Time For a Rest

Wes and I in front of the Big Oak in Thomasville, GA.

We arrived home yesterday evening from Thomasville, GA, where we were exhibiting in the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival this past weekend. We got there last Thursday in time to set up our display of miniatures and then enjoyed a wonderful dinner with our dear friends Donny and Vicki. Friday morning we headed over to see the big Oak Tree that is there in Thomasville. A massive Live Oak (Quercus Virginiana, c. 1680) with a limb span of 162 feet, the Big Oak is one of the National Live Oak Society’s original members, enrolled in 1936. President Eisenhower was so impressed with the Big Oak tree that he personally photographed it during one of his visits to Thomasville! Personally loving Oak trees, I greatly enjoyed visiting this ancient beauty once again! We also enjoyed watching artist Clive R. Tyler start a plein air painting of the big, beautiful tree.

Terry and Vicki Smith, me and Wes, and Vicki and Donny Ferguson.

For lunch we met six of our dear friends at Subway and enjoyed a lot of laughing and talking for a couple of hours with everyone! Afterward, all but two of the group headed for one of our favorite places, Birdsong Nature Center, a short drive out of Thomasville. It was absolutely gorgeous as always and we were blessed with a beautiful sunshine-filled day as we walked around the several miles of trails. We heard a lot of Bluebirds and saw a few other species as we walked the tree lined trails that were still adorned with brightly fall colored foliage. For the last part of the hike, it was just Donny, Vicki, Wes and I, as we came back to the starting point and spent a bit of time enjoying and photographing the variety of butterflies that were enjoying the garden growing especially for them.

Wes and Donny discuss how to solve the world's problems as they walk through the beautiful wooded area.

We then went into the great old home on the grounds and enjoyed sitting and relaxing as we looked out the large viewing window which affords the viewer with a wonderful picturesque setting, including a lovely small, shallow pond and mister for the birds, Camellias, several bird feeders and many other native plantings. It is quite a delightful scene with the Spanish Moss gracefully hanging from the surrounding trees serving as a wonderful backdrop for the many birds and squirrels that were visiting the area. Even though we could have sat there for hours, it was time to leave to get ready for the opening at the show later that evening.

A lovely view of a wetland area in Birdsong Nature Center.

The highlights of the weekend for me was being able to pet a Possum, a beautiful Tom Turkey and hold a gorgeous, brightly colored Tarantula!  The weekend came and went and before we knew it we found ourselves back on the road again, heading towards our home in Townsend. We were quite delighted to be home once again and are greatly looking forward to being home for the duration of the next month, especially after all of the traveling we have done the past couple of months. All of my feathered and furry friends are simply delighted that we are here once again and that the treats are being generously offered! Lots of “customers” have been continuously visiting the back deck all day long, eating up all of the available yummies!

Petunia peeking out of the squirrel barn.

Petunia, the Possum, was happy to find a quite extensive smorgasbord in the squirrel barn last evening. As a matter of fact, she was so happy that undoubtedly she spent the entire night there as she came out of the barn early this morning using her tail to carefully let herself down and then used a nearby vine to make the rest of the journey. She then slowly meandered over to the birdbath where she got lots and lots of drinks of fresh water. Afterward, she slowly climbed down, walked across the deck and then descended the stairs, going into the woodshed by the garden to sleep out the remainder of the day. We felt very fortunate to be able to watch her like this in the morning light and to now know where she lives! She is so cute and having been able to pet Possums before, I know how very soft she is as well!

Petunia enjoying a good drink after her night of feasting.

Fresh off the easel: we’re currently working on several different commissions.

We are happy to announce that Wes had his painting “The Pollinators” accepted in to the Blossom II: Art of flowers exhibition, that will open on February 1st 2011,  at the Naples Art Museum, in Naples, FL.

"The Pollinators" by Wes, measures 4½ x 2½ inches.

I wish you all a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!

Until next time ~ Rachelle   🙂


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