“The World of Nature in Miniature” is on its way

Jimmy and Wes loading the crates containing the "World of Nature in Miniature" exhibit.

Well its official, while the “World of Nature in Miniature” is headed toward its destination at The West Baton Rouge Museum in Port Allen, Louisiana, the miniatures for the “Under The Magnifying Glass: Exquisite Miniatures by Wes and Rachelle Siegrist” show safely arrived at the R.W. Norton Art Gallery  in Shreveport, LA. With the paperwork all filled out and the paintings safely on their way, we have been able to return to our painting, which has been quite enjoyable. To see information about our exhibitions at the museums, you can visit their websites at the links below. As you can well imagine we are very excited about these upcoming solo exhibitions and eagerly look forward to attending them in June.


"The Still of the Morning" by Wes, measures 2½ x 3½ inches.

Fresh off the easel and still on the easel: Wes finished his miniature “The Still of the Morning” this past week. It was painted from a photo taken in Oxford during our last visit to Easton, MD for the Waterfowl Festival. It was a beautiful morning as we walked around Oxford with the early morning light softly illuminating the many boats and beautiful homes in the small, quaint area. I’m working on a miniature of a lovely setting of boats from a photo also taken in Oxford. The warm, rich, colored wooden boat was quite beautiful complimented by the vibrant blue of the descended sail, with the numerous colors reflecting so nicely on the water. I’m very much enjoying painting on this miniature.

"Marina Reflections" by Rachelle, is currently in progress.

We continue to enjoy the wonderful springtime views out of our windows, especially in the studio and while we’re out working in, or just enjoying, our quickly growing gardens. The Azaleas are starting to bloom surrounding the front path with an amazing assortment of  colors, transforming the front yard into a springtime wonderland! I’ll be sharing a few photos of them in the next couple of posts. A few more lilies continue to grace the area as well with their delicate lavender flowers. My feathered and furry friends continue to very much enjoy their daily handouts and treats. I now have to keep peanuts with me at all times while in the yard as Peedeepeeps follows my around asking for handouts. The other evening after finishing a delightful meal on the back porch and seconds after Wes had left to start working in the yard, Peedeepeeps came over landing on the table beside me and promptly walked, or more aptly “hopped” in his precious way, over and landed on the edge of my plate. He looked up at me as if to say, “Well, where is my portion?” So I had to explain that I had nothing there with me and to give me a second and I grabbed the peanut container. I put a few peanut crunchies there right before me and just as he was fixing to hop over and begin enjoying them, someone below started up the weed eater, unbeknownst to what was taking place . . . I won’t mention any names 🙂   The first of our Ruby-throated Hummingbirds arrived this past week, obviously bringing us much excitement.

The beautiful springtime view out of our studio window.

We enjoyed a wonderful hike in the Great Smoky Mountains park this past weekend as we hiked to Spence field and Rocky Top. Next week I will share a short story of our journey and the many wonderful things we saw and experienced during this wonderful day trip! Hope you all are enjoying this lovely time of spring!

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


8 thoughts on ““The World of Nature in Miniature” is on its way

  1. Once again, thanks for sharing your beautiful critter stories. You live in a very special place! I love Wes’s new piece. Really captures a mood, so serene! I’ll check back to see your new work, Rachelle, but I can tell it will be another winner!

    Wow, your shows are going to be great. This is your year! Enjoy and thank you both for all the work you do promoting and keeping alive miniature art!

    1. Hi Barbara,
      You are most welcome as it’s my pleasure! Thanks for the compliment, I’ll pass it on to Wes. I’m almost finished with mine after painting on it today. We too think the shows are going to be great and are very excited about it all and for the world of miniatures!
      Rachelle 🙂

  2. Mona Diane Conner

    Love the truck shot! How do you ever manage paintings this week too?! You two are too much, but only in a great way. 🙂

    These two minis make nice parallel pair, and I love the blue sail and the cropping in Rachelle’s in-progress piece.

    1. Hi Mona,
      Thanks! I’m not really sure sometimes how we manage it all, but somehow we do. Yes they do look nice as a set don’t they, perhaps an attending patron to the show will also think so and take them home 🙂
      I too liked the blue sail, especially surrounded with the warm oranges, and found the composition quite interesting.
      Rachelle 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your show! It looks wonderful and I am so disappointed that it isn’t a wee bit closer to me!

    I wish that some of your work could make it up to Canada, but I can see customs being a nightmare

    Congrats again!!!


    1. Hi Kim,
      Thank you! Actually we came very close to having a museum show in Canada, but it didn’t work out, so perhaps in the future . Yes, customs can be quite rough, and we do have to deal with them several times a year, it would just be on a greater number with a museum exhibition.
      Rachelle 🙂

  4. Once again (as always) your post is just enchanting. And your photographs are exquisite. Makes you seem like you live in a “fairyland”! I always love your work, but have to say- I really, really love Wes’ The Still of the Morning piece. So calm- it truly brings the feel of calm to ones being.

    1. Hi Carol,
      Thank you, I always feel enchanted while spending time in our flower gardens and on our hikes in the park! I’ll pass the lovely compliment to Wes, and I too love the amazing sense of calmness and peace in his painting!
      Rachelle 🙂

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