Happy Belated Memorial Day!

“To view and experience miniature paintings demands a special disposition and talent. One must enter a world enclosed like a glass sphere. Our situation resembles Alice’s in Wonderland, who opens a door with a golden key and sees the most beautiful garden, though it may be too small to enter. ‘Oh, if one could fold up like a telescope.’ Looking at miniatures is for those who can fold up.” Zbigniew Herbert

Me and Lulu get the gang worked up for the kick off of the neighborhood block party.

Sorry for the late posting, but we have been offline since last Saturday after a very big, bad lightning storm took out our wireless router. Needless to say Wes has been a bit antsy with not being able to keep up with emails and website duties, and is very happy to be back online, as am I. So at last here is my update, just a bit late. We have both been feeling a bit under the weather the past few days and are both happy to be feeling a little better today as well. We enjoyed a wonderful block party with our neighbors on Memorial Day. It was held at our neighbor’s Ernie and Judy’s home and the road was blocked off in front. There was a great variety of delicious things to eat brought by the attending neighbors and was topped off with a bowl of homemade ice cream! Ernie was the grill master for the day and was kept quite busy. Regardless of the relentless rain that drizzled on and off throughout the afternoon, the party was well attended by over 40 neighbors and we all had a wonderful time! The honored attendee was Ernie’s 90 year old father who fought in WWII in General Pattons’s 2nd Armored Division. He greatly enjoyed meeting everyone while also being entertained by all of the activity and getting his tummy full. We feel so blessed to live in such a wonderful neighborhood filled with such great friends!

Mingling between the rain showers at the Memorial day party.

Fresh off the easels: I painted the below illustration of “M” for the first letter of the foreword written by fellow artist and dear friend Kay Petryszak, for the MAA book Wes has written and is producing along with the help of several others. Since the book contains a large amount of historical information on miniatures, we saw it fitting to start it out with a representation of the time honored illuminations that illustrated the great books from the past. Wes’ miniature painting, “Honey Bee on Zinnia” was done from a photo taken in our yard.

"Honeybee on Zinnia" by Wes, measures 2½ x 2½ inches.

Currently on the easels: I have just finished the miniature portrait of the Indian lady and Wes is almost finished with his miniature of a Scarlet macaw, both of which I will share on my next post.

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


4 thoughts on “Happy Belated Memorial Day!

  1. Tracy

    Sorry to hear about your storm Rachelle, I hope it didn’t do any other damage. Love your letter ‘M’ and the beautiful bee!

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