Upcoming Shows and New Miniatures

Me with vampire lips, and yes . . . of course there's chocolate inside the wrapper!

Okay . . . my apologies for the above photo, but alas I just couldn’t resist! Anything for a good laugh is what I say! Speaking of laughing, Wes and I watched an old movie last night which was one of Peter Sellers early ones, called “The Party”. It was absolutely hilarious at times, and had me and Wes both laughing crazily. At a couple of points I was laughing so hard that tears were running down my cheeks, causing me to not even be able to see the TV and I could hardly catch my breath!! If ever you need a good laugh or two, I highly recommend watching this movie. Your head will certainly be full of endorphins afterward! Ha Ha 🙂

A gorgeous fall view on the Foothills Parkway.

We drove up this past Thursday afternoon to Kingsport, TN, to attend a gallery opening featuring our miniatures at Up Against the Wall Gallery. The drive up through the park was gorgeous with the remaining fall foliage and the event was well attended and resulted in a couple of nice sales. After the opening was over, the gallery owners, Mike and Lisa,  treated us to a wonderful time and delicious dinner at their local country club. After having our bellies filled with yummy food and lots of laughs, we headed home and were quite happy to pull in the driveway safely about 12:30 that night. As you can imagine, we certainly slept good that night!

Me beside some of our miniature paintings on display at Up Against the Wall Gallery.

We’ve spent much of the past week painting on a couple of new miniatures that will be exhibited at the 40th Annual Waterfowl Festival this upcoming weekend in Easton, MD. I’m also very excited to share with you that we have another wonderful venue that has been added to our exhibition tour. The beautiful San Diego Natural History Museum in San Diego, CA will be featuring our exhibition, “EXQUISITE MINIATURES by Wes and Rachelle Siegrist”, Saturday, January 21 through Wednesday, March 21, 2012. We are both very excited about this amazing opportunity!

The San Diego Natural History Museum's north entrance at sunset.

Fresh off the easel: I finished my miniature painting “A Golden Afternoon” this past week. It features a beautifully backlit sailboat off the coast of San Diego, CA. I took this photo on our way back in from our whale watching cruise. I had great fun painting the “diamonds” on the water’s surface! Wes finished his painting “Spruce Grouse” also this past week, which features two of the beautiful Grouse we were blessed to see while in Yosemite National Park this past September. It was indeed a treat too get to see and watch them and we especially loved hearing the precious little “Peep” noises they made the entire time.

"A Golden Afternoon" by Rachelle, measures 3¼ x 4¼ inches.
"Spruce Grouse" by Wes, measures 3½ x 2½ inches.

Currently on the easels: I’m finishing up a miniature for the shows and then we will both be painting on a few commissions that we have, this next month after we return from both shows. We will be at the 40th Annual Waterfowl Festival this next weekend, November 12 – 14. This is always a pleasant and fun show to do and we’re looking forward to seeing all of our collector and artist friends there, as well as our several dear friends that run this wonderful show!

I have been kept very busy this past week, keeping the treats well stocked for all of my critter friends!  Even as I am posting this blog, Petunia, the Possum is outside in the squirrel barn eating and enjoying her special peanut butter treats that I made and put out just before dusk.  She sits out there eating and looks in the window at me in our studio!  I also continue to enjoy great encounters with the Peedeepeeps (Carolina wrens) and my sweet Dovecakes.  They all sure make me smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside!  The yard has been filled with Robins, Bronzed Blackbirds and now the Pine Siskins.  We’ve also had a few warblers pass through.

A happy November to you!

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Shows and New Miniatures

  1. Beautiful paintings as always. Love the reflections in your gold water Rachelle. What a fun play on the usual blue sea colors. You two sure have been busy traveling lately. I hope you have lots of time so snuggle up in your TN home and enjoy this gorgeous fall season there!

    1. Hi Deb,

      Thank you! Since it was later in the afternoon, I thought it would be nice to play up the golden, warmer colors. yes, we have been very busy, but it should slow up quite a bit during the month of December. Not much snuggling lately, as we both have had bad colds, but now Wes is better and hopefully I will be well soon and then the snuggling can resume 🙂 Hope you all are enjoying beautiful fall weather!

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