The Art of Relaxing

“When a miniature painting is good, the viewer is drawn into a concentrated little world that is breathtaking in its execution.” Sue Burton

Chester Squirrel enjoys resting in the shade while eating a peanut butter treat.

As I sat on the back porch earlier today watching my feathered and furry friends enjoying eating their treats, and all the while trying to keep the thoughts at bay of what I “should” be doing, I recalled to memory something that my mom shared with me in the past about my Grandpa. Grandpa Jeter, as I called him, worked at the Paper Mill in Panama City, Florida for most of his life until he retired. Mom tells of how everyday he would come home from work and spend some time sitting in one of the old chairs on the porch or in their backyard. Mom, being home from school would join him along with her mom, or Granny Jeter as I always called her. Most days the other vacant chairs too would be filled by other family members such as aunts or uncles or just dear friends. They would all just sit around while visiting with each other, talking of the day’s activities and relaxing. These times I’m sure created some special memories for my mom as well as the others involved in this long lost activity. I couldn’t help but think of how taking the time to just sit on the porch relaxing and visiting with others, be it family or friends, is pretty much a lost art these days. It’s a rare thing to see porches occupied now when you’re out in the evenings walking or driving around, even here in Townsend where time seems to go at a slower pace. I suppose that activity has for most has just become what one of our friends calls a “useta” . . . short for use to be. So this fall, when it cools off a bit for most, if you have a porch, take time some evening to rediscover the long lost art of just sitting and relaxing, visiting with someone dear to you . . .  and who knows it may just become one of your new favorite activities   🙂

One of resident wasps standing guard at the door of his mansion.

We enjoyed having one of dear artist friends, Tricia, over for a nice lunch and to spend the afternoon with us painting and looking through one of our new miniature art books “The Arturi Phillips Collection”. It is a fabulous book and the collection belongs to two of our newest collectors and friends. We are quite honored to now have one of our portrait miniatures in their collection, “That Adorable Age”. We had great fun with Tricia and the time, as always when one is having lots of fun, slipped by way too fast, and it was time for her departure.

Tricia and me enjoying our lunch.

We have enjoyed a couple of walks or bike rides this past week, but due to the heat, I’ve just been walking on my walking machine in the basement where it’s much cooler, while reading one of my books. The concert at our local Heritage Center featuring Steve Kaufman this past Friday evening, was wonderful!! Wes, being a guitar player himself, and I are always totally amazed and mesmerized when we see this greatly talented gentleman play, and so look forward to his concert every year.

"The Drying Room" by Rachelle, measures 2 3/4 X 2 3/4 inches.

Fresh off the easels: I finished my miniature interior still life “The Drying Room” this past week. This miniature was done from a photo that my dad took during our visit to the beautiful Locust Grove, in Kentucky last month. I’m thinking we make quite a good team! Wes has finished both a portrait miniature of himself and a miniature painting of a lovely Coot this past week. His very first portrait miniature of himself features part of our collection of miniature books in the background. The painting of the Coot was done from another photo taken in Florida last January.

"Me and My Books" by Wes, measures 2¾ x 2¼ inches.

Currently on the easels: I’m starting a portrait miniature of myself wearing a Victorian style lace dress, and this will be the first self portrait miniature that I too have done. I also will be starting a commissioned portrait miniature of a little girl, once we receive the frame for it. Wes is painting on a very small miniature of a precious Prairie Dog peeking out of his hole, that resides at the Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure in Salina, KS.

"American Coot Among the Reeds" by Wes, measures 2½ x 3½ inches.

Wishing you all signs and the coolness of the onset of fall!

Until next time ~ Rachelle   🙂


6 thoughts on “The Art of Relaxing

  1. Richard William Haynes

    Rachelle…if this is a quote from me “The niche of miniatures serves the artist and public like no other can. Where can you see an entire collection in one room…or have an entire collection of original Art one one wall?” Richard William Haynes…’s also my bad typing ………”Art one one wall?, lol…should be Art on one wall.” (sigh) I KNEW I should have taken typing in HS instead the art classes.

    1. Hi Rich,
      yes, that is your quote. The typo has already been fixed, so thanks for finding it. You had it worded correctly in your quote. I mistyped it . . . and I did take a typing class in high school. . . HA HA!! Perhaps it would not have done you any good either!! 🙂

  2. Bill Mundy

    Hi Rachelle,
    What a nice little story about your grandpa sitting on the porch and relaxing. I bet he sat in an old rocking chair. Lovely picture of the squirel in the green foliage. Thanks Wes for the note about the ipad. I’ve worked out most things but still need to make it easy to write my blog by importing both pictures and text. I have realised that the Apple mac system won’t let my PC play or import video. It seems they won’t support Flash (or so I’m told). I’ve booked air tickets to go to Florida in January for a week but haven’t yet booked the Best Great Western. Do you know whether the MASF have a special rate there? Love from Bill x

    1. Hi Bill,
      We just returned this evening, from a mini vacation to North Carolina to visit friends. I’m so glad you enjoyed the story about my grandpa! yes, much of the time he sat in a rocking chair, and an old black one at that.
      Wes says he will email you soon about the hotel and iPad information. Hope you have a great week!
      Love and Hugs 🙂

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