A Beautiful Spring Continues!

It’s another beautiful day here in Townsend with clear blues skies above and a delightful temperature during the day being in the mid -70’s. Most of the flowering trees in our yard are in full splendor. Although the Yoshino Cherry Tree has shed its petals, trading them in for bright lime green, baby leaves, the Redbuds remain glorious and the Dogwoods are now showing off with their beautiful white flowers. The Crab Apple Tree in the front yard is simply amazing this year and serves as a delightful focal point, while hundreds of bees continue to enjoy the abundant nectar sources, filling our yard with a constant humming!

My beautiful Dovecakes resting after enjoying supper with us on the deck.

Dovecakes continues to bless us with her presence, with “Muffin” now joining her, to eat their seed treats while we enjoy our meals out on the back decks. It’s simply delightful sitting there surrounded by a wonderful variety of flowering trees, while listening to the birds singing their melodious spring songs, and having Dovecakes and Muffin eating right beside us . . . what a great restaurant with fabulous atmosphere! They are quite familiar with the restaurant hours and show up most times almost on queue.

Chester enjoying his peanut butter bread treat by our lovely Carolina Jasmine.

Wes and I continue to enjoy one of our favorite pastimes of working in our gardens as often as we’re able to. He has much of the garden planted now while I continue to add to my flowers beds and increased one a bit by the secret garden. Just yesterday I added another type of Scotch Moss along with Coral Bells and a lovely Dragon Wing Begonia. A nicely shaped medium rock was also placed in the center of this new addition and now serves as another natural serving dish for pecan crunchies for my feathered friends. The shrews are now using another front door as their old one, being surrounded by a quickly rotting log, is not quite suitable any longer. Everybody is still enjoying very much their daily peanut butter bread treats made fresh for them! Sometimes we’ll have 3 to 4 squirrels at once in various locations on the back deck eating as quickly as their little lips can smack! It’s quite entertaining to watch as each one provides a bit of a new show.

Our beautiful Redbud also known as "Nana's Tree" with the lovely Crab Apple behind.

This past Saturday afternoon we took a nice drive over to Gatlinburg meeting friends there. It was their 10th wedding anniversary and Lisa’s husband Jim, who is one of Wes’ best buddies and was the best man in our wedding, surprised his wife Lisa with a lovely service to renew their vows. The quaint little wedding chapel was preciously perched way up on the side of a mountain granting a great view of Gatlinburg down below. It was a beautiful day as we walked under the Wisteria covered archway across a narrow wooden bridge dangling off the side of the mountain as we headed into the chapel. Several close friends were there and presented quite a surprise for Lisa when Jim took the blindfold off that he somehow convinced her to wear. Afterward, we all met at Legends, a local restaurant and enjoyed a delicious meal and lots of great conversation and laughter together! Since crayons were provided and the tables were covered with white paper, I greatly enjoyed drawing with the kids that were there, and we practically covered our entire section of the table with original artwork! It was great fun and we were honored to help them celebrate such a wonderful occasion!

Myself and Breanna, with Jim in the back, creating our table top art work.

Currently on our easels; I’m still painting on the miniature of a beautiful colt and its mother enjoying a last bit of supper before the sun sets in southern Kentucky. Wes is starting a miniature of boats while also working on updating several websites that he maintains. Thankfully, everything is pretty much done now for the upcoming World of Nature Show, and they are scheduled to pick it up later this week.

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Spring Continues!

  1. Lovely photos! And I really enjoy those restaurants that let you color too…..Now that our kids are grown, come to think of it, they never offer us the crayons anymore. I miss that! 🙂

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