one point, she actually just walked away. Poor guy.
    Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see you again.

    1. Hi Vicki,
      We miss you too!! We would love to have you come and visit someday and bring lots of laughs!! I think you would really like it, especially when it’s green. Perhaps the shrews would even come out for a visit. That’s awesome about the turkeys at your feeder! I agree, poor guy. Dovecakes just treated her “man” about the same way on the back porch this evening. We really look forward to seeing you again too 🙂

  2. Mona Diane Conner

    Rachelle, I really appreciate how you are willing to take on new challenges and unique ideas in miniature. What an incredible job over the curving label too!

    Just from the description alone, I can’t wait to see Wes’s next mini, and I’m sure his client will be thrilled with the yacht portrait.

    1. Hi Mona,
      Thanks for the compliment! I’ve always enjoyed a good challenge and that definitely presented fun one!
      I will share Wes’ new miniature on the next post as it turned out beautifully. The clients were delighted with the yacht miniature.
      Happy painting 🙂

  3. Love that bug!! I used to collect bugs many years ago!! Fantastic critters!!

    Happy that spring is here!! (Right now it is like winter!! There is hope though!)

    1. Hi Jim,
      Thank you very much!! Cool, I too have a small bug collection formed from specimens that I have found dead but in really good shape over the years. They are very interesting critters!

      It’s wonderful that spring is here, although it’s been more like summer here the past few days. I hope your spring comes very soon!!
      Rachelle 🙂

  4. Rachelle, did I ever tell you we had Madagascar Hissing Roaches as pets? My son ordered two from North Carolina Supply Co. We didn’t realize they sent us a male and a female. When we got them they were young, and looked the same and, well…after they mated and we had 35 young ‘uns, we learned how to sex them and gave the males and females separate cages. The one you’ve painted is a male. You can tell because it has those horn-like protrusions on its shell. Anyway, they were pretty cool pets. The babies are born live, the size of watermelon seeds. They molt several times as they grow, and right after they molt they are a bright white color for a few hours, and then they turn brown.

    1. Hi Deb,
      No you didn’t, and that is so very cool!!! I’ve held them a couple of times and listened to them making their hissing noise and it was just to neat! That’s really interesting to know that mine is a male and how to tell the difference, so thanks for sharing the great info. I bet the babies were quite cute and rather pretty when in the white phase. What a great experience that must have been for your family, and what fun you all must have had when you had guests over 🙂
      Rachelle 🙂

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