The MASF Jury process

Wes and I as miniature Lego figures created by the amazing "Markelangelo" . . . AKA Mark Kelso.

Well, we’ve just returned from yet another adventure, and I must admit that we are quite happy to be able to be home for a couple of weeks!!   I just had to share the above image with you, as I was so very impressed with these miniature creations! “Markelangelo”, AKA Mark Kelso, created these impressive little miniature Lego “sculptures” of Wes and I. Mark thinks, other than my hair color, that this is a spot on representation of us as seen at the wildlife art shows. I agreed with Mark and told him that it is quite obvious to me now that I must work on Wes’ image and attire at the shows!

The beautiful morning view from our hotel in Dunedin, FL.

After leaving my parents home in Okeechobee, Sunday afternoon a week ago, we drove over to Dunedin, FL to participate as 2 of the 5 jurors for this year’s Miniature Art Society of Florida’s miniature show. We arrived in time to enjoy a lovely walk along the water and watch the many birds fishing or just sitting on a piling, preening. We then enjoyed a delicious dinner at the hotel while sitting out on the veranda. As we sat there eating and talking, we watched as the sun slowly set, painting a gorgeous sky of warm shades in pink and orange. After a night of rest, it was time Monday morning to meet up with some of the MASF group and begin our adventurous process of jurying the show.

Me with other MASF officers and volunteers working during the jury process.

We started off the morning with a few of the many delicious treats that had been baked and brought for everyone to enjoy. Then it was time to get to work, and it was a bit like Christmas as we walked into the room where a couple of hundred miniature paintings were set up for us to jury. After the five of us finished each group, we would go out and take a break while those paintings were taken down and the next set placed about. And of course during those break times we all enjoyed some of the yummy treats! As always, we so very much enjoyed the time with our dear friends that make up the backbone of this great society. That evening several of us enjoyed a lovely dinner together at a local Italian restaurant. Tuesday followed with much the same and that evening a much larger group of us enjoyed dinner together. After a lot of interesting stories, conversation and of course laughter, it was time to say goodbye. We headed back to the hotel to pack and get ready for the return flight home the next day. While there, we enjoyed breakfast each morning with an incredible view of the water with distant islands and plenty of shorebirds. One exciting treat took place the first morning when we were looking out of the large glass window and a Bald Eagle flew right toward us, gracefully ascending up going over the building with an Osprey right on its tail. Obviously for some reason the Osprey wasn’t very happy with the Eagle, but alas it made for an amazing sight! Later we watched two dolphins as they went about their way while showing themselves as they surfaced several times. The next morning we were able to see two manatees, so as you can imagine this was all quite inspiring to glimpse and see.

Me with a few other artists at the Audubon Event, before it started Friday evening

We were home for one day and then it was time to drive to Henderson, KY, for the Celebrating Audubon, GALA & AUCTION Event held last weekend. We arrived Friday afternoon in time to check into our cottage at the beautiful John James Audubon State Park. That evening we enjoyed talking to the public as we demonstrated painting our miniatures along with eight other artists. Saturday we enjoyed just relaxing while hiking the trails in the park and seeing the surrounding gorgeous fall foliage. We also really enjoyed seeing the museum and nature center there, which houses a large collection of Audubon’ s work.

The Audubon Museum and Nature Center.
Wes enjoys sitting on the back porch of our cottage.
"La, La, La" says the singing tree . . . yes, I have a great imagination!

After a wonderful and much needed relaxing day together, we got ready for the big event that evening. It began with all 10 artists putting the finishing touches on their paintings to be auctioned off that evening. It was a lovely setting on the stage of the theater at the Henderson Fine Art Center. The evening sported an air of elegance with the beautiful place settings and flower arrangements.

Nine of the ten artists that took part in the Audubon event.

Both my and Wes’ miniature paintings sold during the auction with them receiving 100% of the proceeds for several great causes and organizations. We had a great time talking with the other artists. A few of us enjoyed a nice meal together Friday evening, while sharing stories and laughs.

"Sweet Nectar"
"Cades Cove Gobbler"

Sunday, we drove to Jeffersonville, IN to eat lunch with Wes’ mom and dad, and then visited the Speed Art Museum, which we always enjoy. Later that afternoon we delighted his Nana with a “surprise” visit for a few hours. She thoroughly enjoyed it, as well as the rest of us, including her dear friend Earl! The next morning we ate breakfast with Wes’ parents and then headed for home. Today was spent in town getting our newsletters that we’ll be sending out in the next couple of days. Hopefully by tomorrow we’ll start to get caught up and be able to get back to painting for the upcoming Waterfowl Festival in Easton, MD.

I hope you continue to enjoy a lovely fall and stay safe during the storms that are passing through.

Until next time ~ Rachelle   🙂


2 thoughts on “The MASF Jury process

  1. Knowing how much work these shows are for you and Wes, I’m amazed at how poetic and adventurous you make them sound Rachelle! I love to hear that you had a wonderful time.

    1. Hi Deb,
      Yes, they are a lot of work, and I guess Wes tends to see them more that way, while I sometimes tend to live in my happy little dream world. Even with the work involved though, we still had a great time!
      Rachelle 🙂

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