Home From the Waterfowl Festival

We left for Easton, MD this past Wednesday and arrived there later that evening. It was a pretty drive with plenty of fall color remaining throughout the Virginia region, and of course lots of cows and quite a few sheep happily grazing in the  pastures that line the road on either side. It was all fun and games until we got caught in the afternoon work traffic in DC. After nearly two hours of bumper to bump traffic we found ourselves on the other side of the Bay Bridge and getting closer to our destination. We were greeted by smiling faces and a lovely, warm fire when we arrived at the Ruffled Duck Inn, the Bed and breakfast at which we stay at in Oxford every year. We started the next morning off with a delicious breakfast and then it was time to head to the Tidewater to set up and get ready for the show to start that afternoon.

Enjoying a wonderful breakfast at the Ruffled Duck Inn.

Unfortunately, I started feeling quite bad from a cold Friday, and felt really rotten by Saturday morning. So needless to say, I spent several hours during the show, out lying down in the back of our big van, trying to sleep. Thankfully by Saturday evening I was feeling a bit better so we were able to go and enjoy the nice artist dinner party they had for us at the show. We did more laughing than eating with the hilarious stories of surfing as an older guy, told by our artist friend Lee Kromshroeder. I’m sure if you know Lee then you know what a great and very entertaining story teller that he is! We all left the table with sore sides from laughing so much!

Part of our miniatures on display at the 2010 Waterfowl Festival.

Each evening when we returned to the Ruffled Duck, there was a nice little plate of fresh baked cookies or some other special treat that seemed to make any remaining cares from the day quickly pass. Each morning we were greeted by a beautifully set and decorated table and another delicious three course breakfast, which we enjoyed eating with our dear artist friend, Karryl and her husband Vic, along with another nice couple, Diane and Jeff, that have stayed there the past couple of years. From the dining room each morning, many ooo’s, ahhhh’s, and mmm’s could be heard as we were brought what we were going to get to enjoy eating next. As usual there were great amounts of laughter and wonderful conversation as well to accompany the pleasure of eating these yummy meals!

The beautifully arranged and yummy 1st course of our breakfast.

Sunday brought the show to an end and after taking down and eating a nice supper at Paneras, we got back to the Ruffled Duck early and enjoyed sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies while I casually looked through a couple of the art books from their wonderful collection. A bit later we were joined by the other couples and we all sat around relaxing, while sharing a interesting stories and accounts of past adventures with one another. The next morning we all enjoyed our grand finale breakfast, and then it was time to say our goodbyes and depart for home. Shortly on our way, I enjoyed seeing for the last time that visit, the wonderful little herd of “Oreo cows”, or Belted Galloways, that I so enjoyed seeing on our drive into Easton each morning. This is my favorite breed that I absolutely adore and would dearly love to have a couple of them some day! And just think, if one was a milk cow, I could have a choice between chocolate or vanilla milk each day! Hee hee!

"Struttin' " by Rachelle, measures 1¼ inches.

Fresh off the easel: I finished my miniature, “Sunset at the Lincoln Memorial” this past week and it was among the works sold at the Waterfowl Festival. It was painted from a photo I took during our recent visit to DC, in which we made a special trip to walk to the memorial just to get a photo of it during the sunset, as this was something I have really wanted to paint in miniature. The nicely lit Lincoln statue can be seen with the magnifying glass. I also finished my miniature “Struttin’ ” this past week, which features a Tom Turkey that we photographed on a trip into Cades Cove.

"Sunset at the Lincoln Memorial" by Rachelle, measures 1¼ inches.

We’ve excitedly had another exhibition venue confirmed and added to our list of museums featuring our solo exhibition of 50 miniature paintings.  This one will be in Bradenton, FL at the ArtCenter Manatee. The exhibition will begin in January 2013. We will be leaving for Thomasville, GA later this week to participate in the Plantation Wildlife Art Festival this coming weekend, and look forward to seeing some of you there!


Until next time    ~     Rachelle  🙂




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