A Great Visit With family!

Sally, Larry, Nana, me and Earl with Louisville, KY in the background.

Wow . . . the week went by so fast!! I can’t believe my mom, Sally, and dad, Larry, have come and gone already! They arrived last Saturday evening in time for a supper consisting of fresh green beans out of the garden along with my homemade carrot soufflé, salmon patties and lots of freshly sliced tomatoes out of the garden . . . yummy!! For dessert, we enjoyed my homemade chocolate blueberry cake with dark chocolate icing. Needless to say they kicked off their vacation with full tummies! After letting them catch up on some much needed rest Sunday, the four of us headed for Indiana to visit Wes’ family for a couple of days. We arrived in time for supper with all of the family Monday evening at a lovely restaurant on the water called the Kingfish. It was a delightful time of catching up with lots of talking, laughing, storytelling and eating.

The family enjoying a nice supper and evening at the Kingfish.

Tuesday morning we hit the ground running as we tried to show my parents as much of Louisville and the surrounding area as possible. We started off with a tour of the beautiful Culbertson Mansion in New Albany, IN. What a lovely and delightful time it was with just the 6 of us being given a very interesting and informative tour by a very nice lady. She shared some of the personal history and tidbits from the families’ past through different stories she told, making it all so very intriguing and adding to the overall grand experience. The home was simply divine inside with the restored interior filled with gorgeous antiques from the proper period.

Jeanie, Sally, George, Larry, me and Wes in the Culbertson Mansion.
The beautiful Culbertson Mansion in New ALbany, IN was built between 1863 & 1867.

Upon leaving the mansion we took my mom and dad to experience another first, eating at a White Castle. Having been told by Wes, about this well known restaurant for many years, they finally got to taste a “slider”. This is the one time a year that Wes, being a vegetarian along with me, will eat a bit of red meat. I always have their little fish sandwiches with their signature grilled onions on it. And of course, we have to have a Big Red! We also stopped before lunch to see the Portland Canal and McAlpine locks, there in Louisville, on the Ohio River. It was quite interesting and while we were there, they were locking through a tug boat pushing several barges . . . talk about perfect timing!

My mom and dad on their first visit to a White Castle.
The amazing Portland Canal and McAlpine locks on the Ohio River in Louisville, KY.

We were hoping to take my parents to the Speed Art Museum, but after arriving there, we realized it was closed, so off we went and ended up at the Historic Locust Grove established by William and Lucy Clark Croghan in 1790. There we spent the afternoon enjoying a wonderful and informative tour of the beautiful home and grounds. Wes and I  particularly found the fact that John James Audubon had spent some time there, of great interest, as well as the fact that 3 presidents had stayed there at different times. The neat part is that visitors still walk over the same threshold when entering the home today, as did as all of these important historic persons in the past.

The beautiful historic Locust Grove in Louisville, KY.

That evening, we were treated to a pleasant and lovely ride on Wes’ brother Greg’s boat. It was a beautiful evening as we casually rode down the Ohio River, taking in all of the sights as we headed for our destination, a tex-mex restaurant called Tumbleweed. We arrived with an appetite after all of the fresh air, and enjoyed our meal and time of visiting. The return ride was quite pleasant as well, as I went “down below” to color with our nephew, Will. Will and I had great fun creating, drawing and coloring the Happy dinosaur and his friends as we went along the river with an occasional “whoa” when the boat would do a bit of rocking from side to side! Toward the end of the ride, Will and I returned to the deck and presented our interesting and quite entertaining play of how Happy dinosaur and his friends, including a boulder that communicates by use of the Morse code, along with a flower and butterfly among others, saves the environment from the oil spill and an evil Villan. I know everyone was very thankful that the marina was empty as we pulled in with Will and I leading them all in the happy dinosaur song. When 2 creative minds get together, things happen!

Us enjoying a delightful boat ride with "Capt. Will".

Wednesday morning we had a very nice and memorable visit with Wes’ Nana and our dear adopted family member, her boyfriend, Earl. After enjoying a quick lunch together, we said our goodbyes and headed home to the smoky mountains. Thursday evening we had a picnic in the Cades Cove picnic area and did some great sightseeing as we drove around the loop road in the cove. We stopped to pet and feed the beautiful and very happy horses that had just been turned out to pasture. They were great fun to watch as they ran along kicking up the dust and it slowly disappearing, all being lit by the lovely and strong evening sun. We also saw a good sized Black Bear along one trail that we walked and a couple more before the night was over along with several deer and turkey. Friday morning we enjoyed a lovely visit with artist friend Tricia, at her studio in the woods and stopped on the way out to pick a few fresh blueberries. That evening it was time for dinner at Pizza Hut and a concert at the Heritage Center with some friends. The week had passed all too quickly and Saturday morning my parents left to return home to Florida. It was a wonderful time together and we made many great memories in our busy week!!

A visit with artist friend Tricia in her studio.

We were delighted to learn this past week that all four of our paintings were accepted into to the Biennial Kentucky National Wildlife Art Exhibit that runs September. 18 – November 5, 2010 at the beautiful Henderson Fine Arts Center in Henderson, KY.

Mom, Dad and I on a bridge in the beautiful Tremont area of the Smokies.

On the easels: I’m putting the finishing touches on “Michael the Archangel”, so hopefully I’ll be able to share the finished miniature next week. Wes is currently painting on a miniature of a sweet dove baby.

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


6 thoughts on “A Great Visit With family!

  1. Bill Mundy

    Hi Rachelle, that bridge looks interesting – especially the woodland surrounding it.
    Your talents keep expanding! Now I read that you are a great cook – so many homemade ingredients too. When I see you in January I hope you can find time to make one of your blueberry pies – sounds delicious
    Love from Bill

    1. Hi Bill,
      Isn’t that a great bridge! It’s located about 15 minutes from our house, and is at the beginning of one of our many favorite hiking trails. I do enjoy cooking different and interesting things, and Wes really enjoys eating them! We’ve already almost eaten up all of the blueberries, so I don’t think there will be enough left for a pie, but perhaps there could be another yummy little treat. . . Are you sure you don’t want something chocolate 🙂
      It will be so good to see you again in January and meet your friend!
      Love and hugs 🙂

  2. Tracey Cochrane

    Hi Shelley,
    I wish we could have been there for the visit. I am actually in Okeechobee right now caring for my mother. Thought I might give Sally a call and set up a time to visit. Hopefully, we can visit with you guys again soon.

    1. Hi Tracey,
      I too wish you could’ve been here for the visit, as that would’ve been great fun! The funny thing is that we were just talking with mom and dad about you and Billy and about how much laughing we did and of the great fun we had when you both visited that time! I’m so very sorry that your mom isn’t doing well. Mom would love for you to call and visit her and dad, and maybe you could see Marshall’s little Tyler and Haydyn as they’re so precious! I too hope you can visit us again sometime soon!!
      Rachelle 🙂

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