Lunch With Friends and New Miniature Paintings

I am adding something new . . . a quote of the week. Wes has found so many wonderful quotes pertaining to the art of painting miniatures, so I will be sharing one each week, so that you to may be inspired by them. Occasionally I too come across great quotes, and such is the case with this one, so here it is. . .

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”
– Leonardo da Vinci

L to R: Daisy, Tricia, Fred, Barb, Wes and me enjoying a wonderful luncheon.

Wes and I enjoyed a wonderful time this past week while lunching with four of our dear friends at a new local restaurant. It was a gorgeous day with temperatures in the upper 60’s and a gentle breeze filled the air. One would’ve almost thought they were out in southern California instead of Tennessee, with such a delightful springtime day. The slowly passing clouds above, filtered the bright sunshine, forming all sorts of lovely shapes and spotlight type conditions that danced along the mountain ranges filling our wonderful view as we laughed, talked and of course ate. We were there relaxing for a couple of hours while we caught up and shared stories of our latest adventures and happenings. We enjoyed having the entire patio area to ourselves for much of the meal until toward the end we were joined by others who also desired to enjoy this most delightful day while eating alfresco! A couple of these newcomers were also friends, so of course we said our hellos and chatted a bit. When you look at the photo with the lovely view behind us, Townsend is located in the distance.

Me, Wes, Barb, Tricia and "The Captain" Daisy in front of the lovely view we all enjoyed while eating.

While we have been painting on our miniatures for much of the time this past week, we still have enjoyed a daily bike ride or walk around Townsend. Wes also continues to work on the current book project with his editors. It is coming along quite nicely and we’re all getting very excited about it to say the least! I will share more information about this upcoming book in the near future. We went with friends into Cades Cove one evening this past week for a picnic and a drive around the new road. Although Wes and I walked it a couple of weeks ago, we were able to feel first hand just how wonderfully smooth the newly paved road is! The Turkeys were out and showing off in full splendor, giving us all quite a few great photo opportunities. These handsome fellows along with the fields being full of yellow flowers, mostly Buttercups and some Mustard, made for quite stunning photos . . . and yes, I’m sure there will be several miniature paintings that will be created from this wonderful encounter.

Wes photographs the friendly turkeys in Cades Cove.

We continue to add a couple of plants to our vegetable and flower gardens each week. I love visiting our little local garden shop as they have it arranged with their flowers and garden statues in such a splendid way that you feel as if you’re walking through actual little gardens with different themes, as you pass through different gates and trellises. One of my latest acquisitions is this gorgeous type of Begonia shown in the photo below. It reminds me of the Alice in wonderland roses, and it adorns our outdoor table where I enjoy its amazing beauty the entire time while eating. Peedeepeeps continues to join us for meals at the table and now brings the babies to eat from the peanut crunchy feeding station. Dovecakes still comes several times a day for her treats as well as a couple of other beautiful doves. They were stunning this year but alas the Peonies are now fading and the Daylilies are now starting to show off. A new beautiful lavender Clematis has been planted at the base of the stick wall behind Dino the dinosaur sculpture and is growing and filling in quite nicely, adding some beautiful color to secret garden.

One of my latest beautiful aquisitions.
"Looking For Lunch" by Rachelle, measures 2¾ x 1¾ inches.

Fresh off the easels: My miniature painting “Looking for Lunch” was done from a photo taken during one of our visits to Cades Cove with my parents. We had walked up to show them Gregory’s Cave and this Black Bear decided to have a bite to eat close by. Needless to say, standing quite still we were able to get several nice photos of him, not to mention a great memory! I loved the scattered light, frequently found in the forest that is present in this painting. The lighting conditions along with the colors made it a joy to paint! Wes’ miniature painting “Foraging Ibis” was done from a photo taken at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Florida.

"Foraging Ibis" by Wes, measures 1 3/4 x 2 3/4 inches

Currently on the easels: I continue to paint on a miniature of an Indian woman dressed in her beautiful native attire. This miniature painting will be featured in, and available for sale in, the Western Visions Miniatures and More show at the National Museum of Wildlife Art this September. I hope to finish her this week. Wes is currently painting a beautiful Scarlet Macaw on ivorine that was photographed in CA and has beautiful red flowers blooming in the background. When completed, I will share them with you to also enjoy.
Until next time ~ Rachelle   🙂


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