A Wonderful Mini Vacation!

Wes and me at the Brown Trout Restaurant by Lake Toxaway in NC.

We returned from our mini vacation in North Carolina, late yesterday afternoon. It was a lovely time as we started off, with friends Fred and Barb, on a nice drive through the mountains headed over to Cashiers, NC to meet friends Tommy and Peggy for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, the Cornucopia. Our magic mushroom, a portabella sandwich, was simply delicious as usual and the conversation and laughter was great! The cooler temperature was a treat after being hot here so long.

We arrived at our friend and Fred’s brother, Don’s place in Brevard, NC later that afternoon. One of the greatest treats for me while visiting Don is the chance to be able to feed his beautiful White Squirrel named “Momma Whitey”. The first afternoon there, she graced me with her company while I sat on the back porch feeding her peanuts and cashews, just admiring her beauty and sweetness. A few other squirrels also came throughout our visit to get their peanut treats. The next morning after enjoying a nice breakfast with everyone, I headed out for a morning walk leading me along a path that gently wound its way through the woods, following a stream with several smaller cascades and a few larger ones. What a delight to the senses it was, listening to the songs of the water as it gently went down and down, harmonizing with the songs of different birds happily singing out their morning tunes. The shafts of sun piercing the tree canopy added visual delight to the beautiful song of the woods!

The gorgeous view from our friends' house.

Later that afternoon we enjoyed strolling around downtown Brevard and browsing through a few of their many unique specialty stores. That evening the five of us enjoyed a lovely drive to a restaurant called the Brown Trout located beside the beautiful Lake Toxaway. Dinner was quite delicious and was accompanied by much talking and laughter. Upon leaving the Brown Trout, we took a nice leisurely drive through some of the surrounding areas of Lake Toxaway. It was a beautiful, wooded setting and at one point we were able to enjoy a gorgeous view of the sun starting to set behind the distant mountains while reflecting on the water below. The next morning, after saying our goodbyes to Don, we headed for our next destination of Cashiers, NC, to  friends Tommy and Peggy’s place on beautiful Lake Glenville.

The ducks in the section of the lake directly in front of our friends' house.

We arrived there mid-afternoon and ten minutes later, I was in my swimsuit and headed towards the beautiful lake. I could feel all of my cares disappear as I slipped into the emerald green water, and stayed there swimming for almost two amazing hours. It was simply magical just being there in the water, surrounded by all of the majestic beauty of the surrounding mountains and woods. Time almost seemed to stop and I had not a care in the world, while I almost effortlessly floated there, watching the ever changing clouds slowly move across the sky creating an array of shadowed and lighted patterns on the trees and the surface of the water. Since I have always been a water baby and don’t presently have many opportunities to enjoy it, you can certainly imagine what a treat this was for me!

Me swimming in beautiful Lake Glenville.

The other wonderful thing about visiting our friends is the chance to feed the many ducks that live there. As soon as I finished swimming, it was time to grab some bread and start feeding and making new friends. It wasn’t long until I had one of the precious Mallards eating from my hand which completely delighted me! It was quite a task, as their numbers were quickly growing, to make sure that each and everyone got their fair share. When it was all gone, I hated to tell them while holding up and showing my empty hands. Much quacking was heard and all seemed pretty content at the end of that first feeding session.

My duck friends coming for their supper.

The next morning we were greeted with a steady rainfall, so we enjoyed a delicious breakfast, and spent much of the day just visiting and relaxing. As soon as the rain ended, I was all but running toward the lake with bread in hand to feed my precious duck friends. After making a few of my quack calls, several came around the corner swimming at a brisk rate headed straight for the boat dock, making V shaped wakes behind them. Soon after, we boarded the boat, so I continued to feed the ducks as we started on our journey around the lake. One duck decided it was quite hungry and couldn’t get enough of these delicious handouts, so it kept flying beside the boat while I tossed bread out to it . . . it was quite amazing to watch!!

Peggy and me enjoying our wonderful boat ride around the lake.

With all of the recent rainfall, the waterfalls that feed the lake were roaring in full splendor, making it an even more picturesque journey. We returned as the sun was starting to get lower in the sky and went for a nice meal of pizza at a local restaurant. The next morning, a couple of my ducks were waiting for me as I headed down to the lake first thing, and were soon joined by a few others. After breakfast, I returned one last time to feed them and say my tearful goodbyes. It was a pleasant 64 degrees as we said goodbye to our friends and started down the mountain for home.

Peggy sent me this photo later on that afternoon, after our departure, of my ducks waiting for me to come with supper.

The drive home was pleasant and lovely with lots of sunshine and a bit cooler temperatures. As we reached the Newfound Gap Overlook, we had to stop and get a few photos as the view was simply spectacular! The numerous, fluffy white clouds were creating a variety of amazing ever changing shadow patterns on the mountains below. There’s no doubt that several miniature paintings will result from the wonderful encounters with nature during this trip!

The gorgeous view from Newfound Gap in the Smokies.

Well, now it’s back to reality with lots of catching up to do! All I have to do however, is simply close my eyes, and I am transported back to the lake, once again carelessly floating while watching the clouds slowly pass overhead!

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Wonderful Mini Vacation!

  1. Hi Rachelle,
    Really did enjoy your story about the “big trees” where you are. We only have smaller ones here but some can be big. I am talking about our big Red River Gums ( Eucalyptus) which grow beside the Murrumbidgee River in Hay NSW. I did try and insert a photo of one but it wouldn’t go in??

    Large Eucalyptus Tree
    Large Eucalyptus Tree

    Hi Margie – I’ve managed to add them for you and Rachelle. Wow, that’s a huge Eucalyptus tree! Wes

    1. Hi Margie,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed my stories of the Sequoias. I would love to see a photo of your big Red River Gums. Wes says if you will email a photo to him that he will embed it in the comments section on my blog. Wes and I really liked Chris’ piece in the SAA show!
      Rachelle 🙂

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