New miniatures and adventures around the home front.

A highlighted section of "The Ornament Tree".

Well, we’ve been busy at the easels this past week, while also enjoying our daily walks and a couple of meal dates at our local Subway and Pizza Hut. After enjoying a few gorgeous days of weather, we’ve had a few rainy ones that obviously result in quite a bit of painting getting done. I figure it also helps my precious moss grow! All of my birdies and critters have kept their appetites in full swing, keeping me busy reloading the buffet several times daily. I’ve decided that my beautiful PW, the Pine Warbler, is my little ray of sunshine, sporting his gorgeous bright yellow-colored chest. He comes very close to me now, and I’m just hoping that perhaps someday he will too enjoy eating from my hand . . . we’ll see. Many of the birds sit in the Mulberry Tree and wait for me to finish up outside. After one such recent time, Wes and I decided it looks like a tree filled with ornaments, especially with the variety of colors that are displayed among the different species represented. It’s quite lovely to view indeed and adds joy and color to a sometimes gray landscape. I’m also very excited about our new neighbor! He has 4 legs, a gorgeous tail that goes all the way to the ground and a mane. He is a beautiful, dark, rich chocolate color with lighter wisps of color showing along the bottom of his mane. Although I do not know his official name as of yet, I call him “Cocoa”, and I do hope that we become friends.  🙂

The great squirrel wars!

The great squirrel wars continue . . . and continue . . . and continue! Although there’s plenty of food for everyone, there can never be enough food to the squirrels. This theory was proven once again this past week, during another saga of the great squirrel wars. While one squirrel had taken up a semi-permanent residence in the amply supplied seed barn, another squirrel came to see if the smaller squirrel feeder had been restocked, which did not make the other one very happy at all. So it began, while the new arrival was pretty much keeping to himself contentedly eating out of the smaller box, the other squirrel kept peeking out of the crack at the top and looking out on it. Accompanying the lookout, was a somewhat vicious, while also very funny noise, that sounds like “RrrrrRrrrrRrrrrRrrrr” meant of course to tell this other poor squirrel to keep his distance, and that this is all his food. While making this noise, his lips flare and move up and down, causing its nose to twitch about. Of course this hilarious display brings me to laughter once again and causes the other “intruder” squirrel to just look at the defensive one as if to say “What on earth is your problem buddy?” I never tire of watching and enjoying the many antics of my entertaining Chester squirrels!!

Another funny and interesting story surrounds the paper delivery person that comes to our neighborhood each night. It usually begins sometime around 4:30 AM, you hear the low roar in the distance, and after a bit it grows louder until he’s once again reached our part of the neighborhood. Then the rumbling roar comes and goes as he makes his way up and down the hills circling about the neighborhood. Then it happens, he reaches the bit of a steep hill in front of our house, and obviously guns it, causing the roar to groan and rumble with such intensity, loudness and force, that it actually vibrates the window in the house, and if you’re not awake before this point, believe me you will be after this noisy symphony composed by his angry muffler! It happened again last night, and upon my asking him if he heard “muffler buster”, Wes answered with “That he is just waiting for the day the newspaper no longer gets delivered”. At this, I burst out in uncontrollable laughter imagining just how loud this must be to the poor neighbors whose homes are closer to the street and don’t have the “crickets chirping” as we do on our lovely little sound machine. I can just picture one of them bolting upright in their bed, believing that a car is about to come crashing through their window! Ha Ha!! After quite sometime of belly busting laughter, thankfully for poor Wes, it subsided and I alas feel back into a peaceful sleep once again. Ah . . . but the saga will continue tonight!

Fresh off the easel: I finished my painting of a beautiful little Dragon Fly that I photographed at Oak Alley Plantation in LA.  I really had fun while adding a bit of iridescent paint and shell gold at the end, beefing up the glow even more! I also finished a miniature painting of a Pointer Dog, in which I had great fun painting.

"The Iridescent Dragon" by Rachelle, measures 1¾ x 1¾ inches.
"At Point" by Rachelle, measures 2¾ x 2¾ inches.

Wes finished his miniature of a mommy and baby elephant that we photographed while at the San Diego Wild Animal Park this past September.  We spent an hour just sitting and watching these amazing monarchs, while the babies played, being sure to keep near mommy.  He also finished a miniature of two precious Otters.

"In Mom's Shadow" by Wes, measures 2½ x 2½ inches.
"Alert at the River's Edge" by Wes, measures 2½ x 3½ inches.

We were very excited to learn that several of our miniatures sold this past week at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which are currently there on exhibit and will remain there until Sunday, March 13, 2011.  So if you’re in the area or will be visiting there, be sure and visit the beautiful museum and enjoy our exhibit!

Until next time   ~   Rachelle   🙂

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