Back to Painting Miniatures.

“Miniature paintings make demands. They invite close scrutiny and en masse, draw viewers into their world. They’re so so minute and detailed, they generate a different perception . . . That’s their attraction. You have to marvel at the skill.” New York Times, Jan 4, 1998.

"Michael the Archangel" after Reni by Rachelle, measures 3 ¾ x 2 ½ inches.

I finished my commissioned miniature painting of “Michael the Archangel” after Reni this past week. I must say that I truly enjoyed the entire painting process in creating this miniature, and am quite pleased with the end result. I’m so very thankful that it’s going to one of our dear friends and collectors and thus will be assured of a wonderful home! I almost hate to part with it as do I with many of my miniatures, but alas we must part with them at some point or another, if indeed we wish to be able to continue painting more.

"Immature Mourning Dove" by Wes, measures 2 x 3 inches.

Wes also finished his miniature titled “Immature Mourning Dove” this past week. It was painted from a photo that he took at the Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure, where our show “The World of Nature in Miniature” will be exhibited at the Earl Bane Gallery, in Salina, KS, Saturday, September 4, 2010 through Sunday, November 28, 2010. We will be attending an opening for this exhibition and look forward to once again enjoying the friendly company of the staff there and hopefully will be taking several more wonderful photos that we can turn into future little miniature gems.

One of our precious resident Tufted Titmice enjoys the sun along with a very interested onlooker.

The flurry of activity in the yard has been at a minimum this past week as I think all of my feathered and furry friends are taking it easy in the shade. It’s a full time job keeping the bird baths filled with nice, fresh water for everyone, especially with our resident Miss Robin that so enjoys taking a bath every few minutes. I do think she is a bit compulsive about cleanliness, as she will sometimes take a bath, returning before she’s even started to dry, to take another and another. This goes on sometimes the entire time that we are eating on the porch. Perhaps she is just like us and doesn’t much care for this hot weather. It’s quite funny though, as sometime she will have an audience of onlookers patiently waiting for their turn at either a bath or a drink. We are very excited of the possibility that a skunk has taken up residence under a mass of old sticks and logs alongside secret garden. I do hope that she has and will very soon be parading around the yard with her dear, fluffy little ones following along behind her, as they are most precious to watch.

A few of the beautiful tomato bushes in our garden.

Despite the amazing heat and lack of regular rain showers, the garden is doing wonderful and is keeping us fed with lots of tomatoes, peppers and green beans. This past week, I put up 15 quarts of green beans and made a large pot of homemade tomato sauce for pasta. From the looks of the pile accumulating on the table in the basement, I will be making a lot more very soon. Needless to say, we have been enjoying wonderfully delicious tomato sandwiches with big, thick, juicy slices of tomatoes topped with a pile of fresh sweet basil . . . . yummy! We’re also enjoying a daily treat of fresh blueberries and raspberries from the yard. Ah . . . the simple delights of summer!

On the easels: I’m currently painting on a miniature portrait of my precious nephew, Tyler Jackson. He is simply dashing in his black suede dress jacket and pin striped shirt that his “Aunt No No” (me) found for him. I’m thinking of possibly titling it “ A Little Southern Gentleman”, as I’m painting the background with more of an old world style with a strong heavy red drape to one side, with a bit of a marble pillar showing, with a blue sky behind. Wes is currently painting on a miniature portrait of one of our friends from Dubois, WY of whom we took photos of while there a couple of years ago. He still owns and operates a ranch out there and looks the true part of a Western cowboy.

Well, I do hope that you are enjoying your summer thus far and are keeping cool!

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


6 thoughts on “Back to Painting Miniatures.

  1. Rachelle, as you might guess, I love your Archangel Michael….I like it even better than Reni’s version, and the bright color also illuminates it so beautifully!

    Nice work on Wes’s part separating the figure of the mourning dove from it’s like-colored background so finely.

    It’s been a tough summer for me so far, but things are looking up because I am back in my studio today!

    1. Hi Mona,
      Thank you for the quite generous compliment, I’m glad you like Michael! The various bright colors is what made that piece so exciting to paint! I’ll certainly pass the compliment onto Wes for you. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had a tough summer, but am happy for you, that you were able to be back in your studio today and hope that it’s better from here on out 🙂

  2. I think I commented somewhere else about how much I like these two paintings – the texture in Wes’s piece and the throw back style like the paintings of old in yours Rachelle. Thanks for sharing your works. They are amazing. And that titmouse bird…he looks like catfood in that position to me! Seriously…

    1. Hi Deb,
      Thank you very much and you’re certainly welcome. Thankfully for the precious little Titmouse, no cats live here or around here, so he is perfectly safe and thus quite happy!
      Rachelle 🙂

  3. Two new beautiful works from you two! I love the colors and drapery, Rachelle, and I love the way Wes handled the grasses and twigs. Just did a bit of that myself with some pumpkins in straw and after seeing Wes’s I want to go back and redo my straw!! Yummy looking tomatoes!

    1. Hi Barbara,
      Thank you! What a great piece that will be of the pumpkins in the straw! It makes me anxious for fall to come thinking of it. Yes, they are yummy tomatoes, and we’re making pretty short work of them!
      Rachelle 🙂

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