Our Valentine’s Day Hike and SEWE

Wes and I at beautiful Spruce Flat Falls.

Our Valentine’s Day hike was a wonderful one!! We were blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather, imparting clear, brilliant blue skies and plenty of sunshine creating pleasant temperatures in the low 60’s. Amazingly, and thankfully, we had the trail to ourselves the entire time, except for just a couple of minutes when we had to share “our trail” with one other couple. This trail is one of my favorites and now has had a few improvements done to it. My favorite is that of a log bridge along one steep edge, with steps cut into it and a handrail added. Although it takes away some of the challenge of traversing the trail, it’s pretty neat. Most of the moss along the way was fairly dried out, but there were patches about that were still, lush and soft to the touch. The scattered Galax was simply beautiful showcasing it’s shiny, rich burgundy leaves. Several overlooks along the way were extra nice in the winter, with the leafless trees giving forth to spectacular views. Looking out across the mountain ranges covered with bare trees, I realized that they quite resemble big patches of thick, lush moss clumps, only gray and lavender in color. Each season has its highlights of beauty! On the way back down the trail, we missed our turnoff, while talking about the different tree species. After we began to question whether we remembered passing certain downed trees across the trail, and very skinny sections obliterated by fallen leaves on the way up, we realized we had not. Oh well, we just turned and began our steep decent down the trail until meeting up at our missed connection with the other trail. I didn’t mind at all though, after all we got to stay in the woods longer! Returning back to Townsend, we enjoyed a romantic Valentine’s Day pizza at Pizza Hut . . . yummy! My Valentine’s Day flower of choice, was a Venus Fly Trap, that I have named Snappy. Wes and I are both thrilled that Snappy has already caught and devoured several nuisance fruit flies in our studio. Who wants roses when you can get a Venus fly Trap . . . HA!

Me on one of the new and coolest improvements on the trail.

We left for Charleston, SC, last Wednesday to participate in SEWE. We set up on Thursday morning and then enjoyed catching up over a nice lunch with dear friends Mark Kelso and his sweet mom, Linda. That evening was the black tie gala, and we were ready with me in my beautiful hot pink dress that my Mom had made the year before for my sister, Hayley, on which I made a couple alterations, like adding Cinderella style sleeves and a bow with a rhinestone pendant at the waist. It was all fun and games in my “princess” dress, until after eating a piece of seafood that my stomach obviously didn’t like, put and end to the evening for me. Oh well, at least I got to enjoy a bit of it, and Wes with his cast iron stomach stayed well.

Wes and me at the SEWE gala opening.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner Friday evening at a restaurant called FIG, in downtown Charleston, with dear friends Dr. Bob and Teri and their adorable son, Sean. It’s always a delicious treat accompanied by great conversation and lots of laughter when we are invited to have dinner with them! There were a few of our artist friends there as well, making for a memorable evening. The best part of the meal was of course the dessert, which was for Wes, a “Happy Cow”, made of a creamy flan with hints of citrus with drizzles of a type of citrusy syrup. Mine was 2 scoops of their deliciously, creamy homemade rum raisin ice cream, topped with little bits of crunchy things with hints of cinnamon . . . both very yummy indeed! Saturday evening’s meal was enjoyed at the Mustard Seed, along with several artist friends and our dear collector friends, John and Maureen, and Mike. I guess you can tell which the favorite part of the weekend is for the artists, dinner each evening! I began Sunday morning at the show by playing the lovely grand piano for an hour or so, for my artist friends. The show wrapped up later that afternoon and we all enjoyed another wonderful meal with lots of friends at T-Bonz that evening. It was then time to say our goodbyes.

Me on the beautiful beach at Isle of Palms.

After packing Monday morning, we walked to the beach from where we were staying. There we were greeted by a beautiful sky, with streams of sunlight shining through the parting clouds. We walked along enjoying the breeze and sound of the waves crashing, while picking up a few seashells. There were clumps of sea foam about that were simply beautiful with a rainbow of colors being created when the light hit them just right. When the breeze would catch them in a certain way, it would blow them along the beach creating what appeared to be seaside tumble weeds, really neat! We happily arrived home later that day, after a nice drive home.

A view from the bridge on Isle of Palms.

Fresh off the easel:
Wes finished his miniature painting done from a photo taken on our recent visit to Honeymoon Island in Florida. I’m continuing to paint on my commission of a winery in Italy.

"The Beachcomber" by Wes, measures 2 x 3 inches.
The continuing progress on the winery commission.

Until next time ~ Rachelle 🙂


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