Here comes the snow and the critters . . .

Mr. Goldfinch says . . . "Got snow?"

My apology for not posting last week, but alas it had been very quiet around here. This week however, has been much more exciting with our first snow, albeit a very little snow, and the return of lots of my precious birdies, including P.W., the gorgeous little Pine Warbler that graced us with his beauty and presence last year. I’m simply thrilled that he has returned to me! He along with the rest of the kids have been enjoying lots of seed and nut treats that I put out several times throughout the day. Peedeepeeps, my Carolina Wren, continues to sit outside the studio window and let me know in a very loud scolding chatter when the nut crunchies are all gone. So to keep him happy I go out and before I can hardly get any out, he’s right there with me eating the first fresh crunchies! Very spoiled they are, and with the temps we’ve had the past couple of days, I sing to them “The Things “I” do for Love”.  🙂

Handsome P.W. enjoying his peanut crunchies.
Mr. Cardinal and peedeepeeps enjoying the peanut crunchies.

One of the gifts on my wish list was a big bag of scratch feed, so off we went this past week, to Tractor Supply to get one. Now, this store is one of my favorites, as I dearly love the fresh, strong smell of sweet feed that hits you square in the face as soon as you walk into the front door! It’s also where Wes and I buy our favorite brand of blue jeans, Wranglers, and I love to look at all of the John Deere things as well. After loading my bag of scratch feed, that I was told would be best, and a big bag of sunflower seeds into the buggy, we headed for home. I was so excited as I just knew my Doves were going to love this Christmas treat! Well, when we returned home and opened the bag, I soon discovered that it wasn’t quite what I was after, like the kind we use to feed our Quails in FL. So with hopeful expectations anyway, I filled a big flat dish with some and placed it on the back deck. At first the squirrels were actually running away from it after tiptoeing up to it and giving it a sniff!! I thought to myself that this surely couldn’t be a good sign, since if the squirrels won’t eat it, probably nobody will . . . sigh. But alas it’s amazing what a bit of ground up pecans and a few sunflowers added into the mixture will do, and after that slowly but surely, it’s growing on them and it’s slowly disappearing. I’m happy to say however, that little Scarlet, the chipmunk, loves it and can pack it away quickly in her chubby little cheeks. So I’ve made Scarlet happy for Christmas anyway!  Regardless, at this rate, the bag should be completely empty by the year 2020!!

Scarlet says, "Hey, who you callin' chubby cheeks?"

As usual the squirrels continue to eat us out of house and home and are starting to take on the appearance of very hairy little Sumu wrestlers!! Petunia the Possum continues to come nightly and eats whatever is left and what extra treats I may have put out. Moreover,  I was told yesterday that she is enjoying yum yums at one of the neighbor’s house nightly, as well. This may explain her,too, looking like she is planning to join the squirrels in her own Sumu category!!  . . . . At least they all go to sleep with full, happy tummies.

Chester "stuffed" into his warm, goodie filled feeder.

Inside the house, Christmas has come and we’ve been enjoying the Christmas tree once again. We’ve also been doing a lot of painting and enjoyed eating out with friends a couple of times this past week.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Fresh off the easel;
we’re currently working on several different commissions, so I’m sharing two of them with you that are getting close to being completed.

Rachelle's commission in progress, a miniature painting of a Bobcat.
Our other commission in progress, a painting of an old Roman fort.

Well, I hope that you’re keeping warm and are enjoying the Christmas season thus far!

Until next time ~ Rachelle  🙂

4 thoughts on “Here comes the snow and the critters . . .

  1. tracy

    Its lovely to see all the birds and your other furry visitors enjoying their treats. The squirrel in the feeder is hilarious. Your tree is very pretty too – I particularly like the polar bear !

  2. Hi Tracy,
    Great, I love sharing photos of them! I really enjoy watching my squirrels, as they are so funny, especially when in that box! Thank you, the polar bear ornament came from a neat place I loved to visit, especially at Christmas time, in West Palm Beach, FL. It was called City Place and it was full of great and really nice shops in an outdoor, downtown setting. It was decorated beautifully at Christmas time, and usually had choirs performing during that time of year. One of the funnest shops there was the FAO Schwarz Toy store! So there’s a lot of great memories in that beautiful little bear 🙂

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